Written by Nicky2013

Feb. 13, 2015

I have been going to this restaurant for years for breakfast and sometimes supper when I visit downtown Edmonton. The owner and his wife are in their late 50's such as I am. I have pleasure in speaking with them and have made them my friends over the last 15 years. It was a warm Saturday night in June of last year, and for once the weather was nice all week long. I had decided that I would drop by and see my friends prior to them closing up for the night. Now this restaurant is not a large restaurant, and they close around 7 p.m most evenings. Rose my friends Wife is very good looking for her age, and always dresses well and has been extremely friendly to me. Ed the husband is in good shape as well, and is very much younger than Rose. My friend Ed was excited this evening, as he had something he wanted to show me. I was eager to find out if he bought the new stereo system that he has been talking about for the last 5 months, but he assured me this was not it. Ed locked the doors a little after 7 as he always does, and motioned me to come into the back storage area. The storage area was not huge, but well lit, and had several chairs along the back wall and one table in the middle. Ed said he just purchased a new camera last week and wanted to show it to me, as he knows I love photography that would not be a problem. It was a Nikon digital with several manual settings and several automatic settings as well as a good lens. (I will spare you the details). After looking at it the camera for several minutes I handed it back and congratulated him on his purchase. Ed asked me if I wanted some wine, and I of course said yes! He came back with a bottle of red wine and 3 glasses. Now I had no idea where Rose was at this point, but as he was pouring the wine Rose stepped in. Rose was wearing her coat, and I could only assume that she was leaving. Was I wrong!. Ed poured us each a glass of wine, and then looked at me and asked if I would like to take some photos of them together! I saw no harm in that, and as I put the strap of the camera around my neck, I readied the camera. At that instant Rose took off her coat, and to my surprise was wearing nothing underneath! I almost dropped the camera, lucky for me I had the strap around my neck. Ed started to take his shirt off along with the rest of his clothing. I was astonished, I was speechless, and had no idea what to do. by this time I was getting an erection looking at Rose with her beautiful breasts bobbing up and down. Ed had a huge boner as well and wasted no time in kissing Rose on her breasts and grabbing her behind as he slowly sank to his knees. Ed looked at me, and said go ahead and take some pictures, don't be shy!. I started snapping away, and I am sure they both could see I was aroused as I watched them caress each others love spots. Rose moved towards the table and motioned me to follow in that direction. As she was kissing Ed on his chest, she took her hand and reached towards my now bulging area in the front of my pants. Rose looked at me, and said, well.... let's see it! Do you think that we just wanted you to take photos? Ed took the camera from me and placed it on a chair, and Rose started to rub my throbbing member through my pants. I only thought to myself I better not explode as I am truly excited. I finally was able to get my clothes off, and joined in the fun. Needless to say it was one of my finer moments in a restaurant. Now, if you want the graphic details and the untamed version, and I can assure you this is very, very true, then visit my profile and ask me!