Written by Linda

Sep. 30, 2015

At 46, I'm more highly sexed than ever, which makes my more than adequately endowed husband very happy as he has me four or five times a week. Although he is a very skilled lover and almost always gives me orgasms, I'm still not satisfied. Once or twice a month, I become like a cat in heat, and have an overwhelming need for another man between my legs This all started about two years ago when the twins went off to university and I had complete daytime freedom - and boredom.

I'm very fit from a lifetime of aerobic dancing, pleasingly curvy in all the right places, and have a pleasant face topped by dark blonde hair. I normally give off a wholesome happily married aura but, when I'm in heat, I exude a special aura men immediately recognize as saying 'I'm available'.

The first time this happened, I had been sexually restless and horny for several weeks, even though enjoying satisfying sex with my husband. One afternoon, I was behind a very attractive man about my age in a long checkout queue. We got to talking while waiting and I must have been giving off my special aura because he started to flirt with me. After paying for his items, he waited at the exit and asked me to join him in for cup of tea. I accepted and we went to a nearby tea shop he knew.

Before long, we were openly flirting with each other. At one point, he pointed to my wedding ring and asked if my husband would mind me spending my afternoon with another man. I gave him my most suggestive smile and said, "What I do when he's at work is my business." He smiled in a conspiratorial manner and asked me to accompany him to his nearby flat. On the way there I felt a bit guilty, but not enough to overcome the overwhelming need between my legs.

Once inside, there was no pretense. We immediately attacked each other, hugging and rubbing and kissing as clothing was rapidly shed on our way to the bedroom. When we were both naked, he stood me next to the bed and we kissed deeply as he slid his hand between my legs. I was so hot for it, I immediately thrust my groin into his hand, inviting him inside. He waisted no time. Caressing my slit and finding it wet, he pushed his fingers inside and explored, then rapidly fingered me to a shuddering climax accentuated by loud gasps of completion. When I finished coming, he pushed me onto the bed on my back.

I spread my legs and raised my knees, inviting him in. Instead, he lowered his head between my legs and licked my pussy lips and clit, soon eating me to another shuddering climax. When my cries of pleasure abated, he mounted me and slid his very respectable sized cock all the way in. I wrapped my arms and legs about him, pulling him deeper into me with a rapidly rising passion. He fucked me with vigor to a quick orgasm, and I screamed out my pleasure, my body jerking uncontrollably beneath him.

He let me recover for only about half way before ramming into me again, bringing me to another climax. He repeated this several times and I experienced a string of serial orgasms. During the last one, he came with loud grunts as he pounded his cock into me and I came as I felt his hot liquid spurt against my cervix.

We lay there In each other's arms for awhile, then began all over again. I was with him for two hours and he brought me to climax after climax and came in me two more times. He later attributed his passion to my sexual enthusiasm, but I thought it more likely due to the incredible passion men experience when they first have a new woman.

After his last cum in me, I was on such a sexual high I didn't bother to clean up before I got dressed with his cum smeared over my groin and the inside of my upper thighs, as well as the residual still in my pussy. Driving home, I could feel some leaking out and soaking the gusset of my panties.

My husband had previously mentioned a few times while in the throes of passion his fantasy of fucking me after another man had me. In spite of the many climaxes with my afternoon lover, I was still in heat upon arriving home. My husband arrived soon after me. When he came in I enveloped him in an urgent embrace, kissed him passionately, while running my hand down into his crotch and rubbing his cock. I knelt on the floor and unzipped him. Bringing his cock into view, I sucked it to a full erection. I then stood up and resumed kissing him, plunging my tongue deep in his mouth. He was so surprised and pleased with my behavior, he just followed without question when I led him by the hand to our bedroom.

Once inside, I told to undress. I stripped down to my panties and stood before him caressing my breasts with my hands, tweaking my nipples into hardness. Doing this drives him crazy since he knows I do it when I'm really horny and want it hard and rough.

As he approached, I reminded him of his fantasy, then said, "Remember that when you take off my panties." He looked a bit puzzled, but followed when I led him onto the bed, got on my back, and opened my legs wide for him. He dived between them and nuzzled my pussy through the material of my panties. He took a deep breath, inhaling my womanly odor, then looked up at me questioningly. I nodded and said, "Yes, it's another man's cum. I just spent two hours in bed with him and he fucked me so much I can't remember how many times I came, but he came in me three times and some of his cum is still in there."

He groaned with lust and hastily pulled my panties off and gazed at my pussy, still swollen and open from my lover's cock. I urged him the fuck me and add his cum to my lover's. Passion overruled outrage, and he plunged his rock hard cock into me and fucked me roughly. It seemed to me his roughness was a combination of outrage at being cuckolded together with extreme horniness at the image of another man's cock plunging into me. He came quickly and violently, pounding into me hard and deep. I had a small climax, which surprised me after having all those climaxes with my afternoon lover.

When he was finished and lay on me with his cock soaking in my pussy, I whispered into his ear, "Do you forgive me? I couldn't help myself, I just needed to have another man between my legs. It didn't mean anything - just sex. Do you want to hear about it?" Long story short, we talked and fucked, then talked and fucked some more for a couple of hours. The result being that when I'm in heat, I'm allowed to satisfy my need by either fucking another man, then coming home to my husband so he can have 'sloppy seconds'; or, if time and circumstances permit, I bring the other man home for a threesome in our bed.

We're both happy about this arrangement and when we have weekends away or go on vacations, we seek out other men for threesomes, or couples for foursomes. We've added foursomes so my husband can enjoy some strange pussy while I watch since I get the same pleasure watching him with another woman as he does watching me with another man.