Written by MelodyToronto

Aug. 12, 2017

Lower the flags and dim the lights - this is a sad day for the lusty ladies (and men) of the city. Sybian Toronto has closed up shop.

Sybian Toronto was a great little business that owned and rented Sybian machines in the city. For $150/night, a lovely gent would deliver the machine, explain the operation, answer any questions, and pick it up the next day.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, they are sex machines, primarily for women, that have a very powerful motor, vibrate, have a selection of inserts (made of medical grade silicone, I think, and able to be sterilized between users) and give massive, deep, bone shattering orgasms.

Yeah. They’re all that.

I had a chance to use one a few years ago, and was hoping to do so again with one or two good friends. Alas…closed.

Sybian night was truly one of the most intense experiences I have had. I asked a friend if he wanted to do this with me and definitely chose the right man - playful, relaxed, and wickedly sexual, he relished the assignment of operating the controls. There is one controller for the vibration, and a second controls the rotation of any attachment you choose to use. Perfect for a man who likes to be in charge and drive women crazy…

Once we were set up, we relaxed with a drink and let the excitement build. When I finally took my position astride the machine and slipped the attachment inside, I had no idea what to expect. He started the vibrations slowly. The vibrating pad is about two inches by six inches, and the vibrations are at a very low frequency, deep. They don’t just stimulate the clit, but the entire vulva, which presses against the pad. Every erogenous zone on my body was aroused.

He started me off slowly, teasing with short bursts of vibration. He was standing right in front of me so I grabbed his ass and pulled him close, taking his cock in my mouth. I tried to dissociate myself from what was happening between my legs and just enjoy sucking him, but I know that every time he did something to make my pussy clench, I gasped and sucked him harder, nearly swallowing him. He ramped it up slowly and I don’t think we ever got beyond 50% power. The intense arousal, and the way it affected my whole body, took me beyond any sensations I’d experienced before. I don’t know how I kept from biting him when the first orgasm hit - it was shattering and endless and I gushed so much that the waterproof blanket was drenched. The eroticism of having his cock in my mouth for that experience was amazing for me, and I know he enjoyed it.

We played with the Sybian twice that night. I'm usually up for more than 2 rounds but this was a draining experience - in the very best way possible.

I was really wanting to experience this again, with some particular friends. Next time, I want to involve my guy even more. As soon as another machine comes available. Maybe with you?