Jul. 9, 2015

She hears him bellow from the den, “Martina! It’s 8:15 and you know I like my scotch at 8 sharp!” Nervously she dries her hands on her apron and ignores the rest of the dirty dishes. Reaching into the cupboard for his favourite crystal scotch tumbler and silently yelling at herself for being so absent minded. After all, she knows how he can get when his routine is broken … her hand instinctively going to her bottom as she recalls the last time she was forgetful.

Using two hands to steady her nervous tremor she pours him his favourite 12 year old single malt. Pouring more than she usually does…hoping he will be pleased. She sets the drink down on the familiar silver platter that she is required to use. Taking a deep breath she heads towards the den, eyes downward, praying that he is in a better mood than the last time.

She enters the den, knowing he does his best work in the evening she tries to be silent as possible. Trying not to disturb him further, without a word spoken she places his drink on the leather coaster beside his keyboard. Her eyes still downward, avoiding eye contact as she knows this is one of his strictest rules. She stands silently beside him, awaiting her dismissal or her punishment. It seems like eternity, the empty silence palpable, she swears she can hear her own heart beating like a frightened rabbit. Yet she waits, her eyes focused on his collection of time keeping sand enclosed “hour glasses” of various sizes that he keeps on his oak desk.

She watches his hand reach for the scotch, hears him take a slow sip, and watches him place it down carefully back on the coaster. Her heart skips a beat as she finally hears him speak, “Martina, what time do I like my scotch?” Her eyes lowered, replying in a soft tone, “8 o’clock sharp sir” A long stretch of silence passes. She jumps a little as she feels his strong hand pressing against the flesh of her bottom. She listens intently to his reply “That’s correct Martina. 8 o’clock sharp. This means you have wasted 15 minutes of my evening by being late.” She feels his hand begin to move in a firm circular motion over her bottom as she murmurs “Yes sir”. Her eyes lowered as she watches him pick up the glass to take another sip, knowing that he is toying with her but not knowing what to expect. Her mind racing at the possibilities of what he might do, but her thoughts retreat as she knows he is always unpredictable in his ways.

“This means I am going to waste 15 minutes of your evening Martina.” His reply sparks fear into her. Heat rising in her backside as she knows how much he likes bare bottom spanking….but she realizes 15 minutes worth will bring more pain than pleasure. She sighs and grabs the edge of the oak desk with both hands, bending at the waist so her breasts press against the surface, legs spread wide and bottom poised and ready ….assuming what he wants and assuming his favourite position. Her fear turns to hesitant excitement as she listens to him laughing in a low tone before stating “My my my Martina, you do know me well don’t you.” She thinks to herself, he is in a good mood …...after all he is laughing isn’t he? Her mind wanders to last time he was in a good mood and generous with her, she feels heat begin to rise between her legs at the memory.

She watches his hand grab for one his collectable ornate “hour glasses”. Her eyes focused as he flips it upside down in front of her face. “This one measures 15 minutes worth of time Martina” Her eyes now fixated on the sand grains falling from the upper chamber to the lower chamber as she feels her pants and panties being roughly yanked down to her thighs. She braces herself and feels the familiar sting of his palm crashing against her flesh. Biting her bottom lip she whimpers as his hand continues to rain down spank after spank, alternating between her cheeks. Her burning flesh testament to his will and desire, she realizes she misjudged his mood.

Far much more sand is in the top chamber than lower chamber ….she wishes now she had brought his scotch to him on time. Seemingly reading her mind he leans in, whispering in her ear “I bet you wish you had brought my scotch on time don’t you Martina?” She feels his spanks getting gradually harder. ..she whimpers in pain again …..there is so much sand left to fall…so much punishment time left. Suddenly without notice, she feels the spanks stop. Purring softly as his hand now runs soothingly over her hot numb flesh. A welcome reprieve ……his hands feel so good now, so gentle, so soothing, she pushes back to feel his touch harder against her skin. Her eyes close momentarily as she forgets about the hour glass marking the time. She senses his warm breath flowing down her neck, she keeps her eyes closed knowing his eye contact rule, she hears him whisper “Do you want the rest of your time to be used in punishing your ass Martina?” His hand crashing down hard on her bottom once again with an audible “SLAP!”. Without thinking she instinctively reaches back, trying to sooth her flesh. Her hand gets immediately batted away. She lets it fall only to reach up and attempt to comfort the sting once more.

Sighing loudly at his response to her, a soft barely audible 'No, Sir', escapes from her lips. A moment of silence passes. She feels his hand joining hers to soothe her pain. “No?” she hears his reply in a questioning tone. “I’m not sure if I know what "NO" means coming from you Martina.” She feels his hand stop and rest on her flesh. Her breathing quickening, frightened that she might have made things worse. “In fact, I’m fairly certain that word is on the "ban" list in the current context Martina” Her eyes open as she feels his palm cupping the subtle curve of where her bottom meets her long legs. She becomes fixated once again on the falling sand that marks the duration of her punishment.

Her attention breaks as she watches his hand move towards the familiar hard covered dictionary he uses to ply his trade. Curiously she watches him thumb through the dictionary, flipping forward then flipping backward in a seemingly random fashion. His other hand still cupping her bottom, she feels his finger tips digging into her flesh. Her ears perk as he begins to speak “Martina, look at me so I can make certain you understand exactly what I am about to say.” She turns her head towards him, her eyes meeting his for the first time tonight, a hot flush gathering in her cheeks at this attention he rarely provides her. She watches a smile cross his handsome face before his lips begin to move “I will give you a sporting chance to save this ass of yours from further punishment” She lets out a squeak to the hard squeeze he gives her bottom as he says the words. “Martina, if you can use the correct meaning of the word “Chasten” in a sentence that pertains to your ass, cunt or mouth then I shall switch punishment to reward for 1 minute of time. And it is your favourite reward Martina.” She watches him grab and flip over a smaller “hour glass and place it on the table in front of her eyes. She starts to think frantically, knowing it could her failure could mean more pain and her success her favourite reward. …his cock in her mouth. She listens intently to what he is saying, her eyes fixated on his, trying not to miss a word. “Chasten?' she whispers under her breath, her mind racing having never heard this word before.

“This is a measurement of 1 minute Martina, thus you have 1 minute to use "chasten" in a sentence as instructed .....if you can’t then it shall be tipped over and your ass will get 1 minute of punishment OR if you use it correctly then it will be tipped over and you shall get 1 minute of sucking my cock ” Her eyes now focused on the small grains of sand dripping from one chamber to the other. Her mind speeding then abruptly stopping as she feels his hand between her spread legs. Instinctively grunting in pleasure to his familiar touch on her hanging heat, realizing the time to answer correctly is slowly disappearing. “What's wrong Martina? Distracted?” She hears him laughing loudly as he continues to firmly rub his palm between her legs. She tries to keep her composure as she feels his hands raising a familiar wet and wanting sensation between her legs ….. “Chasten” she repeats… "like chastise?" Her mind panicking now as she watches the grains fall seemingly faster than seconds ago … "to punish or criticize...." she mumbles franticly..."ahh" she cries out in frustration ..."to punish makes sense given the circumstances, right?" she questions not expecting a response. Her eyes darting from the sand to him ….."Sir? Chastened her mouth for a job done poorly?" She spits out in a panic.

She waits for his reply as a moan escapes her lips to the quickened pace of his hand between her legs. “Just in the nick of time Martina, you are a smart young girl indeed". A huge sigh of relief escapes her past her lips as she hears his words, knowing she has just earned reprieve and reward. “On your knees Martina, it’s time for your well earned reward” She feels him pushing down on her shoulders as she obliges his wishes and settles down on her knees. She watches intently and hungrily as he maneuvers around her, semi flaccid cock hanging out of his fly, letting it rest against her cheek. Holding the one minute "hour glass" and tipping it upside down. “You have a minute Martina, make the most of it.”

She looks up him with a content smile and wastes no time in turning her head slightly to take his cock in her mouth. She moves her tongue expertly and slowly from his glistening tip, along the underside of his length to the thick base of his cock. Planting soft kisses on his shaven sack while cupping and gently rolling them. She pulls her head back and opens her mouth wide and pushes forward, taking as much of his length in as she can. Deep throating him with ease as she has been trained to do. Her talented mouth breathing life into his once semi flaccid cock, she feels it grow larger with every expert movement of her tongue. His hand running through her fine blond hair, she glances up to look up at him. She watches his eyes close and hears him groan in pleasure and mutter “If ever comes a time Martina ...” another guttural moan escaping his mouth as he pushes his hips forward. Her throat bulging in response to him feeding her his extra length. “I think the only way to chasten your mouth would be to deny you my cock.” He holds his cock deep in her throat as he dangles the hourglass in front of her face. “Your time is running out, Martina”. She feels his leg pushing out, his shin now pressing firmly against her mound as she continues her hungry assault on his cock. “I want you to grind against my leg and suck my cock Martina, hump my leg like a little dirty bitch in heat” She smiles up at him between licks and sucks and then frowns a little ……..happy to have the reward, but finding the timing device a tad cruel. Feeling his hand running through her hair she begins to gently grind her clit against his leg. She watches the last grain of sand fall to the lower chamber, feeling him slowly ease his cock from her wanting mouth. She looks at him disappointed, "Just a little more?" she giggles playfully.

He looks down at her, she knows he is admiring the amount of spit she was able to produce, the spit that now webs off in thick strands from his rigid cock. She watches as he reaches down with an extended finger and breaks a spit strands that runs from her lip to his balls. Offering her his finger she takes it in gladly, greedily sucking it down to the knuckle as he begins to speak again, “So Martina, the game continues no?” She smiles back at him, moving her mouth slowly up and down his finger, knowing he neither needs nor is asking for a reply to his question. “I shall select new word to be used in sentence pertaining to your cunt, mouth or ass ....this time your reward will be a minute of feeling me inside your cunt ….. the punishment the same once again … a minute's worth of hard spanking.” She turns her cheek to the side as he rubs his cock along her smooth skin, transferring the remaining spit from his cock to her pretty face. She continues to grind slowly against his shin. Her heat wet and throbbing. Hearing his statement she ponders for a moment...she finds game appealing to her competitive side, but the thought of losing not sitting so well. In fact, she knows losing means that she will not be able to sit very well for quite some time. Her mouth pulling off his finger, producing yet another web of spit, she moans in pleasure at her constant grinding against his leg and speaks up "next word please, sir"

Without waiting for his orders, she stands and assumes the position. Her legs wide, straddling the corner of his desk, bent at the waist so her breasts press down on the surface, her wet heat sitting firmly on the corner, her bottom poised and raised. Her eyes lowered, watching his feet start to move and stop directly behind her. Without warning she feels his hand come down on her bottom, a gentle slap compared to the others. She grunts as her heat bumps and slides against the surface of the desk. Not being able to see him behind her, she feels him rest something on her back. Hears the flipping of pages and realizes it must be his dictionary. Eagerly waiting for his next word she occupies the silence by wiggling her hips just enough to keep constant pressure on her throbbing heat. She pauses as he begins to speak, her attention now completely on his words, “This is a word commonly heard in educated circles but not commonly understood Martina…….. the word is subjugate.” Hearing his next word, she can't help but curse out loud "fuck". She watches as he tips the minute glass over near her face and places the opened dictionary on the desk beside her. Goosebumps rise on her flesh as she feels him drag his finger tips up along her spine. Again the minute glass is flipped over near her face, momentarily focusing on it before she feels her head jerked back suddenly. His hand in her hair, scalp burning as she lets out a whimper she feels his other hand behind her probing and massaging her heat. Rubbing and prodding her in the rough manner that only he knows she craves. "Well Martina? Times a wasting … are you distracted again?" She hears him laugh that low pitched tone he uses when he is truly enjoying himself

She loudly lets out a combined moan and sigh as she begins to think...trying hard to ignore his distractions. "Yes I’m distracted sir" she growls as she frantically tries to figure out a meaning. "Subjugate" she says to herself as if saying it out loud will help her. "To subject" she questions herself. Panicking now as she watches the sand grains fall. Trying to turn her head slightly under his grip to sneak a peek at the open dictionary but only finding pain in her scalp as he wrenches her head back. His voice menacingly in her ear, “NO cheating Martini” She gasps and swallows "A hint?" she pleads in desperation….."Please sir?" No reply given other than feeling his hand working more roughly between her legs. Crying out in frustration, she starts blabbering random words..."to subject...subjection of someone..." Scowling now she curses again "fuck". She knows his hand is raised and poised, “Your time is up Martina”. Her head attempting to turn again this time not to peek but to yell "I know!" she shouts. "Nooo! " she screams as she feels his hand make hard contact with her bottom, trying to move forward but being prevented from her position straddling the corner of the desk.

“Too late Martina” she hears from behind her at the same time his hand rears her head back, lifting her torso until her nipples scrape along the top of the table. She winces in pain at her burning scalp as she watches him flip the small hour glass again. She feels his hand making solid firm contact with her bottom again and again as he mutters aloud, “To subjugate means to overpower Martina”. She feels fast quick short slaps alternating between cheeks. Each spank making her body push forward just a fraction but enough to make her clit bounce rhythmically of the surface of the desk. “Subjugate means to enslave, Martina. Use it correctly in a sentence or my spanks will get harder and harder.” Screaming loudly as she feels his hand yank her head and the near unbearable but familiar sting on her bottom. "Owww stop" she cries out "Sir sub..." She tries to spit out as she feels the sting worsening. "Please stop" she cries her eyes welling with small tears. "Sir subjugated me this evening..." she mumbles out weakly, her mind focusing on the sting. Crying out much louder than before she attempts to move her hands over her ass...feeling a slap hit her hands, she begins to try and wiggle free. Feeling him suddenly let go of her hair her body slumps forward causing her breasts to press heavily against the surface of his oak desk. She moans in complaint and arousal as he roughly takes her wrists into one of his strong hands and traps them behind her back as he explains in a steady tone, “Martina, the word is to be applied to your cunt, mouth or ass....this means that one of those words must be present in your sentence.” She feels the sting of his open palm crashing down on her bottom, grunting in pain in pleasure as her heat bumps hard on the surface of the desk, his words filling the room “If I didn’t know better Martina, I would swear you were answering incorrectly to get more punishment.” Again she feels the sting of his hand on her flesh, whimpering as he speaks his orders “Now answer correctly this time Martina.” Sobbing and sniffling, her ass feeling like it is on fire, she flinches in anticipation of another hard spank, replying quietly, "I wish Sir would subjugate my filthy whore cunt" Hanging her head she whines softly expecting the pain of another disciplining spank but instead she feels his hand come down lightly onto her sore red bottom… ..his hand moving in gentle soothing circular motions as his palm soothes her burning flesh.

Her body prone over the corner of his desk, her breasts and hanging heat pressing onto the surface as his hand wanders slowly from her bottom to her wet need between her legs. Pushing back onto his fingers as she feels his touch at her opening, not being able to control her need any longer in his presence. Biting her bottom lip as she feels what must be two of his fingers slide inside her wetness with ease, still trapping her wrists behind her back in his one hand she hears his words and becomes more aroused as he slowly pumps his fingers in and out. “This whorishly wet cunt Martina? You wish I would subjugate it with what?” His fingers moving faster now, being finger fucked more roughly….the way she likes and he knows it as he states, “Martina, If you would have answered correctly and on time I would have subjugated your deliciously wet cunt with hard thick cock and not these two fingers.” His fingers plunging in and out, her clit rhythmically moving along the surface of the desk in reply to his forceful finger fucking. She moans at the undeserved pleasure he gives her but refusing to answer his question with words instead nodding slightly and sighing a large exhale of defeat as she squirms under his touch. Knowing damn well what he said is correct and that she is a sore loser, literally. Continuing to sob and sniffle a little, she tries hard not to show the fact that she is enjoying the rough finger fucking.

His fingers exiting her, wrists being released, she lifts her head and follows his movements….curiously watching his feet as he strides across the room. Sighing in relief as he strides back across the room and places a bottle of aloe lotion beside her face, “This is aloe vera lotion Martina, do you think your ass might like to be soothed with it? * She watches in anticipation as he presses down on the pump, she can’t help but think of cum seeping from a thick glistening cock head as generous amounts of lotion spills onto his open palm. "Yes please" she responds in a silky soft tone "I'd like that a lot, Sir", she adds. Her body tensing as she feels what must be his two fingers reentering her wet heat, listening to him state, “You would wouldn't you Martina? Have this soothing aloe vera applied to your naughty sore bottom.” She groans in disappointment as she watches him wipe the aloe vera from his palm onto the edge of the desk instead of using it to remedy her soreness. Her ears perk as he begins to speak again, “How about we raise the stakes of the game Martina? You answer correctly with the new word in the agreed upon time frame of 1 minute and you get rewarded for 3 minute.....answer incorrectly or pass the time frame and your ass gets 3 minutes of punishment ....and by the way ….” Listening intently as he continues, “ Your reward is one minute of ass soothing…….one minute of cock sucking….….and one minute of cunt fucking… …in whatever order you wish your reward to occur….are you game Martina?” Moaning before replying to his fingers picking up the pace, her need getting desperate wanting the reward so badly, but fearing another punishment she takes a deep breath and finally speaks in a shy whisper, "Fine", still sulking after her last defeat. "What’s the word?" she asks with a hint of fear in her voice. Without breaking his steady rhythm of pumping his fingers in and out of her she hears his answer, “Mitigate”. His fingers deep inside he she watches him flip over the minute glass without saying another word.

Hanging her head to hearing the word, her mind already feeling the sting of defeat. Taking a deep breath she forces herself to concentrate….thinking to herself, "he's using words that are appropriate to this situation…. mitigate", she repeats several times under her breath. "I don’t know..." she begins to cry not wanting another punishment...her mind racing in a panic, she stutters a little plea, "just one hint" using her begging voice that at times has evoked sympathy in him. She winces as his fingers prod her more roughly than before, knowing she has annoyed him from his increased aggressive assault on her wet cunt and the tone in his reply, “Martina, it is something you want done to your ass”. Now feeling the blow to her ego…"Sir..." she cries out softly "I dont know….I dont want you to hurt my ass anymore.." she sobs "I want you to be gentle and soothe it" she adds as her eyes widen at the nearly empty top chamber of the minute glass ..In a desperate panic she cries out "Mitigate...I want you mitigate my ass"...frightened knowing her answer was a shot in the dark as she still has no idea is she is correct. His laughing and words roll through the air with force, causing her to cower as she watches the last grain of sand fall she spins her head to look at you, unsure if your laughter is kind or sadistic....Sighing with relief as she listens to you speak to his response, “You want me to mitigate your ass Martina? “ His laughter increasing as she feels him slip his wet fingers out of her cunt. Leaving her with a familiar wanting feeling…becoming unsure of her answer once again as he voice his question in between fits of raucous laughter, “You think that is the correct answer?!! “ The look of fear on your face inciting more laughter before he continues, “Well Martina, …..YOU ARE CORRECT!!!!”. Sighing with relief before shouting happily, "Yes!!". The look of fear draining friom her face and being replaced with beaming prideful joy as she hears his words, “Good girl Martina, you certainly are a smart cookie....coming up with a correct answer without really knowing the meaning of mitigate...you certainly can use that noodle of yours!!!...and your mouth ..so ... you wish for your reward?” He asks the quest as he reaches underneath her, his hand trapped but finger moving expertly to find her clit and rubbing it firmly with a slick finger tip. "Please Sir" she begs as she maneuvers her body to give him more access to play with her now throbbing clit…..body bucking on the surface of the table to his expert touch and to the thought of the pleasures that await her.

Writhing almost uncontrollably now, legs twitching ….feeling the need to be had hard by something bigger than fingers..trying to concentrate on his words and not his finger tip playing her clit to perfection. “Remember Martina, the order of your reward is up to you? Which would you like first? For me to chasten your mouth with my cock? to subjugate your cunt with my cock? Or to mitigate your ass with lotion and my hand?” She looks up at him for a brief moment then pipes up, "Cunt, ass and then mouth Sir" sounding slightly unsure, but following up her words with a nod of assurance.

“Mmmm, subjugote your cunt first it is Martina. I want you to position your body so your clit is against the edge of the desk with you bent just enough so that your nipples scrape along the surface. This will ensure that when I subjugate your cunt that you shall feel it fully.” Obeying his orders she positions her self with her legs spread wide, ball of her feet on the floor with her heels lifted off the ground. She moans as her clit presses hard on the edge as she straddles the corner of his desk, looking back over her shoulder at him with a wry smile as she slowly bends at the waist until her nipples scrape along the surface. She knows her cunt must look perfectly fuckable from his angle of view and also knows he is perfectly capable of fucking her cunt just as she likes it fucked…....hard and rough…she smiles back at him as he saddles up behind her with cock in hand, feeling his tip press against her swollen opening. She groans in response to him thrusting hard inside her….stretching her at the same moment he slams the minute glass down beside her face. She feels him grip her hips tight on both sides, fingers digging into her flesh as he begins to pound her soaked throbbing cunt mercilessly hard. His abdomen slamming against her red ass with each powerful thrust causing her clit to pinch and rub along the table, causing her nipples to sway violently back and forth along the surface. She relishes him fucking her like an animal as he continually plows her soaked hole with one hard thrust after another. Hearing him yell out breathlessly from exertion, “Do you like your cunt being subjugated with my cock Martina?!” Her body shutters violently in response to each thrust, to each spoken word, and finishing by ramming inside her extra hard at the last. Caught off guard by the force of his last thrust used to pound her, her mouth open, but no sound escaping for what seems like hours..."fuuuuuuuuck" she moans out in a delightful mixture of pain and pleasure "Yes!!" she screams as her body trembles. Panting, she repeats "Fucking Yes".

To be continued..