Written by Yourbodyguard2

Oct. 5, 2019

Well my ex and I were in Florida and she wanted to go to a strip bar. I take her to one that is across the street from the hotel. We are sitting there drinking and watching the strippers. I go to the bathroom and come back and she says she has a surprise for me.

She bought me a private half hour! now if you have never been to a strip club this is one where you are allowed to touch. Well I go in the room and the girl says your g/f wants me to make you cum..so you know you are going to cum, she says with a smile. She is very attractive with huge breasts and she grabs my head and shoves my mouth onto her nipple. I am sucking on it and she opens my jeans and starts stroking me. The next thing I know she is sucking on me..I cant last with this gorgeous woman looking up at me and slurping my cock..I cumm hard and fast!

Well I pull up my jeans and go back out of the room. I see this guy sitting next to my wife in our booth..she laughs as she sees me coming back in. I see this guys starts squirming in the booth..I can see he is pulling up his pants and the front of them is soaked. My ex is laughing and says he lasted about as long as you. She says that when I left they put this guy next to her and he is hitting on her, buying her drinks. She says well she was getting aroused watching the strippers. She tells him to pull his cock out under the table. She says she leans down and starts to suck on this strangers cock. Now she is blonde with size 36 D breasts and easy on the eyes. She says he is groping her breasts and she takes his hand and slides it up her dress. She says she had taken off her panties in the bathroom. She is telling me did you see his hands, his fingers were thick and long and has made me wet. She says she is stroking him under the table when he starts cumming all over her fingers She pushes her fingers into my mouth before I could move. She is sweating and her breasts are heaving as she says lets go back to the room...