Written by thorn666

Apr. 1, 2013

Some background before I start. I am med build dark hair 40yrs old, the wife is mid 30s, very sexy blonde, highly sexed, well known for being extremely pretty, but thought of the shy girl next door, very little sexual experience before myself.

When this happened it was 2005, we had been fantasizing for quite a while, the wife and I had been getting so turned on every time we thought about some stranger licking her pussy, fucking her, coming all over her. It was a fantasy we could guarantee would have us coming/wet every time we brought it into our lovemaking.

It was something that came up every time we got a few drinks in us and we really wanted to do something really risky and sexy but it was more fantasy than reality.

We did previously get drunk one evening and it did almost become a threesome with an employee, but too much drink and other events stopped that from getting too out of control.

A few weeks after that failed attempt we went to Edinburgh for a naughty weekend away.

We got some drink in us and discussed that the missus, C, could let a guy chat her up in a pub/nightclub, and once the guy was interested she would let him kiss and touch her up, we discussed that she would let him slip his finger into her pussy, get all his fingers wet, she would lick his fingers, then she would put her hand on his cock, get pre-cum on her fingers as she rubbed him, then lick her fingers. She would excuse herself after that and we would go home and fuck. That was what we planned – what really happened was so unexpected and so horny.

Here it is -

We looked at a few guys as suitable but it didn’t work out in the pub we were in. We decided to go to the nightclub, it was 4am and we were slightly pissed but having a good time. In the que we started speaking to some marines who were there for the military tattoo in Edinburgh. One of the guys was the training instructor, very fit with muscles on his muscles, and to top that he was dark skinned, which up until then I hadn’t realized was a fantasy of the wife to have a black cock in her.

Within 5 minutes the wife was talking and flirting with him. She came over told me she was going for a walk with him and would be back 10mins.

30mins came and went and I was starting to get concerned as a quick grope and fingering should not take as long. I eventually went downstairs and found them, her getting fingered furiously and her stroking his cock. We went outside and she was absolutely gagging for it, really turned on, she pulled her pants down and asked who wanted to fuck her first, but I was still confused and apprehensive, the Marine left us to talk and went back to his mates. C was really up for it now, told me she wanted his cock and he can come back to the hotel and give her a good fucking.

I was in a daze but really turned on, so I went back into the club, spoke to him and we left to get a taxi all together.

In the taxi they sat side-by-side, kissing and some more touching.

We got to the hotel, straight to the bedroom. C excused herself to the bathroom and I spoke to the guy, he asked if we done this often, did he need condom, was she clean? I assured him she was a first timer, very clean, a virgin when I met her – it was just a fantasy coming to life one night only.

C came out of the bathroom, wearing her sexy basque, stocking etc. She looked really sexy. She sat on edge of bed, and Marine went over got down on his knees a opened her legs up, pulled the poppers at her the crotch, letting him see her sex for the first time, I was standing there in amazement watching a stranger look at my wifes very wet pussy. He then started to lick her and C lay back looking right at me, mouthing that it was fkn brilliant. The wet slurping noise coming from her pussy was telling me how wet she was. Wettest she had ever been.

The next 10mins are a blur but I was so horny that I came watching them within 5mins. He had moved up on top of her lifting her up and slipping his cock right up her. He was a good size but she was so wet that it slipped in without any resistance and he really rode her hard whilst I was watching, I could see him slipping his cock up my wife, she was soaking him, never been so wet. It was the dirtiest horniest thing I had ever seen. This went on for 1/2hour changing position, licking, fucking, more licking, and then he shot his load all over her bottom and pussy, and when he had finished he then went down on her, licking his come off her bum and pussy, getting her all heated up for round 2, she was so turned on getting licked all over especially as he was licking up all his own come. He then asked me if he could fuck her again, I just nodded, he didn’t ask C as I think he knew she would. He rolled over then and asked C to lick and clean the come off his cock, C was all over it, licking and sucking it clean until it was rock hard again.

They fucked again for another hour, I was so turned on watching that black cock slide in/out of her pussy, and C was given the ride of her life, whilst I got to watch the best sex show ever - watching the wife get the best fuck she could have ever fantasized about.

Our Marine then got up, showered, thanked us, and excused himself and left.

(he gave me his number – C made me delete it as it was a one-off, I’m sure she has regretted not having that number the minute I deleted it!)

We spent the rest of the day fucking, it was so horny, she was so wet.