Written by Subrina

May 5, 2016

My sexual life began way early! I was twelve nearing thirteen and I had had mfm(unlces), ff, ffffff(sleepover) experiences, although is still a virgin. Nothing or nobody had penetrated me, not even me! I had a secret 19 yr. old BF and knew even then he was wild and very experienced. I used it to get myself, my cherry.... taken the way I wanted it to happened.

Up to this point I had only sucked him, and had him shoot all over me and so on. I let him feel me and treat me wildly, tearing my clothes right off before he made me suck him, but never let him in me. I knew even then that I was playing with fire, and did I even ever want it. He told me over and over that he was going to take it one of these times "his way" and when it happened I had no choice how it went.

Well that only made me act up more and tease him to no end. I'd being the neighborhood riding my bike sans undies, and ride by his little apartment window often, making sure he saw everything. I even laid outside of it one day and made myself cum while and his room-mates watched me. I was well developed, large breast 36c even then, but even way back then I had kept shaved and that was before it was in vogue.

I teased him all summer until August came and my house was mine for that week. Then I started to penetrate myself digitally, not deep, but enough to get the idea of full penetration. I started doing it in front of him and his older friends. I was a bad girl and loved it!!!

My parents left for a full week...7 days. So when I was all alone for that week I had him start sleeping over for the full week right away. I let him have my mouth, and my ass all week. He taught me to clean out and how to swallow cum. I was bad as I say and right in front of his friends I told him that on the Friday night I wanted him to take my cherry "his way." Girls if you could have stood in that circle of guys and saw the big hard cocks in their pants, you'd all have been as soaked as I was then, ( and lots right now as I write this). I was being a major cock tease and knew it.

Friday night rolled around and he came over alone, he made me sit in a chair and tied me to it, feeding me booze shots until I was fucked right up. He kept getting wilder and wilder with he said but I was too drunk to care and too wet to say no. I didn't want to say no anyway. My time had come and I had an idea of what would happen.

He tied me to my bed face up, blindfolded spread extra wide. Once I was tied like this and he knew full well I no longer wanted choices, he said "now it's time to take you like I want, and trust me it will always be like this from now on. You're going to be my slut wherever I want and however I want." I agreed and promised. Well he got on my face and got in my throat full deep for the first time, and he fucked my throat full, but being so young her was able to stay rock hard and being that wet he just jumped to my virgin pussy and worked it all in and took me. I was nearly out when finally got off of me ...lol....and in me. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted more and told him I did. He said "oh trust I have much more for you tonight, you better not change your mind now." I said "I'll do anything to be fucked more after, it's wonderful!!" I nodded off a while.

Well I woke up when the 1st guy got in my throat, and as he did felt the next go in me. Once it started my blindfold was taken off so I could see "how many guys and who the guys are that are doing you." I was in shock but told them, "yes do it."

The room was full of many guys from my area and most where older than nineteen, the age range was my age to maybe age 45. Well it's a good thing I was drunk and on the pill, and it was bare cock GB for a whole night!!!!

I loved it so much that I kept in touch with him over the years as he moved on to marriage as did I. We fucked once a week for years, then once a month and now he is back in town and we fuck once a week again at least. I love my own hubby and he does his wife, but this is our own thing and it won't stop until one if says so I'm sure. I have asked him to re-enact the faithful night, but told him I want double the amount of guys this time. Such a perv he is, that he has already arranged it for mid-summer and booked a cabin for it. I can't wait. I have stopped letting him inside me as well as my husband so I can tighten up for the faithful night in that cabin.

I'm still a bad girl, but play it safer now of course. So every guy will be std free for full GB and shooting anywhere.