Written by mustang Zoon

Oct. 14, 2018

My wife & I agreed to an open relationship before we were even married. We met in high school she was 15 I was 17 & both virgins, I remember our first time having sex I don't think it lasted 5 min not a good start. We had been dating for almost a year when Sue told me she wanted to split up. She told me she didn't want to spend her whole life having sex with just one guy. She said she wanted to experience sex with a lot of men. So I had a choice have an open relationship or watch the love of my life leave. I asked her if she was interested in trying an open relationship she looked stunned than smiled & said sure lets try it. Sue was a very sexy lady I called her a goddess real pretty with long black curly hair& a body to die for. No matter were we went bars, concerts, festivals, camping, sporting events guys would come on to her. At first it upset me that she wanted other men but I soon accepted it than looked forward to her being with other guys. She started with locals from the bars some were my friends who told me how sweet she was that turned me on. Then she took weekends to the city shopping & man hunting but I always enjoyed listening to her sexual encounters it was very hot! Her first gang bang happened on our honeymoon 3 guys flirted with her at a bar, we ended up sitting together had some laughs than we invited them back to our room for more drinks. I soon noticed flirting turning to touching & kissing I could see Sue was half drunk & acting very horny. I watched the guys gather around her on the bed groping & playfully starting to undress my wife button by button. I watched but never said a word I love watching other men enjoy my wife, Sue just laid there giggling the guys knew they were going to have her. I watched as the guys stripped my wife naked & took turns fucking her for most of the night, this was the first of many gang bangs to come. As the years rolled on we picked up many men for my wife to have fun with, sometimes single men, lots of three ways, but her favourites were gang bangs 4 or more. For some reason she loved being controlled I have to admit I really enjoyed watching my wife being passed around & used by strangers I was very proud of her sexy body & wanted others to see, feel & explore it. We had been wife sharing for almost 20 years Sue had just celebrated her 38th birthday & to me she still looked 25 her body was still tight & firm her tits had no sag what so ever I guess all her gym workouts payed off plus no kids. Anyway we decided to do an east coast 2 week camping trip for her birthday this was Sue's favourite way of meeting young studs for sex & fun. On our second day out there we found a beautiful campground well treed somewhat private Sue was thrilled. We set-up camp payed for our site for 3 days, right away I noticed a group of guys checking out my wife & I know she noticed I saw her smiling & wave at them what a flirt. I also noticed they were riding harleys & I know Sue has a thing for bad boys. Sue & I fixed a drink & sat at our table we just sat down when 2 of the guys came over & introduced themselves they were tough looking dudes & I was very intimidated. They said they were here for their annual He-man camping trip drink, smoke weed, & party. They had 4 guys at their site 2 bikes & a pick-up truck & 6 more friends just up the road at a 2nd site they said they were hosting the party tonight if we wanted to join them. Before I could say a word Sue smiled & said I'll be there. The guys said great got up & said see you in a bit, as they walked away I said to Sue are you crazy these guys are bikers not Hells angels or Satans choice but still a small gang & probably vicious you could end up being violently assaulted you know their motto sex drugs & rock & roll. Sue laughed & said are you scared I said yes, she said I'm going whether you come or not. We watched as their friends arrived carrying a picnic table they joined the 2 tables behind their tent. Sue was all dolled up she wore skin tight clothes showing off her curves & had beautiful red lipstick on I can't remember her looking better or sexier. She grabbed her bottle of rye & said come on if you're coming I grabbed a few beers & followed her. When we arrived the guys made room for Sue to squeeze in on the bench she jumped right in, I had to sit on a lawn chair at the end of the table & watch. We had just sat down & I asked why they put their tables near the bush behind the tent one guy said privacy they all laughed. It didn't take long for Sue to start flirting I heard her comment on their tattoes as she rubbed the arms of the guys beside her one guy said do you want to see my tat than stood up in front of Sue & whipped out his cock he had a cobra tatooed on his cock ready to spit. His cock was huge he said it was 14 inches of sexiness Sue reached for it & could barely wrap her hand around it it was so thick I knew Sue was in for a painful rough night & it excited me.Then I noticed 2 or 3 guys spark up some joints some were pot some were crack filled. Sue couldn't handle dope very well she was a cheap buzz & lost control quite easy. I was much better at handling dope but this dope was something else I was having trouble comprehending & was totally stoned . I looked over at Sue she had her arms around Cobra he was kissing her sexy mouth & squeezing her tits while the other guy beside her rubbed her pussy she was very high & was definitly enjoying it. I was watching Sue kiss another guy when I saw Cobra unbuttoning her top & revealing her tits the guys were cheering so was I they were taking turns having a squeeze & a suck. I watched as they removed her top & bra all together now they started undoing her pants. They laid her on the seat unzipped her pants & yanked them down to more cheers I could see why they wanted privacy they were going to fuck my wife on the picnic table in front of me. Cobra was first I watched as he shoved his big thick cock into her tight pussy she moaned & squirmed with each thrust she sort of pushed him away at first but eventually grabbed his butt & pulled him in. I watched as he fucked her harder & harder grabbing & pulling her hair before blowing his load I watched as 3 or 4 guys took a turn Sue was enjoying each cock . Then they said they wanted to get a good look at her naked body they stood her up & spread her legs so each guy could finger her pussy & ass Sue looked at me reaching her hands toward me I just smiled as they led her into the tent where the sex went on all night I sat at the table & heard Sue moaning as guys were talking about her tight ass hole & pussy. I warned Sue that I wouldn't be able to help her if things got out of control so I gathered Sue's clothes & headed back to our site I knew she wasn't coming home that night. I didn't sleep much I just sat & watched as the guys took turns entering the tent & fucking my wife. As some of the guys emerged from the tent they raised their beer to me I guess they enjoyed that sweet piece of ass. Eventually some of the other guys went back to their site so I went down to get Sue 3 guys were at the table I said I'm here to get Sue they said you don't want to go in there right now she's still fucking. He said go ahead take a look I poked my head into the tent there was Sue doing 3 guys at one time wow they must have kept her high on drugs all night she was horny & taking it so I sat down & watched. The guy fucking her ass was cobra I was amazed that Sue could take that cock but don't think she had a choice , I watched as he pounded her ass slapping & squeezing it hard I could see her ass was beet red they roughed her up pretty good. The guy fucking her mouth finished I could see cum dripping down her cheek he said swallow it he looked at me & said your wife sucks a good cock. Now Cobra was the only one fucking Sue he turned her to face me I watched her face I could tell it was hurting it turned me on.Then 2 of the guys from the other site returned & came in the tent they were far from done with Sue they told me to leave the tent I didn't argue. I watched as all the guys returned plus 2 more bikes rolled in, now there were 12 guys in total. I only saw Sue come out of the tent once wearing a biker vest so I went down to see her she was at the table riding a big cock I could tell she was drugged up but enjoying it. She took turns going around the table riding each cock I wanted to see Cobra fuck her one more time & he didn't disappoint I couldn't imagine her getting fucked any harder. I didn't see Sue again until Sunday morning the bikers were packing up I saw the tent come down & saw Sue sitting at the table naked I grabbed her clothes & went to get her I thought she was going to breakdown but to my surprise she was smiling & said thanks for letting me have my way. She looked like hell her tits were sucked & chewed on her ass beet red her pussy was swollen & dripping of cum, she was spitting out pubic hairs from her mouth but I could see she enjoyed it. Before the bikers moved on I gave Cobra our home address if he ever wanted Sue again trust me he's been to our home many times sometimes alone & sometimes with friends either way I love it. So it's time to find another campground & new adventure. part 2 For the rest of that day Sue rested got cleaned up & let me pamper her. I told her I was sorry for not being able to help her, she hugged me & said don't be sorry I got what I went there for & enjoyed it be happy for me. I asked her if she liked Cobras big cock in her ass she said it hurt like hell but the pain was sensual so yes I liked it. The next morning we hit the road for 2 days we got rooms we couldn't find a good campground but on the 3rd day we hit the jackpot. We found a big campground with nice private sites we set up our tent had a drink than went for a walk. We walked for nearly an hour& noticing some good prospects, as we got close to our tent we saw 4 girls sitting at a table waving at us so we went over to talk. 2 of the girls Toni & Sam looked like hardcore lesbians they were pretty enough but full of tats & dressed ruggedly. The other girl was Shelly she was very pretty but a little chunky I could tell she was their bitch she seemed intimidated by Toni & Sam & she did what ever they told her. I sat on one side of the table with Shelly & the 4th girl Tina she was a cute petite little girl she smiled but never spoke she was a little strange. I noticed Toni & Sam shift around so Sue was in between them then cozied up to Sue this excited me I wanted to see if Sue was interested in having a lesbian encounter Ya! one of my ultimate fantasies.Toni told Shelly to get everyone drinks than I watched as Toni & Sam playfully touched Sue I could see they wanted her & Sue seemed to be enjoying the attention. Sue had some Bi encounters & always enjoyed them I think now she wanted to experience some hardcore lesbian action at least I hope so. I helped Shelly with the drinks & asked her about Tina she said Tina was her 18 yr old niece Toni & Sam forced me to bring her along, she was drugged up & that Toni & Sam planned on seducing her tonight but those plans just changed now they wanted Sue. I noticed Toni's hand on Sue's leg she was rubbing Sue's thigh & tickling her pussy she knew I was watching & that I didn't mind. Now Sam started rubbing the other thigh Sue looked at me I smiled & nodded my approval. They turned her sideways on the bench Toni behind her kissing her & squeezing her tits Sam was in front rubbing her pussy & unbuttoning her blouse & pants. I could see Shelly was getting excited & wanted to join in so she walked over taking turns kissing, touching & helping remove Sue's clothes I suggested they move to the tent they agreed & away they went. Now I could turn my attention to Tina, when Shelly said she was 18 & legal I wanted her so bad. There she was smiling & staring I don't know what they gave her but she was definitly stoned. I sat beside her & put my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy while watching her face there was no reaction or emotion what so ever just that smile. I decided to take Tina back to our tent so I could have my way with her, but first I wanted to check on Sue. I looked in & saw Sue on her back totally naked Sam was licking her pussy & Shelly was laying beside Sue sucking her tits & kissing her. I noticed a pile of toys & dildos on the floor & saw Toni strapping on a huge dildo it looked like a mini bat ouch! Anyway she seemed happy so I left her. I wanted Tina bad so I took her by the hand & led her to our tent I couldn't help but notice her sexy little pear shaped ass I wanted it bad. When we arrived I laid her on our air mattress than took my clothes off. I laid beside her & pulled her top over her head than removed her bra she had tiny tits & little hard nipples I sucked on them for awhile very nice. She wore really tight jeans I unzipped them it took both hands to yank them down & pull them off she didn't say a word. I rolled her on her stomach there she was naked a vision of beauty, I grabbed some pillows I wanted her ass in the air I wanted to take her from behind both pussy & anally. She was very tight I had trouble penetrating her pussy than finally it went in I fucked her hard for 10 or 15 min she was moaning pretty good I had my thumb in her asshole getting it ready, I'm not sure if her pussy was virgin but I know her ass was. I pulled my cock out of her pussy & moved it to her ass, I pushed as hard as I could but it wouldn't go in I started spitting on her asshole to lube it than finally my head went in she let out a big groan. I heard Tina moaning as I grabbed her hair with one hand & pinched her tits & nipples with the other til I blew my load it didn't last long but what a sweet fuck. We laid there for awhile kissing as I fingered & played with her sexy little body than I dressed her & returned her to the site. Once there I checked on the girls I peeked in & saw Sue on her knees her hands were handcuffed behind her back with Toni fucking her ass with that big dildo while Sam & Shelly serviced her pussy & tits. Toni & Sam were definitly hardcore lesbians I watched for awhile as they playfully roughed Sue up but I know Sue likes rough sex so I didn't say a word I just returned to the table & listened. From the table I heard Toni say let me show you what we do to city glams I heard some slaps , some moans & some laughing Sue was getting a fuck down & it turned me on. It was early morning the sun was just starting to rise Tina was starting to come down & wanted to go to her own tent she left & I went to check on Sue. I looked in & saw Sue on her back with Sam on top they were embraced & passionately making out it was so erotic. All 4 were totally naked Toni & Shelly were asleep on one mattress Sue & Sam on the other. Toni started to stir she saw me looking & grabbed a blanket to cover up. I went back to the table & Toni emerged from the tent in shorts & a bra less tank top she went & checked on Tina then came & sat with me. She told me Sue was very sexy, horny & erotic & asked if they could have her one more day I was thrilled & agreed if Sue was ok with it. Toni asked me what I thought of Tina & said they wanted to include her in some sex tonight with Sue I asked if I could watch she said sure. Toni than sat beside me she had a funny look on her face & said I saw you looking at me in the tent do you find me attractive I said I find all women attractive. She lifted her top to reveal her large big nippled tits & told me to squeeze & suck them. I was sucking her tits & playing with her ass when Shelly came out of the tent Toni quickly pulled her top down & slid away from me I don't think Shelly noticed. It was light now the sun was up & it was heating up Toni told Shelly to get breakfast & coffee going you knew she was boss. Soon after Sue & Sam joined us Toni took her spot beside Sue & put her arm around her neck & gave her a big wet kiss & said you look hot. She told Sue that her I talked & agreed that Sue should spend one more night with them this time adding Tina. Sue looked at me I smiled & nodded she said sounds good & agreed. After breakfast Sue said she wanted to shower & change her clothes it was getting warm & she wanted to wear something cooler. Sue took off & Shelly got Tina out of her tent to feed her she was wearing a sexy sun dress & sat her beside me I noticed Toni slip some drugs into her juice again than gave it to her she would soon be out of it again & was in for a wild night. Sue returned in about an hour all eyes were on her as she approached us Sue had a sexy white bikini on she had makeup on & had her sexy red lipstick on talk about gorgeous wow! As she got to the table she did a twirl & asked if this was glam enough all the girls said wow! even Tina than Sue sat down between Sam & Toni. It didn't take long for Toni & Sam to start touching Sue her tits looked fabulous & her big nipples were poking through her bikini bra it excited everyone. Toni told Shelly to get everyone drinks the sex party was on. Sue was getting drunk & being a real tease strutting around shaking her tits & ass in front of everyone even me she kissed Tina rubbed her pussy & squeezed her tits & said later baby. I didn't like watching her tease & knew she was going to pay for it I think she knew it to. When she finally sat back down Toni grabbed her by the hair & said we're going to glam fuck you good something you'll never forget Sue said I can't wait. They spent the afternoon getting drunk & stoned Toni had some wicked pot & Sue was wasted They where playing sexy music & taking turns kissing & playing with Sue, each time Sue stood up one of the girls would bump & grid with her & pull her bikini bottom down revealing her sexy ass & giving it a slap we all laughed.The sun was setting It was getting dark & cooling down & Sue's nipples were extremely big & hard they looked great in her bikini top the girls also noticed & were flicking & pinching them . Sue kept teasing with wiggles & jiggles & it seemed to anger the girls than Toni grabbed Sue by the waist & put her hand down Sue's bikini fingering her hard & rough. Then Sam & Shelly joined in Sam tore off Sue's top & started sucking her big hard nipples. Shelly than yanked Sue's bottoms down & grabbing her pussy I've never seen Shelly aggressive like that I knew Sue was going to pay for her teasing.I again suggested they move to the tent Toni asked Shelly if she wanted to glam fuck Sue first & told her to put on a big strap on . Shelly went inside the tent I watched as Toni & Sam verbally & physically assaulted Sue. Shelly yelled she was ready & they took Sue inside the tent I heard Toni say she's all yours fuck her good. Than Toni yelled for me to bring Tina into the tent so I brought her in all 3 had strap on's on. Toni grabbed Tina she pulled her dress over her head Toni was kissing her & rubbing her tits mean while Sam yanked down her panties revealing her sexy body. I looked at Shelly she was fucking Sue hard & very rough she was a different person & Sue was going to pay. Toni & Sam laid Tina on the air mattress & started making out with her , They were very aggressive & rough with Tina to a point of being cruel they had her legs spread very wide it looked painful as they fingered her pussy & ass. Shelly started licking Sue's pussy & Sue was moaning with joy but that would soon end Toni grabbed Sue's legs & spread her just like Tina but even more rough, Toni looked at me & said let me show you a good glam fuck she inserted her fist into Sue's pussy I heard Sue cry out with a grunt & moan than I left the tent I knew they where going to rough fuck her tonight. I sat at the table & heard lots of moans, & grunts of pain I even heard Shelly call Sue & Tina dirty glam sluts. I peeked in one last time & saw Sam fucking Tina's tiny ass with that huge dildo poor thing. I saw Sue hand cuffed again being rough fucked up the ass by Toni. It was going to be one long painful night for Sue & Tina but I didn't interfere I headed back to our camp & waited for morning. It was late in the morning when I decided to head out to check on Sue as I approached the site I saw the girls at the table having coffee Sam, Tina, Sue & Toni on one side Shelly was odd man out & sitting alone. I looked at Sue she seemed very happy I quickly noticed Sue's nipple out of her bikini bra & her arm around Tina's waist & playing with her sweet little ass. I also noticed Tina put her bikini on Sue asked me if we could spend the rest of our vacation here & that she loved these girls, I said with an excited smile you bet & watched as Sue & Tina kissed & embraced each other I think my wife might be lesbian. Shelly got me a coffee & sat beside me she thanked me for letting Sue stay longer & so did the rest of them. Tina was a different girl now, she seemed very happy I watched as she sucked on Sue's nipple & caressed Sue's back it was very sensual I could tell she was enjoying it & could see Sue was also enjoying it. Shelly & I watched as the 4 of them made out with each other Toni & Sam kept trying to remove Sue & Tina's bikinis but it was light out & very visible for others to see. I told them they should move to the tent where it was private Toni grabbed Sue & Sam grabbed Tina Sam already had Tina's top pulled up revealing her sexy little tits it gave me a raging hard on. Shelly & I listened as the 4 of them made out we quietly walked over & peeked in Sue was eating Tina's pussy while Toni & Sam took turns kissing her & sucking her tits. We watched awhile then returned to the table I still had a hard on as we sat down. Shelly noticed my hard on & asked if she could help me I undid my pants & pulled out my cock Shelly looked at it than looked at me & said I've never been with a man. I told her there's always a first time for everything & pulled her head down to my cock. She was very hesitant at first just licking my head but than really got into it. I think it was the best blow job I ever had she kept looking up at me for approval & I told her she was sucking good than blew my load in her mouth I told her to swallow & she did. She sat back up & licked her lips she said that was good I told her we could do it again later she smiled & said sounds good. My wife was being turned in a lesbian & I was turning a lesbian into a man lover funny how it works. We sat side by side drinking, fondling each other & just having fun waiting for the girls to emerge from the tent they spent most of the afternoon in there finally Shelly asked if they were hungry they said yes starved so Shelly & I cooked burgers & hot dogs for them. It was dark by the time we finished eating I watched Sue & Tina you could tell they had the hots for each other they kissed so passionately while Toni & Sam rubbed & played with their bodies you could see they were still in charge & controlled them. They kept drinking & smoking pot until Tina & Sue were wasted & again Toni & Sam stripped the girls naked I think they enjoyed public nudity & exposing Sue & Tina then finally they returned to the tent for the night. Shelly & I snuggled up & listened as the 4 of them went at it it was very erotic. I put my arm around Shelly's neck & kissed her than asked if she was ready to try sex with a man she said oh ya! We went into Tina's tent where we fucked most of the night before I returned to my tent yes I think I brought Shelly back to our side. As for Sue I know she really enjoyed that lesbian encounter but she needed her men as well & moved on. We packed up & headed for home for the next 2 days all I heard was Tina this & Tina that I know Sue fell in love with her & I can't blame her. We made it home & unpacked our car within an hour Sue was on the phone she had Tina's phone# & called her Sue & Tina met many more times & are still friends & lovers I wish it was me.