Written by MelodyToronto

Aug. 12, 2017

The phone buzzed as I was draining the water from the bathtub. His text appeared on the screen - "leaving airport now" - which meant he would be here in 45 minutes. My lips tipped up in a smile and my breath caught in my throat. He had been gone for more than a week. I smoothed his favourite scented lotion on my warm, moist skin and put on a short silk robe.

In the bedroom, I lit candles, turned down the bed and turned some music on low. I was tired from a long week at work, but relaxed from the bath. I curled up in the armchair beside the bed to read and wait.

When I felt his hand caress my face and his lips brush mine, I realized I had fallen asleep. Without opening my eyes I could smell his skin, his soap, and I knew he was naked.

"Don't open your eyes," he whispered. He kissed me slowly, his tongue coaxing my lips to open, to taste him, before his mouth moved to my neck and throat. I felt my sex swell, knew I was wet but that I would be so much wetter.

My robe had fallen open and his hands caressed my body, with his mouth slowly following their path. He teased my straining nipples with his palms, then pinched them hard, making me gasp and arch out of the chair. As I fell back, my legs parted and his hands slid down, pushing them further apart. I knew better than to open my eyes.

I could feel his breath on my sex even though he was completely still. I was so aroused, so open, wet and swollen, that I could barely keep from moving, from thrusting against him. My clit was aching for his touch. I knew better than to move.

"Touch yourself," he said. I slowly reached down between my open legs and touched my clit, rubbing in small, light circles, determined not to moan. I knew he was watching, was hard. "Inside," he said after a moment, his voice barely a breath. My fingers slipped easily inside myself, and I slowly slid them in and out, the heel of my hand pressed against my clit, silent save for my ragged breathing.

I felt his hand press down on mine, stopping me from moving. He gently grasped my hand, pulled my fingers from inside myself, lifted my hand to my mouth. "Taste yourself," he whispered. I took my fingers into my mouth and tasted my own wetness, my arousal, my own sex. I could feel myself start to orgasm, the contractions hard and low in my groin. He pulled my hand from my mouth, grasped both of my hands and pressed them firmly against the arms of the chair. "No," he whispered slowly. "No, no, no." I knew he was smiling.

When my breathing slowed, he moved his hands from mine, up my arms, shoulders, and neck to cup my face. He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me softly, slowly. Speaking between kisses, he murmured, "I have wanted to taste you all day."

His hands moved down my neck and brushed my breasts, moving lower to my thighs. My legs had spread on their own, as wide as the chair would allow, and I could feel how wet and swollen my lips were, how impossibly sensitive my clit was. He reached his tongue to me, simply resting it on my clit, pressing lightly, breathing but not moving. I was so close to coming, I tried to arch against his tongue, move against it, but every time I advanced he retreated until I was finally able to still myself, relax, accept the presence of his tongue on my clit. When he moved, he slid slowly down, mouth open, until his mouth surrounded the opening to my vagina. His tongue slid into me, slowly and deeply, as my juices flooded his tongue, his mouth, his face. He reached his tongue into me again and again, leaving me breathless and writhing. Suddenly, he was gone. He moved back, removed his hands and tongue, and my abandoned sex ached. I heard him standing up, moving toward where my head lay pressed against the back of the chair. Then his mouth was on mine, slick with my juices, demanding my response. Tasting myself on his mouth, knowing that the taste of me made him hard, aroused my to breathlessness. I was a being of pure want, pure lust, demanding every sensation and desperate for release. His control was killing me.

He finally spoke against my mouth. "Open your eyes. I want you to see me." His face was inches from mine and was wet, slick. His pupils were dilated, making his eyes darker, more sensuous. He stood again and I could see how hard he was, his cock straining for me as much as my clit ached for him. He took his cock in his hand and I could see the tip glistening with his own lubrication. I knew my own eyes grew dark, my lips parted and my mouth grew wet and wanting.

I watched as he leaned closer to me, holding his cock out to my mouth, almost but not nearly close enough. "Please" came from my lips like a sigh, a supplication. "Just the tip," he said, "and only once." I extended my tongue as he moved closer, wanting, needing to taste him, to dip my tongue into the slit of his cock and taste that sweetest liquid, taste his arousal, his desire. That beautiful pool of semen begged for my tongue and my tongue begged for it. Softly, lightly, my tongue touched him, tasted him, made that most intimate contact, mouth to sex. Then it was gone, he had stepped back again.

His cock was still in his hand and I was in an agony of desire, begging him with my eyes. He came closer and held his hard cock to my lips, tracing them as though his erection was a lipstick, smearing my mouth with his pre-cum. Knowing that I would be able to taste him whenever I licked my lips had me on the verge of orgasm again, and he knew he had held me off far longer than I could stand. He knew that once I started to cum that I wouldn't stop, that i would flood him again and again.

He reached out his hands for mine and raised me to my feet, taking me to the side of the bed where he sat me on the edge. I saw that he had spread our blanket, the waterproof blanket, on the bed before he woke me up. For the first time, we smiled wickedly at each other. He raised my legs to his shoulders and pressed his hard cock against my lips, sliding into me with agonizing slowness. As soon as he was fully inside me, deeply buried, he stopped moving his hips and ran his hands down the length of my legs to my ankles. He lifted one foot off his shoulder and drew it to his mouth, kissing and licking the arch of my foot before sucking my big toe into his mouth. He sucked, licked and nibbled my toe, sending shockwaves of pleasure to my clit and causing my pussy to clamp down so hard on his cock that he gasped. When he bit down hard, I was finally pushed over the brink. My orgasm was intense, devastating, seemingly endless, exploding from inside me. I was thrusting hard against his cock, clamped down on him like a vice. When he bit me again the floodgates opened and I started to ejaculate, gushing all over his cock, losing all control. He quickly pulled his cock out of me and dropped to his knees, sucking hard on my clit and penetrating me with his fingers. I couldn't stop cumming, and ejaculated again and again until I was breathless, boneless, senseless.

I collapsed, helpless with the laughter that this intense release always causes. He settled onto the bed beside me, grinning. "I love making you cum." "As long as you're happy, I'm happy," I teased him. He was still very hard and glistening from my orgasms. I reached for his cock and stroked him. His balls were smooth and soft, I knew that he had shaved them that morning. When I gently squeezed his balls, he smiled slowly and closed his eyes.

I settled between his legs and smiled when I looked at his gorgeous cock, the hard shaft and soft, suckable head. I dipped my head and nuzzled his balls. Their texture, scent, taste were warm and earthy, sticky with my cum. I reached underneath with my tongue and licked slowly in small circles. I ran my tongue forward and sucked his balls into my mouth, one after the other. I started to stroke his shaft while I licked his balls, passing my thumb over the now-slick head, before running my wet tongue up the length of him and taking the head of his hard cock in my mouth.

This was where I wanted to be - lying between his legs with his beautiful cock in my mouth. Flicking my tongue under the head of his cock, laving the soft velvet head, sucking the tip into my mouth, tasting and pleasuring the very essence of his sex. Feeling him gasp and shudder in my mouth, feeling him swell and shake. I lay flat on my stomach, hands under his hips, thrusting my whole body towards him and back, forward and back, so that my mouth was sucking and fucking his cock at the same time. My vulva was pressed hard against the bed, grinding against the bed. I was so turned on to be sucking him like this that the added stimulation of my clit rubbing against the blanket shattered me and sent me over the edge. Moaning as I started cumming hard, I pulled myself forward taking him as deep into my throat as I could. When the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat I started to squirt again, couldn't stop as intense pleasure wracked my body. All I could do was try to hold my mouth still against him as his cock stifled my screams and moans.

He grasped my head and held me tight to him as he started to swell and surge in my mouth. I looked at him, watched as the waves of pleasure made him start to lose control. His eyes opened and met mine. I knew he loved watching me suck him, watching his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, loved knowing how much I loved sucking him. Did he want to cum in my mouth, my eyes asked. He shook his head as he groaned and pulled out of my mouth. "Slide up," her said, "I want to feel you on my cock."

I slid up and straddled him. He held the tip of his cock against my lips as I slid down the length of him, taking him deep inside me. My pussy was soaked. When I was resting fully against him I leaned forward to kiss him. He kissed my mouth like he was kissing my pussy, licking and probing and sucking my lips as I started to rock against him, grind against him, fuck him. I rose slowly until he was barely inside me then slammed hard down the length of him, leaned back so that the ridge of his cock rubbed against the front of my vagina, rode him hard until I was thrashing and cumming again. He held on for the ride, held my hips so I wouldn't lose my balance as I came with a gush and collapsed against his chest. His hands stroked my back as I caught my breath.

He rolled over, pinning me under him and kissing me again as he pulled out of me slowly. He knew what that was going to do to me. The front wall of my vagina, the whole area between my g-spot and the entrance to my vagina, was so swollen and sensitive that the mere motion of dragging the tip of his cock against them caused the most intense pleasure to shoot through my whole body. I tensed, convulsed, screamed and started to squirt. Even after he pulled out, making me gasp and arch off the bed in a spray of cum, I couldn't stop. I lay writhing and trembling for a full minute as he stroked me, trying to settle me.

When I started to laugh again, he said, "on your knees." I rolled onto my tummy and up onto my knees. Oh, my favourite position. He knelt behind me and entered me slowly, fucked me slowly, teasing me with his cock. As his thrusts became harder, faster, deeper, I started to thrust back hard, to fuck him as hard as he was fucking me. Oh God, the intense pleasure of being fucked like this! I leaned forward and pressed my mouth against a pillow to muffle my screams as I came in hard waves against his cock.

He pulled out suddenly, leaving me shattered. But he grabbed me by the ass and dragged me backwards until I was at the edge of the bed. I dropped my legs to the floor and leaned forward as he stood behind me and started to fuck me again. His hands reached around and grabbed my breasts, holding them, rubbing them, squeezing them. I couldn't tell where one orgasm ended and the next began, I was riding a long wave of sensation.

He pulled out again and turned me around, sitting me on the corner of the bed and lifting my legs onto his shoulders. He slid into me to the hilt and started to fuck me with long, deep thrusts of his cock. I felt a spray on my chest and face. I was so wet, so drenched with my own cum that every time he slapped against me it sent a fine spray of cum misting over my body. When I realized what was happening, the exhaustion, the eroticism, the delight reduced me to gales of helpless laughter while I lay on the bed taking his cock. He realized what was happening and grinned wickedly, thrusting harder and harder, like a kid splashing in a puddle, laughing with me.

Finally, he pushed me back on the bed, pressed my legs over my head and started to fuck me deeply, his balls slapping against me. I tightened down on him, gripped his cock hard with my pussy and fucked him back. He was ready and we both wanted his release. I grabbed his ass and urged him into me and he was lost - I could feel him start to gush into me as his eyes closed and his head strained back. He groaned like a wounded animal as he came inside me in long, intense spasms.

He was spent and slowly rolled off me. I sat up and looked at him, his cock still semi-hard, coated with semen that ran down the length of him as it seeped from my pussy. I took him gently in my mouth, sucking him carefully, tasting his cum, smearing my lips with it. When I finished, I slid up the length of his body, saw him smiling as I came level with him. He pulled my mouth down to his and licked his cum from my lips, murmuring "I missed you." As I lay on my side with him spooning me from behind, he reached his fingers inside me and put them to my mouth letting me taste him one last time as the candles flickered and went out.