Written by Anonymous

Oct. 8, 2018

The evening did have a bit of a time constraint to it, may be that's why this young woman in front of me was getting fucked so vigourously. After all the next day was a school day and none of us wanted to stay up too late! Maybe too, the three of us were all so aroused at this point that the action was speeding up and becomoing very intense. Either way the Princess was taking a very dominate probing at both ends and she was coping very well for herself! She did by the way have one very hard cock pummeling her from behind and another stiff cock buried up to its hilt down her throat. This went on for a quite a few minutes until I was offered the opportunity, encouraged and invited to fuck this lovely young woman. The three way action paused briefly while I got up off the bed, moved around behind the slim, nubile Mrs.. Encouraged strongly not only by her man, the woman herself was pressing me to fuck her from behind. She had not moved from the position she was in crouching on the bed. Since it's not every day I have the opportunity to fuck another man's wife I eagerly accepted what was offered before me.

Looking down on that lovely ass I could see how moist her pussy was. Gently pushing the head of my cock between her lips I could now feel how moist she was, more than that, feel the heat inside her as the length of my cock slid slowly inside her. My erection now buried inside a very sensuous, warm young woman. I had a firm grasp of her hips as I started to fuck her slowly only to be urged on my her man to be more aggressive and "fuck her hard". That sort of encouragement and the moans of pleasure I heard coming from the his woman had me quickening my pace and pressing my self harder into this tight cunt. My belly slapping against the cheeks of her soft, round ass as she physically took control grinding against me as I thrust inside her. Each thrust bringing closer to orgasm. Looking down at her slim torso and waist, a lovely sweet ass and watching the length of my dick disappear inside that soft pussy heighten the intensity of my climax as I started to cum inside her. The walls of her cunt hugging my cock as it pulsed inside her. My breath increased, my climax subsided as I drew back from her and let my cock ease out of her womanhood. She hardly had time to catch her breath when her man took my place, taking her from behind once again started fucking his wife aggresively. An idle observer for a moment or two until I was commanded by him to get on the bed once again letting her deep throat me while being taken from behind.

His approach being pretty straight forward announcing while he was fucking his woman it was time for them to go. He wanted to give her a "quickie" before they left! It was a pretty intense, active fucking he gave his wife while I she tried to hang on to my cock. Her deep throating skills demonstrated through out the evening were in force again now. Not once throughout the entire night had she gagged or choked on either cock presented to her.

Aroused as I was to cum again I had agreed not to cum on the Princess unless asked to. Even then it was agreed she might let me cum on her breasts or even on her ass. I was not permitted to cum in her mouth. I now had my dick in hand, kneeling on the bed in front of a young woman watching, as she took her man's cock roughly from behind. Restraining myself not to climax I watched, fully aroused as he finished pounding his Lady. Then just as quickly as everything had begun it all ended. They both had to leave! Gathering up a few things we moved back downstairs into the kitchen, poured the last of the Vodka into our glasses and wound down the evening. We all had agreed our first encounter was together was a lot of fun. Announcing that I could easily have cum for a second time at the end of the evening watching this couple perform in front of me. It was a hot session. We have agreed to get to getting together again. I can't wait!!