May 11, 2018

We had been emailing back and forth with James for a few days, swapped pictures, set a time and place to meet... we arrived first, the parking lot of the big rock to the west of Okotoks. It was early evening, there were two other cars in the lot, both with people sitting there watching the sun go down behind the mountains, neither seemed to be our guy.

Amanda was wearing a dark blue, sleeveless summer dress. Maybe a little on the short side, fairly loose fitting, nothing particularly racy, but with no bra you'd notice her nipples if you looked twice.

It wasn't our first time with something like this, but close, we were not completely sure what to expect. We were starting to think he wasn't going to come, but stayed for a while, talking and thinking that didn't need to stop us walking over and having our own fun behind the rock. We were wrong, he did show up, I can't remember why he was late, might have gotten the time wrong or something like that. He parks, comes over to our mini van and gets in the back. James was a good ten years younger than us, and clearly spent a lot of time doing sit-ups. Really fit and friendly guy.

The three of us decided that we'd go for the walk to the rock, people were in the parking lot but the rock itself (about half a km away) was deserted. Bit of a strange walk, we had had some fairly open emails... felt hard to go from 'where do you like to cum?' to 'isn't it a nice afternoon' so no one said much of anything. An odd mix of excitement and awkwardness.

Once we got out of sight of the parked cars Amanda and I began to make out. I pulled her dress up letting him get a good look at her ass, he took his shirt off... After a couple of minutes Amanda told us it was time to switch places, I went and sat down, watching them... she went over and kissed James, I'm not sure he was sure what he was meant to do in the moment.

The next thing I remember is she was leaning up against a part of the rock, bending forward, her ass out towards us. She told James, 'feel my legs.' Seemed to go pretty quickly from that to her dress up around her waist and him biting her ass. He dropped his pants and teased his way in from behind. He wasn't very long, but he was thick, they were both smiling. He gets going with some fairly enthusiastic thrusting, she says, did you put on a condom... he says no, but he will in a moment (we had talked about that, seen test results, but at the time condoms were what we were using for birth control). This all lasted less than a minute before he pulled out and cummed on the ground beside her. She was not super happy about that, 'none of that was inside me right?' It killed the mood a bit.

James and I then switched places again, I had the condom on and a bit of an attitude... sort of thinking, 'you may have a great body, but let me show you how to last.' I did better than him, but found the whole situation a little too exciting for my own good and also came too fast. At this point the three of us realize we're not there alone. There was this other young guy who had shown up at some point and evidently seen a fair amount of what was happening. He has his cock out already and says something like, 'it must be my turn next?' Amanda, clearly frustrated with the short performances says 'ok'. I say, 'here's a condom' He was about 20, a little overweight, and very hung. He walks over, Amanda is still leaning up against the rock... he sort of rubs up against her and cums. By this point she's laughing at the three of us. New guy is still quite hard, so he's putting on the condom saying it will still happen. That was not a lie.

He fucked her from behind until she came... by this point she is having trouble believing he's still in the game, and getting sick of standing bent over against the rock. Amanda lies down on a towel and he keeps going missionary. She cums again and they stop... he was still fairly hard and could have kept it up.

After that we sat around chatting for a bit, before walking back to our cars as it was getting dark. Forgot to get the new guys cell number, but it was a great evening. Total rush to see another man get her going like that.