Written by James

Nov. 18, 2016

After what felt like a good day. I was excited to meet up with the beautiful woman I had been texting with. The time was close to leave to meet and I get a call, disaster, rush to the hospital, everything is not bad, not good but not bad. I leave the hospital texting her hoping that this day can get better and hasn't been lost. She responds "Yes we can still meet" awesome the days goodness is increasing. " Just meet at Tim's" she says "like we planned before" Oh good I think nothing has changed other than time.

I pull up to Tim's and look through the parking lot she said they had a Ford and a dodge. "The Ford has a bigger back seat" she said in previous texts. I think they brought the Ford there is one I'll park over here. As I stop my truck some people get out of the Ford. "I've seen that dress before" I think to myself. "I bet that's them. Mmm look at that ass, she's just as tall as I thought." I start to proceed into the store I walk in no one I can recognize, I'll get a drink. While I'm getting my drink I look around casually, "oh there she is, so that's what her husband looks like." I grab my drink and proceed towards them. " Hi I'm Jim" "Renee" "Brendan" the

Chatting starts. We discuss fun things, not so fun things, rules, life. every opportunity I get I inhale her beauty, her eyes, her lips, her wavy hair; gorgeous is all I can think and she seems really relaxed. I start flirting with her talking about things, she blushes god she is sexy when she smiles. Brendan goes to the bathroom leaving us alone, I turn my attention straight to her, start asking some more personal questions she sinks lower, her hands are out of view, I wonder if she is touching herself. I complement her more and she blushes again and it's making me hard so I have to shift in my seat. Brendan comes back. Chatting continues, I keep catching her checking me out. The meet seems to be coming to an end and I am very turned on my cock is hard and it will be showing when I get up. Renee goes to the bathroom. Brendan and I talk till she returns and then we proceed to get up, "yup you can see it" I think. We leave the building and head towards our vehicles, I'm walking a bit behind checking her out. We reach their truck and am about to say good byes. I shake Brendan's hand and go to say goodnight to Renee while my head is thinking "give her a kiss" so I go to do it and she grabs me and starts kissing me. My mind snaps, my reservedness goes out the window, I grab her and press her against the truck, my left hand in her back my right on that amazing ass. My right hand starts talking to me "it's a very nice ass, it isn't covered by anything you know what that means, No panties." Oh god I can't help myself I pull her dress up and slide my hands over her nice smooth ass. I don't remember if she lifted her leg or if Brendan did but it got lifted allowing my fingers access to her nice soft pussy. She moans in my mouth I grab her nice tits and Brendan helps pull one out. I rub her lips with my fingers getting them moist and then I slide a finger inside her. Another moan in my mouth. She looks around seeing if anyone sees. I don't cause I don't care all I care about is her. Brendan opens the door to the truck "there is that better." She feels a bit more at ease then moves to the seat of the truck I give her pussy a couple licks then she moves back further and further enticing me into the back seat. Brendan gets in the front, I imagine to watch the show but truthfully I only know he's there cause he's talking, my vision has focused on her. I have to open my pants cause my dick is starting to hurt being confined. I kneel on the floor and delve into the pleasure abyss that is her. My lips and tongue start roaming all over her hairless pussy, my face is sliding around covered in her juices. Brendan is excitedly cheering us on enjoying the show. She said that there might be a show but I wasn't thinking we were going to be the stars. Brendan starts to drive all while I begin to start to finger Renee. God she is tight. Oh her pussy feels good, she starts to moan. Brendan had to slow down abruptly "speed bump" I don't think his attention is to much on the road. I reach up and grab her nice breast and explore her body all while licking and fingering. Brendan parks the truck in a quiet spot and turns around to watch the show. "Did you bring a condom" Renee asks "No I didn't. I have some in my truck though" But we are now to far away from my truck.

She turns to Brendan and says "can I fuck him?" He says " so long as you ride him." she says "hand me the condom." She hands me the condom and I put it on noting it is ribbed. I lean over her add some spit and press the head to her lips. She is so wet that her lips devour my cock as I slowly push into her. "Oh my god you are so big" she says. I only get about half of it in before reaching her cervix. I start pulling out and watch her eyes long for that feeling. I start pumping in and out and the look on her face she needs more so I start going deeper. her moans increase and so does my depth. I think to myself "I need to change my angle to bypass her cervix" so I lift myself higher and press deeper and it works I can feel it rubbing on the head of my cock. Now our bodies start hitting together and I'm pushing her into the door of the truck. She looks uncomfortable as fuck so I back off a bit. But she wants more, I keep pumping hard I put my thumb on her clit and rub and she goes crazy, her moaning sending me over the top and I cum inside her. I take 10 seconds to calm done and continue pumping again. Moaning on my cock, her husband commenting, it was so hot I look down at her pretty pussy and my cock spreading those lips, and dragging them as I pull out and I cum again. She wants to ride me so I pull out. Renee starts to take her dress off and I help her revealing her nice tits in her bra. And she takes the bra off. Buck ass naked in a truck in public, so hot. She sets her ass down on my cock and eases it in kissing her husband. She starts bouncing up and down on my cock moaning loudly. I reach up and grab her awesome tits and massage them playing with her nipple piercings. I put one hand on her ass and squeeze and explore her soft skin rubbing her up and down. I comment on her nice ass and squeeze again. She then turns around and sits on me again with her beautiful tits in my face. Brendan then moves from the front of the truck to the back to have a better view. I grab hold of one and put the other in my mouth as she bounces up and down again. Her husband grabbing her ass and massaging it and doing something else I'm not aware of. I grab her hips and help her bounce on my cock lifting my ass off the seat to meet her. Renee says to me I want you to cum on my tits. I say I can't cum in this position so she dismounts me and lays back on the seat and I start pummeling her vagina for a bit. I have a good headache that is keeping me from finishing, everytime I get close my head his harder and stops me. I say I want to fuck you from behind and she moves and lays on the console. I position my cock to go in And she spreads her cheeks for me good that was hot. I slide in and feel her pussy wrap around me. I start fucking her slowly and she starts pushing back making me ram into her harder so I start going faster and the moans start filling the truck, she pushing back hard I have to brace myself with the headrests. I stop thrusting and she keeps fucking me hard the sweat is just dropping off of me into her beautiful ass and back I give her ass a slap and she squeaks in pleasure. Oh god I want to cum but I can't, my headache is being an asshole. I pull her down with me and sit back on the seat so she's sitting on me, still inside her and she starts grinding. Oh that feels amazing. She climbs off and sits on the console and touches herself. Her husband starts going down on her licking her sweet pussy. I start jerking my cock watching them and she starts watching new jerk if which is hot. Her watching and moaning. I remove the condom in hopes I can cum without it. I keep stroking she keeps watching but I can't. We all sit back on the seat and chat. My cock shrinks down while we talk. I can tell She still wants to keep going. I start rubbing my cock again and it gets hard instantly. I see her eyes longing for it a little lip bite, mmm so sexy. She says we should stop, I say I like to keep going but I don't have a condom. Renee and Brendan talk a little bit and she gets on her knows and takes my cock into her mouth. Brendan Keeps commenting on her sucking cock and and pushing her head down on my cock and I'm loving it. She is very enthusiastic for someone who said no oral. She keeps sucking and stoking me her eyes locked onto mine taunting me trying to coerce my balls to release their load. I moan and watch her face brighten up. oh my god this is the best head ever and I want to cum but my head won't let me. She sits back on brendan. They talk again and I'm stoking my cock full of Renee's spit. She says I want you inside me again. I oblige and enter her nice pussy, the sensation totally different then before so nice so juicy, oh god yeah. I continue to pump away. Renee puts her fingers around my cock as I thrust inside. It feels so good that it pushes me over the edge. I pull out and stroke myself off over her beautiful pierced tits. The look on her face as I cum is so enticing. She grabs hold of my cock and strokes it making me convulse even more over her tits milking every last drop out of me. I sit down on the seat and lean back as Brendan rubs my cum into her tits. He then sucks on her tits and kisses her. We keep chatting say our goodbyes and part ways.