Sep. 16, 2018

It was late summer, we’d been out for dinner together and were talking about going for a walk, or having a quickie somewhere. The conversation went from car sex to dogging, but in more of a joking than serious way…. Things ended with us agreeing that we didn’t want to get into anything too crazy, but it might be fun to be watched.

We pulled into a parking lot that was almost entirely empty and drove as far from the few other cars as we could. No one seemed to be around, which left me feeling part disappointed, part relieved.

We climbed into the back seat and started making out… things were getting exciting and so pants came off (not the easiest thing to accomplish in a car), Amanda had a long blue, see-through top on over a white undershirt, no bra so I could see her nipples but wanted to see more. She was not wanting to be completely naked so after some more car gymnastics she had the undershirt off and the almost see through top back on. Such a sexy look, it was long enough to half cover her ass, but at least from up close pretty much every detail of her boobs could be seen.

It was starting to get fairly dark, so we turned on the light… bit of a joke about that being a dogging thing, and I wanted a better view of her! Really seemed like no one was around.

It was all pretty cramped, I was sitting on the seat, she was kneeling on top, riding me, but really wanting more headroom! We changed positions, to some sort of cramped doggy style across the back seat. That was better! After a few more minutes Amanda says, “I think someone’s outside.” I was really focused on her ass, and the way her pussy lips wrapped around my dick so I didn’t notice anything… the glare of the light on the windows didn’t help either. Things sort of stopped, bit of a nervous whispered conversation… I said, roll down the window, she does… and we’re greeted by an older guy saying ‘hi’.

He had been watching and jerking off when the window opened. He shuffles over and puts his cock in the window, brushing up against her face. She laughs a bit and says something about him smelling good. He leans in and cups one of her boobs. I had pulled out, was pretty turned on and didn’t want to cum. She was playing with his cock a little, moves closer and starts sucking him. He and I then had a bit of a strange conversation, apparently heading out and looking for couples was sort of his thing, usually unsuccessfully… he had watched a few times but that was it. He asks, ‘any chance of a fuck? I have a condom.’ Amanda turns around, looks at me, and says ‘sure’. It was just him, and he seemed like an easy going guy.

Next think I know the car door is open, was all a bit awkward, things end with her right outside, bent over leaning into the car and our new friend is pounding her enthusiastically.

It must have been a few minutes later, when I notice that we now have an audience of 3 young guys, they’re watching from a bit of a distance. I call them over to enjoy the view. They come over close by, there is a little more nervous banter, I’m not sure what they were up to but they clearly hadn’t expected to come across us!

The older guy finishes, and Amanda gets back into the car, but the door is still open. There is a bit more awkward talk, do we want to take things further? Do they? It turns out there is only one more condom. And so Amanda picks one of the guys and beckons him over. He gets out his cock, and it’s pretty impressive. But his control not so much, he accidently cums on her hands.

She gets out of the car, leans against it, her uncovered ass pointing in their direction and says something like ‘one of you should use this condom!’ They decide to flip for it, by this point it had gotten a lot less awkward, we were all laughing, the older guy (it was his extra condom) was still there too.

The winner of the toss drops his jeans, puts on the condom and fucks her enthusiastically for a couple of minutes. It was hot seeing her with a guy a good ten years younger!

After him I decided it must be my turn again, she stayed leaning up against the car, I fucked her slowly until she came, the old guy is still there playing with her boobs, the other guys pretty close by too. I finished inside her and we both put some clothes back on. She still only has the see through top though.

The young guys headed off, we ended up sitting in the car talking with the older guy for quite a while. Amanda found it an exciting and nervous sort of time, not sure we’ll try again, if we do will be better prepared!