Written by Anonymous

Oct. 5, 2018

Always interesting to see who you are going to meet on a blind date! Even more so when it is an unknown couple visiting your place for the first time. Meeting people on a site like this is a bit chancy. You can chat on line, get a feel for someone and even then you never know until you meet in person what is going to happen. I have chatted with single women and couples here, if and when we decide to meet, it is an awkward experience. On meeting you know pretty quickly if the interest is there or not and that goes both ways. From my perspective if I meet somone and we click, so much the better. I have met a few couples on this site and I can sense almost immediately that the compatability is not there. We've met, the encounter is not going to go any further, no harm, no foul.

I live alone and when I choose, can offer the comfort and discretion of my home. On initial meetings, some choose to meet for the first time in a safe public place. My experience has gone both ways and like the other night, meeting a new couple, they chose to come to my house. A little un-nerving but, in the end everything worked out...

We chatted on this site for a few days and I felt comfortable meeting face to face. We set the date for Tuesday evening. Not knowing what to expect, anticipation ran high. We had agreed on meeting here, getting a feel for one another, then see where things would go. Hopefully we would get along and we could plan on meeting again at a later date.

Through the conversation we had on line I knew only a little bit about the couple. They had shared their photos with me and I knew from the chat there was an age difference between the two of them. Now, standing there in the kitchen with me, I could see how apparent the age difference was. He is 50, she was half his age. His "little princess" wearing skin tight yoga tights was cute as a button! I poured some drinks, we chatted for awhile getting to know one another and I could see these guys were hot for one another. It did not take long as they spoke about themselves, for them to take matters into their own hands, at least her hands. She was already leaning on his shoulder holding her drink in one hand and starting to rub his jean covered cock with the other. They were definately at ease demonstrating their physicality with one another and, in front of me. This 60 year old was happy just to watch!

Things were progressing fairly quickly and it was evident which direction the evening was going to take as he lay down the ground rules. He explained the limits of what I could and could not do, I was happy to oblige. She on her own was quite candid, telling me her boundaries and again I agreed to play by their rules. After all they were sharing this pretty Lady with me.

She had already taken off her blouse, wearing a red lace bra, her skin tight yoga pants highlighting a sweet, slim figure I couldn't help eying her tight ass as we moved into the next room. This couple was not shy! He was definately in charge as they started to put on a show in front of me. He had already stripped his clothes off, she was on her knees in front of him stroking his cock. In between taking sips of her drink she took his dick between her young lips. Sitting in a chair next to them, I was absorbed watching her take the entire length of his cock down her throat. Definately the alpha male, he took charge telling his submissive princess what to do. He got her to sit in the hammock chair I have hanging in the room. Then positioned her in such a way that she was sitting with her head bent back and her body hanging in a probe position. What a sight as he stood behind her pressing his cock between her lips and down her throat. She lay there, swallowing the length of his cock. My chair was facing them as he stood over this pretty Lady fucking her throat. I leaned down and grabbed her angles, holding her spread eagle, holding her in place while she had her face fucked. Here I was looking along the length of a pair of shapley legs spread before me, a sweet young body laying in front of me and her man driving his cock down her throat. Willingly to be taken like this, he tells me how much she enjoys having his cock driven down her throat, she submissively agreeing. This show went on for a few minutes. I was aroused watching. They stopped, it was time for his princess to have a drink.

During the pause in the action she was now sitting on the floor next to a table carefully rolling a joint. These guys were relaxed, comfortable in my presence. I was happily aroused sipping on my drink when he asked her if she would like the taste of my 60 year old cock. I was being invited to join them in this encounter.

I stood up and having been asked to take off my pants the lovely young women held on to my cock and pulled it into her mouth. She didn't mind at all having a strange cock in her mouth. She didn't seem to mind either as her man brought his cock and forced it between her lips. For a moment or two she had two cocks between her soft young lips...