Written by Elizabeth

Dec. 24, 2012

A few years ago I went with my ex guy Chris to see our friends in San Francisco.Great people.Jeff and Nicole are married for 10 years now and we knew both of them for even longer.Chris and I got together since we were teens.I used to hang up with Nicole a lot.We also kissed each other couple of times and once we slept together.I felt guilty afterwards but Nicole seemed to have no problems with it.I liked that part of her.The confident sexy Nicole.After she got married with Jeff they moved back to San Francisco.They are both korean/americans but lived a while in Canada.

It took us 5 years to go and visit them finally.Couldn't wait to see Nicole again.I never had another woman before nor after her.She didn't change.She was still the same confident sexy person.But now more a woman than a girl while I still felt like the shy little girl I was 7 years ago.We spent a great week together,doing sightseeing,bbqs and partying.I also had a chance to talk again alone with Nicole.And I finally pulled out what I had in me.That I admire her.That I really like her.All of it.The way she speaks,her voice and the way she does things.She smiled and we had a good talk.We didn't kiss justed talked.And she told me,that she admires me.She likes me and loves to spent time with me cos I look like a shy but hot and a bit naughty girl.She thinks that Inside me there is another Elizabeth, a naughty and dirty one and she saw that other part of me several times in the past.Particularly the one night we spent together.I got so curious.Didn't understand what she meant.She just told me,that I will understand soon.So she left.The next day we had our goodbye party in Nicole&Jeff's House.They invited some other people too.Some of them we knew a bit,but most where strangers.But it turned into a nice very nice party.Even if I first felt a bit imbarrassed cos they where all asian.Woman and guys.

After a while I got a bit tipsy and lost Chris.Last time I saw him he was kind of flirting with a pretty japanese girl.I got a bit pissed but didn't real bug me much.I slept with 7 guys while I was with Chris.Maybe it's time for him now.Hey.Maybe Nicole is right and I am really a hot naughty girl as she thinks I am....I was looking for her but couldn't find her anywhere.So I had a drink and a guy started to talk with.Little,chubby asian with glasses.At least in his mid40ies and bold.But he was charming and why I shouldn't just talk with him?And so I did for the next 30minutes when Nicole finally came to me and excused us.We went to refill our glasses and asked me how I feel.So I told her,that I know,what she meant."Really?You do" she told me.I was a bit surprised but told her yes,I'm sure.She smiled and then Jeff arrived.I used that chance to go to the bathroom.I was about to shot the door when Nicole just passed through it too.She finished my job to shot it,locked the room saying "sorry,but I really need to go first".So I saw her pulling up her dress, no underwear, sitting down and pee.She apologized but I was amused.I liked it.She is still a great person!So right after I did the same.But then Nicole came to me,went down on her knees, opened my legs and watched me peeing.Then she touched me right there.What an explosion of feelings!I didn't stop to pee and she just played with her fingers there.We got so wet.It was disgusting but turned me some how on.A lot.When I was just about to have an orgasm she stopped and took of entirly my slips.Then she helped me up and took of my bra.Nicole asked me if I recognized the peoples eyes on me all evening long.I didn't actually.Kevin, my chubby new friend tried to hide his boner with his hands in his pockets...Then she whispered in my ear if I want to be hers for the rest of the evening?She missed the dirty little Elizabeth so much.I felt so happy and I wanted.I told her that I'm ready for it and that I really want it.I desire it! She looked at me in my little white dress, took my hand and we left the bathroom going back to the party.Both wet and probably sticky and smelly.Even our hair got wet.People of course looked at us.But they didn't seemed to be disgusted.We reached Jeff and Chris.Both drunk, like almost all the other people left at this late night time.5 guys and a girl.Chris and Jeff.And we 2 girls.Chris wasn't surprised to see me with my wet look.Jeff didn't seem to be surprised either.Nicole let Chris know that his Elizabeth belongs to her for the night.He wished us fun and we left him hand in hand heating to the bedroom.Nicole didn't close the door and tidiet my hands to bed.Then pulled of her dress and sat on me naked.I saw that guys were following us.Also Chris and Jeff.They sat down in front of us on the sofa and watched us.I couldn't see them cos Nicole was in the way.But I felt all their eyes on me.Nicole ripped suddenly of my dress.It broke in pieces but I was to excited to think much about sich a meaningless thing.She played and kissed me.She rubbed her pussy on my one.I had an even stronger explosion of feelings than the first time!I just lived to feel all of this!I was about to have another orgasm as Nicole whispered asking me if I'm ready for thebeginning of a totally new experiences.I said I'm ready and I want that so much.She covered my eyes and put a headset on me.I could much move, I could see nor hear...A few minutes nothing happened but I felt somebody on the bed.More hsn just one person.Then I felt hands on my body.Many hands!Then it all started.Someone pressed his cock in my face,rubbed it and I tried to lick it.I was a good girl and opened my legs.Fingers on and in my wet pussy.Hands on my tits.Hands pulling my hair,turning my heat to their cocks.Then the first one laid on me and pushed his cock up my pussy and kissed me when other fingers started to prepare my bumhole.I felt so good.So naighty and dirty.I knew I pleased Nicole and I think also Chris.I don't know for sure if he fucked me too, but he wasn't the first one nor the one who was next in me.Then They started to take me also from behind and I just enjoyed it and forgot all the rest around me.I didn't care that I'm just fucking a few guys without protection.I didn't care that moment.It even turned me more on!One of the guys just pushed his seed in me when he took off my headset and thanked me for this.That I made him happy and I'll be rewarded.It was my chubby friend.

Then another guy untidied me and I put of the blindfold.Chris was still on the sofa but naked and with Nicole.She send me a kiss and opened her legs.I saw that she got some juice aswell up her pussy.It was Chris'.They both left the room and me,the naughty dirty girl alone with those guys in the bedroom.I stayed all night with them.I never imagined such a thing but I loved it.A guy was taking a videos while we fucked.the more time past the crazier we got.I finished with a strap on fucking my chubby friend.

Chris and I stayed together for another year,then we broke up.I didn't see Nicole anymore after that night.But I did see my chubby friend.I invited me several times to Tokyo, where we always had lots of fun.He made me nice presents too.I felt dirty but ok.He wanted to fuck me,to show up with me and I was ok with that.Back to Toronto I jumped into my other Elizabeth's life.But from time to time I need to get naughty.But I never slept without protection anymore.Not with strangers at least