Written by lucky guy

Apr. 2, 2019

My wife & I had an open marriage I was diabetic & had trouble holding an erection & wanted my wife to be sexually satisfied so told her to seek out other men. At first she was very hesitant but finally tried it, she wouldn't admit it but I know she loved it she loved the thrill of fucking another man & I loved sharing her. My wife was drop dead gorgeous she had no trouble attracting men it started out just one on ones than she asked me how I felt about her trying a threesome I was thrilled & told her to try it. That night she tried it MFM when she got home later that night I asked her how it was, she said it was the best sex she could ever hope for & thanked me for letting her try it. As time went on she did many more threesomes & some gangbangs maybe I'm sick but I enjoyed the thought of my sexy wife being groped & manhandled by a bunch of horny men. The more she gangbanged the more one on one couldn't satisfy her she told me she wanted to try some wild & crazy sex some wild orgy parties I approved & she started searching for some. My wife & her best friend who was also into trying an orgy found a party to go to once there everyone was asked to strip naked & they did. To my wife's surprise she was approached by 3 ladies & her friend Lana this was her first lesbian encounter they led her to a bedroom where all 4 had their way with my wife she told me she just laid there & let them do what they wanted she was also fucked by most of the men there & loved it. I know after that party Lana & my wife became lovers she won't admit it but every few months or so would go on getaways & camping trips, alone or sometimes with other girls she loved being the center of a lesbian gangbang some sensual & some rough I know she enjoys both. It's been 2 years since our open marriage & I'm loving every minute of it sharing my wife with gangs of men & women I'm a lucky guy.