Jun. 27, 2016

We where exhibiting at home trade show in Toronto, now we live in Kingsville ON. Being very tired, standing in the both for so many hours, friend ask me, if he could help. I said yes , and it was much easier to manage customers. At the end of the day, I offer to take him for a dinner and few beers. Wife arrived at the show with employee to help as well.

At the restaurant during and after dinner, we had bunch of beers, so I said to my friend, if you can not drive stay with me in motel, I Have two beds in room , beside I need you tomorrow.

I left with wife earlier, shower and bed. I was a sleep when wife woke me up and started to attack me. I was very tired but since my wife newer said to me and to stiff cock NO, I had no choice but to let her take advantage of me, I had no right to say no, She was sucking my cock while I was playing with her tits and pussy - she was unbelievably horny,We where going at each other,- than suddenly, my friend, who I did not no when he arrived, sneaked slowly and tap me on my back while my mouth was sucking pussy, Tap was sign asking if he can join. Well, what does one do - tell stiff cock no, and tell horny pussy as well no, deny her pleasure. ? All I did was move away from pussy and started to work on upper wife's part, while I guided his head toward wife's pussy. He was good pussy sucker.

Once her pussy felt his presence - it took a minute or so, than she quietly said - tell him to go away, I ignored - few minute later, she quietly said again - tell him to go away - I ignored again - than on third her same request - I looked into darkness to see what is the problem - well, she was spread wide eagles and she was holding his head against her pussy, so he would not go away, like I said, he was a pussy oral master - .I turned toward her ear and quietly said: it is too late , enjoy. Well, that did it. She enjoyed me kissing her and sucking her tits and him sucking her pussy for a while - than - she quietly said to me - I can not take it any more , I need a cock. So, I lower myself, tap friend, grabbed his cock, and guided his cock toward pussy, I made sure, I was penetrating her pussy, slowly - than once she felt cock's head was in - no sound could be heard from her, until friend trusted his cock all the way in - than - huge satisfaction moan from her, I shut my load, so did she, while friend kept on fucking - in any case, she was in charge, she fucked me and friend any way she wanted - since she is multi orgasmic - she fucked us just about all night, this was our first 3some

Next day, just like nothing happen - mi and friend could hardly walk, she simply does not talk about past. That was ice breaking, afterward, she fucked us many times, Her secret is; she loves and needs to be seduced. On this occasion, when friend arrived,he went to shower than he walked with stiff cock from shower to bed - all she saw in darkness was a stiff cock.

On another occasion.......