Sep. 6, 2019

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She got me into swinging, a compulsion of hers from her first marriage where her ex-husband used to recruit men for her and set up orgies. She already got me into FMF, but now she wanted to do MFM. In fact, she insisted. I knew she had a bucket load of men before we met, so I knew this was coming (no pun intended) . But being a relatively traditional guy, now yanked by Beth into the lifestyle, I didn't know what to make of it or how my ego would handle it.

He was a Scandinavian graduate student. more than 20 years younger than me. All I knew is that he was young and had a prodigious cock. I was uneasy about this but there was no way she was going to have a monogamous relationship with me or anyone else, so I accepted what was about to happen. He seemed like a nice kid, very polite and he thought the world of her. She chose him because she figured that there was so great an age difference that I could not possibly be threatened.

She had fucked him three or four times in the past. He knew what to do because she schooled him on how to bring her to climaxes. Despite knowing he was well endowed, the size of his cock took me by surprise. I was no where close to that.

She undressed him and laid him on the bed, licked his balls and perineum, and then his asshole. It was clear she had done this with him before, because he positioned himself fot it. She licked up his shaft, opened her mouth as wide as she could and put the tip of his head inside,. He was very thick and she could only get half his head into her mouth.

He was very aroused, but she stopped just short of making him come. She climbed on top of him, inserted the tip of his cock in the opening of her pussy and swished it around, getting her juices all over it. She slowly descended on his cock. The head went in slowly, then she pulled up, went down again and now she had the head and an inch inside her. Up again, down again until it was two inches, up and down three, then four, until his giant cock was all the way in her. She stopped and lay motionless for a minute and then began pumping him slowly, impaling herself on the full length of his cock and slowly picked up the speed of her downward thrusts.

She told him to suck her nipples very hard, which he did, and as she increased speed she told me to stick my finger in her ass. I could feel his big cock pounding her and could also feel her fucking him back. Then she told be to pull my finger out and asked me to put my cock up her ass. She spit on her hand, spread it on my cock, positioned my cock to the opening of her anus, and guided it in. It was very tight. I could feel his cock pounding her pussy on the underside of my shaft. His balls rubbed on mine. I liked the sensation.

Beth got more and more excited. She fucked harder and harder. I could hear her breathing. She started to moan and the moans got louder until she almost was shouting. Then she screamed and thrust and screamed and thrust and she came, he came, and I came within seconds of each other. We collapsed in a heap.

We lay there motionless for several minutes. My cock, drained of cum, started shrinking and soon slipped out of her ass. I got off her and looked at them. He was still hard, but his sperm was pouring out of her vagina and onto the sheets. She rose up and pulled away from his cock. It was getting a little bit soft, but was still quite large. Her pussy was gaping open and cum poured out of her. I was surprised by how much. I was both jealous and envious.

I went to the bathroom and stayed there several minutes, trying to wrap my head around what had just happened. When I came out, he was fucking her again, this time on top of her, pounding away until she came again. He didn't stop and over the next twenty to thirty minutes she had come numerous times. She just kept coming, every few minutes, again and again. At first I was turned on, but as she kept coming I started to panic. She never came that oten with me and I started to feel angry that she was enjoying herself that much. Something came over me. I told him to get off her. He hesitated but Beth told him to get off.

She signaled me to enter her. I plunged in. She was soaked from her lubricant and his sperm and her cunt felt very loose. Surprisingly loose. I felt rage and fucked her hard, very hard. I slapped her and pulled her hair. I hated her for coming so much with him. I wanted to punch her. Instead I raped her. She came intensely. Very, very intensely, like she did with him. She shouted to make her my bitch, my cunt, my slut, my whore. Then she came again and again and I I rammed my cock in her ass as hard as I could and exploded in there.

I collapsed on the bed . She licked my cock off asked me if I still loved her. I said "yes", but I lied. I was still angry at her for being as satisfied by him as she was. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up he was gone. She was showering me with kisses. I fell back in love with her.

Next story in series: HOW I GOT TO BE A HOTWIFE.