Nov. 29, 2013

This happened last year around Christmas. Me the wife her Best Friend and Her Best Friends boyfriend decided to go away for Christmas. We booked a nice hotel with in room hot tubs 4 hours away. Me and the wife have talked about her cuckolding me, which is something I have dreamt about for a while. She is a bit on the chubby side, but has wonderful 38dd breasts, shes 5 feet tall.

The first night, the three of them decided to start drinking, as the other couple went alone to their room for some fun, I decided to get the hot tub ready if they returned. Unfortunately I had a procedure done before we left so any activities had to be done without me, which I was more the hopeful for. I started telling the wife to put on her lingerie that she had bought before we went. She put on her lingerie first then her bathing suit over it and jumped into the hot tub. The other couple finally decided to come to our room, but they were both dressed. I told them to jump into the tub as I had it nice a warm and bubbly. They argued that they didn't have any bathing suits with them. I told the guy and the BF not to worry that I didn't mind if they just jumped in with their under wear. The guy took everything off and jumped in with just his shorts, the girl decided to take everything off and jumped in with only a long tshirt that I let her borrow. She had nothing else under and I got a good look at her shaved pussy. All this was happening while my wife just sat there in the hot tub drinking. After a while I told my wife to show them her lingerie and she stood up and showed them, I told her it wasn't fair that she need to remove at least some clothes as it must be getting hot in there. She took off her bathing suit and stayed a bit longer in just her lingerie, a Teddy, and bottoms.

The girls then started talking about who had bigger breasts her friend thought hers was bigger then my wife, I told my wife to show them her breasts. She took off her top completely and both of them actually were in awe. My wife got up and let the guy have a good look at her breasts, he liked them. She sat back down. At this moment I decided to get up and leaned into the hot tub and played with my wife a bit, I fingered her pussy and she moaned a bit. The guy then decided to talk about tattoos and my wife decided to show him her tramp stamp, she got up to his lap and bent over in her see lace panties. He said very nice and I saw his hand go down on himself. As she sat back down, I went back in for a bit more fingering and played with her breasts.

This was a bit much for the guy, he got up with a hard on and said he had to leave, his GF also jumped out and said it was getting late. This is when my wife took off her bottoms and flung them at him, and said "Now I am nude, horny and cold". He looked at her at me, then said I have to go, and took off to the other room. I was so horny and in so much pain. As I walked out of the room to see where they went, I heard them in the room. The BF wanted to have sex with his GF but she was to tired, and told him to go back to our room and sleep with my wife. He said he would, but he knew the GF would be angry in the morning. My wife was disappointed, she got out of the tub, and bent over the bed saying that she was looking forward to feeling his dick inside her. That was it for that weekend. My wife didn't drink anymore and the other couple fooled around in their room only. Her friend did come over once in just her bra and panties with dry cum all over her. Oh well a story of how it came so close.