Written by Anonymous

Dec. 12, 2018

My wife & I were on vacation to the east coast we got ourselves a room just outside of Boston. My wife & I had an open relationship she loved sex & liked fucking other men & I liked sharing her. We had dinner & a few drinks & I asked her if she wanted to pick someone up for sex tonight she smiled & said what did you have in mind. I said I'd like her to try a black man her eye brows went up she said sure. We couldn't help but notice we were in a predominately black side of town the hotel staff the waiters & most of the people outside the hotel were black. I asked Sue if she wanted to go for a walk maybe find a bar & meet someone she agreed. As we walked down a street we noticed some kids playing basketball then all of a sudden they stopped playing & just watched Sue & I walk by it was kind of spooky & strange like we were on the wrong side of town. Anyway we walked a little further & found a bar we walked in there were quite a few people in there & they were all black we grabbed a table & ordered a drink. Sue was surveying the room & made eye contact with some young men she smiled at them & gave a flirty little wave. Right away 2 of the boys came over to our table they asked us if we were looking for drugs we said no just here for a drink, they said normally white people only come in looking for drugs or big black cocks we both smiled & said ya that's what we're looking for. I asked them if they wanted to join us back at our room they looked at Sue & said fuck ya! we gave them our room number & told them we would wait for them there. We went back to our room to wait & about a half hour later the boys showed up liquor in hand I think they wanted to party. There were 4 of them I'm not sure Sue was expecting all 4 to show up & seemed a little tense but she welcomed them in. Right away they gathered around Sue commenting on her good looks I could tell she was enjoying the attention they started playfully touching her & she was also touching them then one of the boys kissed her I sat in the chair & watched my wife was about to get gang banged & I loved it. The 4 guys moved my wife onto the bed they were sitting up taking turns kissing her & playing with her then started removing her clothes Sue looked at me as they took her top off I just smiled & she smiled back. I heard the boys say nice tits as they squeezed & sucked on her nipples, then they laid her on the bed & unzipped her pants I watched as 2 of them yanked her pants & panties off. 2 of them were laying in bed with her while the other 2 got undressed I couldn't help but notice the size of their cocks holy fuck! I watched the first guy approach Sue she looked stunned & shocked as he got on top of her. I know she never had a cock like that before & knew it was going to hurt a little I watched him spread her legs & worked his huge cock into her I noticed some pain on Sue's face & saw her hands pushing him back a little but eventually saw the pain leave & saw her grab his butt & pull him in. By now all the guys were naked & waiting their turn I couldn't believe the size of their dicks my wife was in for a long I mean very long night. The boys were drinking heavy & getting more & more aggressive with Sue every once & awhile Sue would look at me & moan as as they pounded her tight pussy, they wanted to DP her they wanted to take her from behind while she sucked their cocks I also wanted to see that & helped talk her into it. Sue wasn't much for blow jobs but she did what we asked & they used my wife good, I wanted to watch my wife cowboy them & she agreed I stood behind her urging her to grind hard & told her to fuck those big black cocks good. They took turns & screwed my wife all night I nodded off every once & awhile but every time I awoke someone was fucking my wife I never heard her ask them to stop she took it like a trouper & I loved watching it. We had a small balcony so I went outside to get some air & have a smoke I saw one of the guys on top of my wife she was face down he was taking her from behind anally. I couldn't hear what they were saying but could tell they were enjoying themselves I watched for awhile as they took turns fucking her ass & mouth. When I finally opened the patio door I heard Sue moaning & grunting one of the boys said that's one tighty whitey ass they all laughed. Come morning the boys got dressed each of them slapped Sue's ass & thanked her for the good piece & thanked me for sharing. Once they left I went to Sue & asked her how she enjoyed it she said can we do it again sometime I said you bet.