Written by lifes__journey

Sep. 17, 2017

I am always on the look out for potential partners and new experiences. I have a catalog of online listings for the purpose of finding woman that are hoping to find safe, intelligent, sexual connections.

Recently I was contacted by a woman that told me of her varied excitable background of sexual exploits. She and her husband have both practiced a poly based marriage for some time. She was intrigued by one of my listings and was interested in what I could offer her. This was my response…

I was getting impatient at the thought of making use of her body. She prefers that I call her a slut, a dirty hot wife that will do what she is told. “Are you ready to earn your title” I asked her in a text. She replied that she had a few hours free and she was ready to be used.

I gave her directions to my house and asked her to bring her purple vibrator a dildo and text me when she was in her vehicle. After 10 minutes she replied that she was ready to leave. I told her to turn on her vibrator and place it against her pussy while she drove. It was a longer drive and I wanted to make sure the time was properly utilized.

When she arrived I was waiting in the front hall. She was a taller petite woman with brunette hair, definitely a hot wife. I helped her with her coat and shoes and gave her a quick tour of my home to make sure she was comfortable. I poured us a glass of wine as we made small talk about the weather and our lives. After a few minutes I asked her if she had followed directions and placed the vibrator on her pussy while she drove. She said she had but it was difficult to keep the pressure directly on her pussy. She said that she could feel the vibrations across her thighs which added to the sensation.

When she finished talking I pulled her close to me, I grabbed her by the back of the neck holding a large portion of her hair in my hand. I placed two fingers in her mouth telling her to get them wet. She coaxed spit from her glands and circled my digits with her tongue. After a few minutes I pulled my fingers from her mouth and shoved my hand down the front of her pants feeling her sopping pussy. I pulled her head back and brought my hand back to her mouth for her to taste herself. I inserted my hand back in her pants and curled my fingers inside her wet pussy. After a few minutes her eyes softly closed and her lips parted waiting for the next taste. The cycle of fucking her pussy with my hand and her sucking my fingers clean continued until I could feel her thighs start to tremble.