Written by Tom

May 4, 2015

I was not aware that my wife's long time shy best friend, Sybil, had been having marital problems, mainly in the bedroom. Alice was not one to betray a friend's confidences, even to me, so I didn't know that Sybil had been increasingly unhappy with sex during most of her 20-year marriage.

I arrived home after work to encounter Alice and Sybil deep in discussion in the lounge. I greeted them both and Alice informed me Sybil was staying for dinner. This was not unusual as Sybil often stayed for dinner and an evening of girl talk when her husband was away on business. After a pleasant meal, I went into my study while they continued their talk in the lounge. Near bed time, I joined them and we all chatted for a while. Alice told me Sybil was staying over as she also sometimes did when hubby was away. I was reading in bed when I heard them say goodnight outside our bedroom door after some lengthy whispering.

Alice went into the ensuite to get ready for bed and, when she came out, she sat on the edge of the bed next to me and said "We just finished a very serious discussion. Sybil told me that, even in the beginning, there was very little passion in their love making. Being a virgin bride, she thought their unsatisfactory marital relations were normal until she heard some of the comments let slip over the years by the other members of our ladies group. She told me that her hubby has been content with a few seconds of kissing before mounting her and taking his pleasure fairly quickly. Needless to say, this has made it almost impossible for her to enjoy it very much, let alone have an orgasm. She asked about our love making, especially about foreplay, and I told her all the interesting things we do to pleasure each other before intercourse."

Alice continued "Over the years the few hints she gave him about wanting more went unheeded. The worst of it is that she discovered two months ago he was having an affair with the woman at work he takes on his business trips, and it's been going on for a long time, possibly many years. She was devastated and finally, not knowing how to handle it, told me about it. He is away again on business for a few days, most likely with his mistress, and I offered to let her stay with us if she liked. I don't know how many nights she'll stay, but I hope you don't mind."

"No, of course not," I answered, "she's somewhat shy and reserved but extremely pleasant and we've always gotten on well, so I don't mind at all her being here."

Alice smiled and said "I hoped you would feel that way because there's something you can do to help." Seeing the suddenly dubious look on my face, she continued "Now, don't be that way. You have certain talents with the ladies and I think they are exactly what Sybil needs at this time to bolster her feminine ego." Then, giving me a wry and knowing smile, she added "And it's obvious she's never experienced any of the joys that a skillful and caring man can give to a woman in bed."

I looked askance at Alice and said "Your sister and mother were one matter. At least that was keeping it in the family. This is a bit different." She quickly replied "You're splitting hairs. Doesn't she appeal to you as a man? She's good looking in a quiet sort of way and she's got a good figure under those conservative clothes she wears."

"Of course I've noticed over the years that she's got an appealing body" I answered. She hastily added "Don't get ahead of yourself, Sybil and I discussed only having you cuddle with her for a bit. She wasn't sure about anything more."

I gave Alice a quick kiss, got up and put on a thin robe, and headed to Sybil's room next door to ours. I tapped lightly on the door, then opened it a bit and asked if I could come in. She was awake sitting atop the bed covers dressed in a robe with her head propped up on a pillow. She said 'yes' and, as I approached, I asked if she minded me lying next to her for a while. She shyly patted the bed covers next to her. I stretched out beside her on my back and asked if she wanted to cuddle for a while. She nodded in response and rolled her body part way onto me laying her head on my shoulder. She placing her near arm across my chest and moved her leg partly over mine. I put my arms around her shoulders and quietly held her.

Over the next several minutes, she snuggled further into me a few times, getting more comfortable being cuddled. The tension in her body I initially felt gradually dissipated as I held her while gently rubbing her back. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, the feel of her lying partially on top of me, especially when she snuggled closer, which resulted in her groin pushing into my upper thigh, causing the beginnings of an erection.

After some more snuggling on her part, I asked if she would like to be kissed. She shyly raised her head from my shoulder and nodded. I combed the fingers of my free hand through her hair slowly pulling her face to me and lightly touched her lips with mine. She had her eyes closed, and I gave her a closed mouth kiss, waiting for her to take us to the next level. Instead, she pulled her face away from mine, opened her eyes, and gazed at me questioningly. I whispered, "Shall we do that again?"

In response, she shyly moved her mouth back onto mine and when our lips again made contact, I opened mine a bit and ran the tip of my tongue gently along her closed lips. She stiffened for a second, then relaxed and slightly parted her lips. I slid the tip of my tongue slowly back and forth along the slightly open seam of her lips. A few moments later she opened them a bit wider and I slid the tip of my tongue inside, darting it in and out in a seductful dance, and flicking her tongue when it shyly sought out mine. As we continued, she became more and more comfortable with the beginnings of what may have been her first deep French kiss.

After a few minutes of this delightful kissing, I said "I take it this is a new experience for you." She whispered "Yes" and started to move her mouth back onto mine for more. I stopped her and asked "While we kiss, may I caress your breasts?" She looked a bit startled, but shyly said "Yes, I'd like that," and rolled onto her back. As we resumed kissing, I slowly opened the front of her robe and moved my hand inside and rested it on her stomach over her thin nightgown for a few seconds. letting her get used to it. I then moved it up and softly laid it on one of her small but firm breasts, cupping it. I then gently kneaded one breast, then the other in turn, and felt her nipples elongate and harden.

As we continued kissing, I moved my hand down and placed it just below her knees where her nightgown ended. I moved my hand up beneath her nightgown and, with her help, pushed it up over her breasts. I moved my hand back onto her now bare breasts, caressing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. I soon lowered my mouth and kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. Her breathing became a bit erratic and I could feel her raise her knees and open them a bit as she started to slightly roll her hips in sexual arousal. I continued sucking her nipples and she soon was emitting low murmurs of pleasure.

I returned my mouth to hers and kissed her deeply as I slowly moved my hand from her breasts down toward her groin. She stopped kissing me and I thought she might freeze up, so I whispered "I promise you'll like what I'm going to do." I gently kneaded her tummy for a few seconds, then moved my fingers further down and into the curls on her mound, and caress her there for a few seconds to let her get used to my hand so close to her feminine center. When I sensed she was comfortable with my touch, I moved my fingers a bit further and dipped my middle finger into her slit. Finding it wet, I moved my fingertips along it as her hips rolled upward in response.

I paid some attention to the nub at the top of her slit, which was hardening nicely. My thumb was soon caressing it as I slowly pushed two fingers into her entrance and moved them in and out and she thrust her groin against my fingers. As I continued to finger her, she murmured encouraging "Ah's" and "Oh's". Her arousal was progressing nicely and her murmurs of pleasure became low moans.

She was soon on her way to an orgasm as my fingers moving rapidly in and out. I moved my face to her breasts and sucked her nipples. Her moans became louder and her hips started to jerk rather than thrust smoothly. I increased the speed of my fingers and they soon transitioned into a blur of movement. That was enough to push her over the edge and she started to come with repeated moans of "Oh, my God!" as her hips jerked out her first ever climax with a man.

Her orgasm continued for a while as I continued to finger her. When she was finished, I pulled my fingers out and kissed her. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck. We continued kissing for quite a while, during which I placed my leg between hers and ground my thigh into her groin. She humped my thigh in response as I continued grinding it against her center. Suddenly, her hips jerked spasmodically and she started to come again. I pushed my thigh harder into her and she moaned out another small climax.

When she was finished, she hugged me tightly and said "He should have been doing this to me all along!" I grinned at her and responded "Oh, Sybil, it gets better - much better! Just lie back and let me pleasure you, but let's get rid of our clothes first." We sat up and quickly shed them, then she lay back and opened her legs. I quickly knelt between them as she raised her head to watch what I was about to do.

Gently spreading her thighs a bit wider with my hands, I lowered my face to her womanhood and ran my tongue up and down her groove, flicking the hard nub at the top, then slowly repeated tonguing her a few more times. I stopped and deeply inhaled her womanly odor, then looked up at her still watching me and said "Your smell is ambrosia to me. There is nothing else like it. I get horny just sniffing you!" She seemed surprised, but pleased, and said "I never knew it had that effect on a man."

I resumed licking her, then gradually increased speed of my tongue. She stopped watching me and laid her head back down. I felt her put both hands on the back of my head and pull my face harder into her and start to rotate her hips upwards against my tongue. She started moaning when I increased the pressure of my tongue, especially against her clit. As I continued tonguing her, her soft moans became louder, then turned into groans of pleasure interspersed with pleas of "Do it harder! Don't stop! I'm close." As I complied, she gasped "I'm almost there! Make me come!" I immediately concentrated on her clit, sucking it hard. Her hips trembled, then jerked involuntarily as she cried out her climax with "I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming! Don't stop! Don't stop!" I continued tonguing and sucking her clit as she rode a long, drawn out orgasm, arching her hips up off the bed with the intensity of it. When finally finished, her body sagged back down, and the grip of her hands on my head relaxed. She lay there softly murmuring sounds of pleasure and completion.

I sat up between her legs and watched her slowly recover from what was obviously the most intense sexual experience of her life thus far. After a few minutes, she lazily opened her eyes. Seeing me watching her, she said "I should be embarrassed lying here naked and wide open to you, but I'm not. I finally feel like a real woman after all these years.." I smiled at her and repeated what I said before "It gets better - much better", then slowly moved up between her legs and positioned my body over hers.

I lowered my hips to her groin and softly said "Put me in." She hesitated only a moment, then reached down with one hand, grasped my rock hard cock and explored its length and girth, then said "It's bigger than I expected." She then inserted the tip into her entrance as I pushed. She was very wet and it easily slid in a couple of inches. I paused and watched her face. Her eyes were closed and she gave a fleeting grimace as I entered, then her face relaxed into a small smile, and I felt her hips move upward to engulf some more of it.

That was my signal to continue and I slid smoothly the rest of the way up her. Once in all the way, I paused to let her get used to the feel of me. Within seconds, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and rolled her hips up into me, seating me a bit deeper in her. I pulled out almost all the way, then thrust deeply back in, then out almost all the way, a slight pause, then back in, then out, and so on as I established a steady rhythm. She soon matched it as we settled into a mutually satisfying climb to the heights. We fucked like that for several minutes, then I very gradually increasing the speed and urgency of my thrusts. She then started to get ahead of me, gripping me tighter with her arms and legs, and moaning louder and louder in time with our thrusts. Soon I was stroking into her harder and deeper and I could feel her body following, reaching for completion. I went into the short strokes, my hips becoming a blur of thrusting, and heard her groaning and gasping as her passion quickly rose higher. Suddenly, her body was thrashing around beneath me as she came in a long series of violent thrusts and jerks of her hips, all the while crying out "I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming! Don't stop!"

I held off my own climax as I continued moving in and out to prolong hers. She rode out her intense orgasm for over a minute, then slowly come down from it. When finally finished, she unwound her legs from around my waist, but placed her arms loosely around my neck, kissing me lazily. I rested my upper body on my elbows just above her and kissed her back, moving my cock slowly in her. She breathed murmurs of satisfaction into my ear, then said "I can't believe that a man could ever make me come this way. I've missed out on twenty years of orgasms." After few minutes of cuddling, with me still slowly stroking her with my hard cock, she asked "Can I have another one?"

I smiled and answered "Of course," and I quickened the pace of my thrusting. She wrapped her legs behind my thighs and started a long, deep kiss. I thrust into her with a steady rhythm with her rolling her hips upward against my groin each time my cock bottomed in her pussy. She matched my pace for the first minute or so, then, her hip movements became more urgent and she tightened her arms and legs around me. I quickened my pace and drove harder and deeper into her. She was soon racing to completion and my thrusts became frantic. Suddenly, she loudly cried out another climax and her body trembled, then jerked spasmodically, as the waves of orgasm rolled over her. She gasped and grunted out her intense pleasure for upwards of a minute, then collapsed beneath me.

I had again withheld my own climax and resumed slowly moving my hard cock in her. She said "You didn't come, did you? How long can you do that?" I replied "Do you want one more?" She nodded and began to move her hips in time with me as I started us on the road to another climax. This time our mutual thrusting increased quickly and we were very soon rising rapidly to the finish. She urged me on with gasps of "I'm getting close! Make me come! Please make me come again!" In response, I pounded into her and she went over the edge, screaming out yet another climax. When I felt her body arch up in reaction to the waves of orgasm rolling over her, I couldn't hold back any longer, and came, my hips jerking strongly each time I released deep into her. I kept moving in her for a while longer prolonging my orgasm and, near the end, thought I felt her hips jerk out another smaller climax. Finally exhausted, I collapsed on her breathing heavily.

When we finally recovered from our intense mutual orgasms, I asked "Did you have another small climax there near the end?" She opened her eyes, gave me a big grin, and replied "Yes, another first for me. How do you do this to me? You've given me more pleasure tonight than I've had my whole married life!" I replied, "A man should care more about his lady's pleasure than his own, and then do everything he can until she is totally wrung out. Maximizing her pleasure maximizes his pleasure."

She listened, nodded her head in understanding and agreement, and asked "How long can you stay with me tonight?" I answered "All night if you want. I think Alice will understand. Go to sleep now and we'll do it some more later on." And we did, waking up twice during the night to take our pleasure with each other, then once again in the morning.

When I finally rejoined Alice in our bed the next morning, she awoke and we wrapped ourselves in each other's arms and legs, and, as she playfully dry humped me a bit, she laughingly asked "Well, did you have fun? More importantly, did Sybil have fun?" I replied "You know very well the answer to both questions is 'yes' since you could hear us through the wall." On a more serious note, I continued "I apologize for staying with her the whole night, but she needed that." Alice replied "I know but, if there is a repeat performance, you can have a few hours together, then you return to me to boost my morale as well!"

Sybil did stay with us for several more nights until her husband returned home. Each night, I visited her and, by the end of her stay, she had become a totally different woman in bed. She was now sexually knowledgeable, and knew how to demand and get her pleasure.

She stopped by a week later and told us what happened after her husband returned home. That night in bed she seduced him and demanded he perform the foreplay she had learned. She found out he was well versed in it, but just hadn't bothered to do it with her. He was totally surprised by her sudden sexual knowledge. In response to his questions, she told him she had taken a lover during his absence and had spent every day learning what she had been missing. He started to berate her for being unfaithful, but she informed him she knew about his long term affair and with whom. then gave him an ultimatum - either divorce or faithfulness since, as she informed him, she now knew she could get just about any man she wanted. There was a stand-off for a few days, then he capitulated to her demands.

A most interesting thing is that whenever he is away on business, Sybil stays overnight with us at least once and gets what she calls a 'refresher course'.