Written by PixieAngel

Jul. 10, 2015

I can’t wait the thought of having another couple in my house where I can watch them fuck is very arousing. We have spoken for some time about this fantasy and she is so happy he has finally made the arrangements. He is in charge of organising all their escapades together. She is a willing participant. Her aim in life is to make him happy. He’s finally found the lady to play with as she desires what he wants. They have a lot of the same fantasies and are finally able to start living out those fantasies together.

When he told her arrangements have been made to meet up with another couple she squealed in delight. He asked her what specifically she would like to see the couple doing. She answers that she wants to watch the lady riding his cock atop of him and he wants to watch the ladies pussy being licked. We both can’t wait to watch another couple fucking. We also find it highly arousing as we are watched fucking as well. We will both get to see how the men like to fuck their lady and see how the ladies like to take care of their man.

She wants to ensure the atmosphere is just right for such an evening. Both lounges are re-positioned so the couples can sit facing each other. That way they can sit opposite us directly in our sight so we won’t miss a thing.

He arrives at 9:00pm. We are to meet the couple at 9:30 at the pre arranged meeting place and bring them back to the house. He can see the lust in your eyes. He reaches under my skirt and starts to caresses my already very wet pussy. I hold onto his hand and rub my pussy against his fingers. He kisses me. My hand reaches for his very hard cock. You want to put your hand into his pants and caress him but he won’t allow you. He tells you “not yet you need to learn patience young lady”. You pout at him; he kisses your pouty lips and continues to caress your pussy. I hold onto his bicep as rub my pussy faster against his fingers. He reaches behind me and grabs my arse with his free hand. He slaps me hard on the arse; I giggle and tell him to make it even, so he slaps me again but this time on the other arse cheek.

We get into my car. I give him the look he should know by now the rules are that he is to have his cock out free of his pants for me to stroke as he drives. He once again reminds me that tonight I will need to learn patience he wants to ensure his cock is at it’s hardest for the couple to view and that I am to leave him alone until then. I hate this new rule, it better only be for tonight.

As we get closer to the pick up spot we can see a car parked where they agreed to meet us. Both couples get out of the car and greet each other. I can feel his hand creeping up my leg and he squeezes my arse. The guy asks if we are ready for tonight. I comment “well his hand is already up my skirt playing with my arse so I think we had better journey back to my place right now” if we are all comfortable with doing that. We all laugh at my comment and agree let’s go.

On arrival back to my place we get a drink and settle down in the lounge room. General chit chat ensues. But of course my patience has well and truly run out. I get down on the floor, position myself between his legs and I insist he gets his cock out so I can suck it. The other couple take this as a green light to start making out. I turn to look and he has slid his hand up his ladies dress and removed her knickers and is caressing her clit as they kiss. Her moans of pleasure are very arousing.

I stand up and remove the rest of my clothing and so does my man. We are both now naked in front of the other couple. They also proceed to remove their clothing. Wow he has a very nice cock and she has a gorgeous body. Her guy moves from their lounge and sits next to my man. Both of us girls are now positioned between our men’s legs and we are both sucking their cocks. I look over at her now and again to watch to see if she has the same techniques I do when giving a guy a blow job.

I stand up. I can’t take it anymore I need his tongue in my pussy now. I need to have his tongue pleasuring my clit. All four of us move into my bedroom. Amazingly we all fit quite nicely on my bed. I lay with my legs spread with my guys head buried between my thighs as he eats my pussy. Her guy is also buried between her thighs. Our moans of pleasure are turning us all on. There is nothing more arousing than hearing another couple enjoying each other. I look up to see his face buried between her thighs, a sight worth seeing. I can feel myself building up to my first orgasm. I grab my man’s arm. He knows this is a sign I am so close. He spreads my pussy lips open further to get better access to my now very swollen engorged clit. He makes full contact with that expert tongue of his directly onto my clit. I can tell he is not going to stop this action until I cum.

I can hear her moans are getting louder as she is also close to cumming. Both guys are not going to let up until both their ladies orgasm. She grabs her mans head and pushes her pussy against his tongue as she cums before I do.

I move my hips faster and faster rubbing my clit hard up against his tongue. I squeeze his forearm hard and announce I am about to cum, I scream out in pleasure as each wave hits me. He continues to lick my pussy nice and softly with his tongue that feels so nice.

In the mean time his lady has climbed atop her man and is fucking him. My guy tells me to look. She is doing what you wanted to see. I smile at him and kiss him. He tells me to turn over. I know what this means. He is about to fuck me in my favourite position ‘doggy style’.

He positions his cock head at my now very wet pussy opening and thrusts his cock inside me nice and hard. I let out a moan of pleasure as he enters me. Her man turns to look at me and is watching us as he fucks me.

They decide to change positions. She is now lying on her back and he is eating her pussy again. Before she is able to cum he gets up on his knees and also proceeds to fuck her. We are now in bliss as our guys are fucking us nice and hard. The sound of our fucking is very arousing.

I hear her tell her man “yes that’s the right spot there, keep going”. I look back at my guy and smile at him. He grabs my pigtail and pulls me back into him so he can fuck me deeper. I can tell by his hard thrusting he is close to cumming. Her guy is now down on bended elbow fucking his lady nice and hard. Before long I can tell by the moans of pleasure from my man that he is about to cum. I tell him to fuck me harder. He grabs hold of me and does as I request. He announces he is cumming. His thrusts become deep and slow down as he cums inside of me. He grunts as he empties his cum inside my pussy.

I look over at the couple and they are still fucking. We position ourselves on the bed so we can watch them a little. Enjoying the view of another couple fucking atop my bed is an amazing sight. My man starts to fondle my breasts and lick my nipples. I start to stroke his cock and his balls as we watch.

I smile at my man and reach over and grab my mini vibrator. He takes it from me starts to use it in my pussy. He is rubbing it all over my clit, my pussy lips and inserting the vibrator into my pussy. I get their attention by my noises of pleasure as he is playing with my pussy. I reposition myself so that both couples are lying side by side. His lady is atop him again riding his cock. She comments that she should have bought her battery operated friend along as well.

My hips start to thrust up against my little pink vibrator. My man has now inserted two fingers into my pussy. I am playing with my boobs. Her guy is watching me intently as I lay there being pleasured. I close my eyes lost in the sensation. I quickly start to build up to my next orgasm. I can hear his lady again building up to hers. This time we may cum in unison. My man starts to fuck me faster with his fingers. My moans give me away that I am about to cum. I beg him not to stop.

I bite my bottom lip as the first wave hits me. I can also hear her cumming next to me. I clutch the sheets as I cum. My man bends down and gently licks my clit as my orgasm finishes. Fuck, I love it when he does that. He climbs on top of me and kisses my boobs and then he inserts his fingers covered with my pussy juices into my mouth so I can lick his fingers clean. Then he kisses me to taste my pussy juice on my lips.

Her guy rolls her over and he is fucking her very hard - it’s his time to cum. We just sit and watch him as he pounds her pussy hard. She hangs onto him as he is relentless with his thrusting. He needs to cum. He arches up as he cums inside of her. He bends down and kisses her on the lips.

We all lay together on the bed relaxing, talking.

It’s been 2 hour since the couple first arrived at my house. What a wonderfully arousing 2 hours watching us all fucking. The couple announce that unfortunately they need to leave as they have along drive ahead of them. We all walk back into the lounge room to retrieve our clothes and get dressed.

We all agree this was a brilliant idea and we certainly should repeat this again very soon - but the next time it will be our turn to travel to them. We kiss and hug and say our farewells and they leave.

I walk back into the bedroom to straighten up the bed. He tells me “I don’t know why you’re doing that I am not finished with you yet”. We are both still very aroused from tonight’s events we fuck for another hour. He makes me cum another 2 times. We both agreed tonight was a success and we can tick that one off the fantasy list. But of course only as much as though as ‘yep done that’ - but we can repeat it again.

A couple of days later we receive message from the couple thanking us for a great night. They say we are very nice people and they were happy to have met us and yes they would be interested in joining us for another session another time.