Jul. 14, 2019

Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friends house for drinks - it was his wife's birthday and they'd invited a few people round - both couples and a few singles. I'd chatted with my friend about the party etc. And he'd pointed out that there was a single girl there that I should meet - little does he know of my fab time fun / preferences but then I wouldn't want him knowing that I really wanted to fuck HIS wife already!

So I get smelled and dressed up for the party and arrive as a few people have already done so. Drinks are pouring well and the conversation is generally non-discript "hi who are you" party types.

There was a couple, Emma and J that I was introduced to and I made the school-boy error of getting caught (by her) having a damn good check of her fantastic tits; my preference being small boobs, I realised I was more studying them!

Finding they lived 20 minutes from myself and we had a few things in common -I spent probably 1/2 the party talking with Emma and J - the usual work stuff and some holiday stuff but I teased nothing out of them that would lead me to think more fun could be on the cards. At the end of the night I shook hands with J and said I hoped to meet up with them another time and he suggested next week for a beer and when Emma and I hugged she said I should pop in any time. Nothing in the words, but when she said "in" I could swear she looked down at those gorgeous little tits and smiled!

Nearly a week passed and I figured I best call and get details / check the invite was still on; Emma answered which was no surpise as I'd expected her to be off in the afternoon. She gave me the details and closed with reminding me I could pop in anytime too. I retorted that I'd love to pop in and chuckled like a schoolboy - to which she replied that I would need to come over first - and again! I panicked a little laughed and hung up.

Sat wondering what she meant I felt myself getting hard at the thought of fucking Emma so I called her back and figured I'd really check it out!!! I suggested that popping in and coming over sounded great - when would be best for her to which she said she thought I'd never ask and suggested I get round there within the hour.

20 Minutes later I was knocking on Emma's door. She answered wearing a loose blouse and some house shorts and nothing else. As I took a first step in, she pinned me to the wall and grabbed my hand - pushing it up against her lovely small tits - "you did want to feel these didn't you?" She asked me.

Well yes I replied - "and I really wanted to run my tongue all over them and nibble those fantastic nipples" to which she said that would be a great start. She grabbed my hand again and lead me through to the living room - I then noticed the blinds had been nearly drawn already - "YES" I remember thinking - albeit late!!

She lay back on the sofa as she lifted her blouse off and exposed tits at least as great as I'd hoped. I slowly lay with her, one hand low on her tummy the other supporting me as I started to run my tongue over the side of her tits. She arched and pushed up against my mouth and I slowly took her nipples into my mouth. MMmmm she said "that gets me so wet - J never takes the time to play enough" - which reminded me of J!! I checked we had 'time' and she assured me that J was no problem - she'd sorted that out; so I carried on with tits and slowly made my way down to feeling under those house-shorts.

To say wet was an understatement! Her short were wet through on the outside and I couldn't wait to slide my hand in - but then she held my hand and guided it out of the leg and to the rib of the waist. Let's see you popping in before diving in she suggested! I pulled her shorts down but just to her knees whilst I moved my eager mouth from her breasts down to her tummy and then slowly over her trimmed pussy. Her lips where amazing - just glistening and gagging for me to enjoy. I slowly teased her clit hood and moved down to suck her labia and enjpy the pussy juices!

Flicking between her clit and pussy she was writhing by now and telling me she wanted to be fucked. As I slowly raised up to move myself over her she sat up - straight up - and asked if I'd like to fuck her whilst J watched! WOW I thought - the next time would be even better!! On responding yes I was a little more than surprised when she beckoned J in from the doorway!

Without another word J sat on a facing chair and she kissed me passionately finishing with "we've never done this before but he knew you wanted to fuck me and it was the only condition" ... I was a little taken aback but my cock was raging hard and I new how wet and tight that pussy was!!! Lie back I told her and she did.

End of part 1 :)