Written by Anonymous

Oct. 5, 2018

The evening had already evolved into more than I had expected when meeting this couple for the first time! No doubt this young woman was very talented. She had a nice tender touch as she wrapped her slim hand around my cock. As she drew my cock between her lips I could tell as well, her oral skills left nothing to be desired. Looking down at her pretty face I wouldn't have imagined an hour earlier that the length of my 8" cock would be sliding down her warm, moist throat. No effort on her part as she deep throated me. In fact, her man was encouraging her to keep my cock buried down her throat. Pushing down on the back of her head, holding her in place making sure she had the entire length of my erection buried between her lips. He released his hold on her allowing her time to catch her breath. It was then she turned towards him and proceeded to suck on his cock. Arousing as this was, watching his little Princess getting throat fucked in front of me, he directed her to take a break. The action had stopped as the three of us took a breather, turned towards our drinks and started chatting again. Obviously pleased by his wife's performance this guy was ready to move on to the next step.

Definitely taking charge, I could hear him making arrangements with his lady as I moved to the kitchen to grab a drink. Both seemingly feeling comfortable with me and their surroundings, they wanted to move the encounter into a bedroom. I was asked to show him around the house, direct as he was, telling me which room he would select for the three of us to continue our evening session. They definately had something in mind. Moving to the bathroom I was told it would be a few minutes before they would be ready as they closed the door behind them. Time for me to pour another Vodka for myself and reflect on what had happened so far!

I had to laugh when it came out during our small talk earlier, that we had all gone to the same High School. However, it was 35+ years difference between when I graduated than when the pretty young woman prepping herself in my bathroom did. A few minutes had passed before I was invited to see what had gone on behind closed doors. Gone were the red lace bra and the tight fitting yoga pants. What I now saw was a young woman dressed in a very short plaid skirt, school girl style, a white cotton shirt and a pair of leather bondage bracelets, one around each wrist. Sitting on the bathroom vanity it was evident she wasn't wearing any panties. She had her legs open just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her pussy. Obviously proud of the transformation her man had asked her to step down and take off her skirt. She on the other hand seeing the look on my face, had said no, let him look for a little while. I eagerly did just that!

I had agreed to play by their rules and it was then that I was invited to taste her for the first time. I was told my fingers were not to probe her pussy but, I could touch her clit. I bent down and licked her young cunt gently, tickling her clit with my tongue. Hearing a moan of pleasure I think I met with her approval. Both of us enjoying this unexpected pleasure for a few moments. Her guy seemingly a bit impatient or very horny wanted events to move along had her kneel before him. She was directed once again to suck on his cock which she eagerly did. I stood there watching, it was quite an arousing sight. I hadn't noticed it before, the fellow had his phone in hand, in video mode, was recording the deep throating action taking place in front of me. His approach to her was not subtle as he thrust his dick down her throat. She took it eagerly as he passed me the phone and I continued to record this couple in action. Very hot close-up, I moved the phone close to her mouth recording her once again taking her man's erect cock into her mouth as he vigourously faced fucked this submissive woman, his wife, his Princess.

This went on her a couple of minutes, me standing, watching, it was pointed out I still had my underwear on. Distracted by this couples lust for one another I had to admit that I was now over dressed for the occasion. I removed my shorts joining my guest fully naked while his young Lady knelt on the floor between us. For a brief time she moved her attention between one cock and then the other. Not hesitating to take the entire length of each down her throat without any apparent effort. Both knew their limits, it was time again to take a break, have a drink then move into the bedroom.

Their evening was orchestrated! Obviously, now at ease with me, I had demonstrated my respect, we joined one another on the bed. Here, once again she was directed on what to do. Kneeling on the bed with her head pressed down on the mattress her tight, cute ass raised up, he brought her arms up behind her back and clipped the wrist bracelets she was wearing together. Her arms now bound behind her back at the wrists. I was asked to sit at the head of the bed, which I did, resting my back on the headboard spreading my legs so she was laying almost face down between them. Her ass up in the air, her man standing on the floor behind she was offering herself to him. I watched as he grappled onto her hips. Plunging his cock into her waiting pussy, for the first time that evening, I could watch this fellow fucking his slim, pretty wife. I was perfectly placed to see the look of lust not only on his face, but hers as well. Her head resting on the mattress moving back and forth between my legs as she was getting fucked from behind. Without question I was aroused, hard watching this couple perform in front of me. It was then that she was told, given permission, to take my cock between her lips. I heard him ask if she liked to have 60 year old cock down her throat. Her reply muffled, her mouth being full, was yes. I had hold of her shoulders supporting her firmly as I thrust my cock upwards. She was now deep throating me while being fucked by her man...