Apr. 2, 2017

I was at a hotel take over a while ago. Like always I socialize with people before any escapades take place. I enter one of the hotel rooms where a few people that I know are hanging out. There is drinking, good laughs and all round fun going on. While I was sat on the bed a young lady comes over we chat for a bit. She doesn’t tell me her name and I take no offense to it. So as we are chatting the conversation of how people get involved into swinging came up. I explained to her that I have found that most people are primal. That we are built on breeding, where a person chooses to have one mate, but has the urge for multiple partners. The art of swing is in the communication between people. Whether they are husband and wife, FWB’s or just dating. As we are talking she rubs her feet. I ask her if they are sore and she says yes. I tell her to give me her left foot, then I begin to massage it, rubbing a bit hard, taking out all the knots and then I proceed to the other foot. She makes a comment of if I am that good at massaging feet; she wondered what I would be like with the rest of her body. I laughed and said get naked and find out. She was a little bashful at first until I told her that here No means No and in this room there would be more than just her and me. She agreed and undressed exposing her wonderful body. She was about 5’6” 135lbs with a cute little butt and B size breasts. One of the ladies in the room hand me a bottle of massage oil and away I went.

Now this woman reacted to every touch. I always start at the shoulders and work my way down to the lower back. As I am pressing firmly into her spine taking out her aches and pains a young man comes up to her face and kisses her passionately. It’s her husband. He asks her if she is enjoying herself and she says yes. So as I continue to massage her body and press firmly into her lower spine and butt area, I can see that she is getting quite aroused. One of the other ladies in the room starts to massage her legs and inner thighs. But her husband whips out his dick and decides to massage the inside of her mouth. With this I ask her if she wants me to explore farther and all I get is an OH Yes. So I take my thumb and a probe her in folds. Finding that one spot, her G spot and rub slowly but intently. I take my index finger and rub her clit at the same time. While this is going on, there are now three other men around her watching. The woman that was helping me massage this beauty goes to the bedside table and pulls out a bag of toys. She hands me a button vibrator that I put on my index finger and continue my massage, but she takes a butt plug; lubes it up and slowly inserts it into this woman’s ass. At that point her moans became deeper, more primal, even with her mouth full. Her juices started to flow heavily and then boom her fir orgasm. I think this set her off because she turned around to look at me and said get naked. That was all I need to hear. I did as I was told and waited. She left her husband’s dick, turned and threw me on the bed. She crawled up my body, nibbling and biting me as she got into position. She sat on my rigid hard cock and slowly ground herself into me. Her husband came up behind her and put his dick in her ass. I could feel every inch of him as a pushed slowly into her. It was sheer ecstasy to feel this woman and her husband. I started to nibble on her nipples as her husband started his rhythm. We soon got into unison as he came out, I would go in.

Then one of the men on the side of the bed whipped his dick out to stroke it, but the young lady just looked at it, bent over and took it in her mouth. He then got up on the bed, straddled her face and proceeded to fuck it. Two other men placed themselves on either side of her and she took them in hand. So she was now air tight and hands full. This went on for quite a while. She came three or four times like this. We all changed position throughout the night and she was in sheer bliss. I find out from her husband that this was one of her fantasies that she did not know how to initiate.

As I am looking around the room I noticed that this turned into an all out orgy. Of bodies mixing and intertwining with each other. Of moans, groans and lots of wet spots. I straddle this lovely ladies ass, insert my dick and proceed to move in slow circles with my hips. At the same time I am nibbling on her neck and shoulders, sometimes biting lightly. Then I feel a set of tits on my back with someone nibbling and biting me. Now this is driving me nuts. Then I feel the penetration, the strap on slowly entering me. So here I am sharing a woman with four other men in pure bliss. I did not think it could get any better than this. Well I was wrong. It was the woman who was helping with the massage. She proceeded to slowly fuck me as I fucked this beautiful creature in the ass. It did not take me long before I had the biggest orgasm of the night. The young lady I was fucking also felt it because she came right after just as intensely. We were all spent and worn out and the night was still young. I looked at the other woman and kissed her passionately. I looked at the young lady collapsed over her husband, gave her a kiss and walked away to take a needed rest. The rest of the night was a per normal with a hotel take over, lots of drinking, dancing and fucking. I later hooked up with my partner in crime at the massage and she taught me a few new tricks, but that is another story.