May 15, 2016

A Beautiful Fall Morning

It is a brisk autumn morning, chilly but beautifully bright and sunny. About to leave for work I realize I have some time owed to me so, I call work and take the day off. I call my favorite sexy friend to see how she is. She says "I'm not going to work, too nice a day!" I jump on the opportunity and say "let’s go do something together" and to my surprise, she agrees. "I'll pick you up at eleven I tell her. Packing some of the things we will need for our adventures, I get ready to make a lasting impression. As always, I arrive precisely when I say I would. You come out dressed in your easy access jeans, t-shirt and hoody, your vibrant smile ablaze! You get in the car and ask "where are we going" I tell you it's a secret and pull a blindfold out of my ‘supply’ bag. "Put this on" I order. "Oh boy" you mutter as you do as you’re told. After about a 45 minute drive with music softly playing and very little conversation we arrive at an old path leading off the road. We drive just deep enough off the road so my car won't be spotted and I get out of the car, grab my bag and walk around to help you out. Immediately you know we are in a heavily treed area as you smell the evergreens and feel the soft blanket of pine needles as you step from the car. Nervous because you don't know what you are getting into, you loop your arm through mine and ask "where are we" I reply, "trust me". We begin our hike up hill for a bit and you can faintly hear water. You know we are within the trees as the warmth of the sun is no longer on your face. Your nipples harden against your bra, you're not sure if it's due to cold or anticipation. Then out of the blue, you feel a hard smack on your ass. You yelp from the sting as your pussy tingles with wanting. The water is getting louder and the air somehow seems fresher you begin to feel a light mist on your cheeks. All of a sudden you feel me move away from you and you are left standing by yourself. After what seems like minutes, you feel my hands on your waist and my tongue and teeth at your neck. I back you up against "the tree". The tree has been dead for years and carved with initials and hearts over the years and it bears a striking resemblance to a cross. Kissing you roughly and biting your lip you groan as I push my body up against you, your back against the tree I grab your arms and spread them out so they are against the branches. "Don't move" I instruct and you comply. I reach for my bag and grab my rope tying off both your hands. As the kissing continues, I move away from your mouth biting your cheek and ear as I move toward your neck, my hand finds the button on your jeans and undoes them, ripping down the zipper I plunge my hand into your pants to grab and squeeze your crotch, you push your pelvis into my hand with a breathy "yes". With the other hand, I unzip the hoody and grab at your breasts. Realizing I've tied your hands too early, I curse as I have to stop to grab something from my bag. Faintly you hear something beside your ear then you jump at the quick unmistakable snap of a switchblade. You gasp as you feel the cold steel of the knife blade against your tummy and scream as I cut through the t-shirt to leave you in your bra and rags, I carefully cut the bra and your breasts are freed to the cold air and the nipples are so hard I think they might break through your skin.

I bite your nipples as I plunge three fingers into your wetness, your groans getting louder and more frequent, my free hand again grabs for the bag and you hear the contents of the bag colliding with each other. Suddenly you feel something cold at your mouth, not certain and somewhat concerned, you remember I asked you to trust me. You open your mouth and sigh as you taste a grape on your tongue and ferociously eat with hunger. The next grape you get is warmed slightly as it comes from my mouth and the juices run down our chins as we bite it together. After a few more grapes, I lick the juice off you that has now made it’s way down to your breasts, lowering your jeans and panties as I go. As I lick off the tip of your nipple you feel a sharp pain. Your screech echoes in my ear as you realize I've just fastened a clamp to your nipple and your breathing quickens as you anticipate the pain in the other nipple only to realize, I have decided to attach it to your clit. Jeans and panties down your legs I drop to my knees in front of you and jam my tongue into your sex. I remove your jeans the rest of the way and you spread your legs to afford me better access. I position myself so I can lick you from your clit to your ass, plunging my tongue into your holes as I go. Greedily I lap at your flavor as it drips onto my tongue, you scream between breaths "FUCK.....ME!!!" More than happy to oblige, I stand and remove my pants and move close to you. We kiss passionately and I tell you to wrap your legs around me. You pull on your restraints while I lift at your waist and you envelop me in your sexy legs, I rip of the blindfold and allow your eyes to adjust before sliding the head of my cock into you. Eye to eye, as I fill you inside your sexy smile still radiant, you savor the feeling then it dawns on you, you haven't seen where we are. You look around to realize we are out front of someone’s cottage, a waterfall about 50 ft away and there is no one around for miles. Frantically you bounce on my cock as we lock eyes again and you simply say "more". You slow down your bouncing and feel your climax begin to build and scream as the first of many orgasms cascades over my cock. Grabbing the knife, I slice the restraints and you fall forward into my arms. We kiss, my still rigid member deep inside the wetness like a sword in it's sheath. I lift you off and lower you to the ground. You continue lower and lick my cock clean before sucking me with earnest into your mouth. I reach for my bag of tricks and pull out a blanket, spreading it out as best as I can while you suck me senseless. I lay down on my back and you lick up my body as we work together to get my shirt off. Once that is off, you remove the nipple clamp still attached to your breast. "Two can play at this game" you say as you straddle my erection and leer at me with determined abandon fastening the clamps to my nipples. I grab your breasts, as you slowly begin to ride me, every so often I release one of your breasts and slap it and twist your nipple and on cue you gasp. Nearing my orgasm I smack your ass and ask you to finish me with your mouth, you oblige by setting your cunt on my face as you suck my cock to completion. We regain our composure and lay together for a few minutes "Round one, let’s go for a walk" I murmur. The day has warmed nicely so, we just throw on our jeans and begin to walk along the path. We come to the waterfall and we see steam rising from the top of the falls. Walking up the side of the falls we find a pond, to or surprise the water is warm to the touch. Removing our jeans we

wade into the oasis the floor of the pond is mostly rock from the Canadian Shield, the water is soothing and fragrant. You dive under and come up in front of me hair wet and straight down the back of your neck, you wrap your arms around me and feed at my mouth. You break of the kiss and say "got a round two in ya old timer?” I lift you into my arms and carry you out to where we laid are jeans and slowly begin round two. Laying you on your tummy, I massage your lower back and buttocks before moving up towards your neck. Slowly and methodically I knead your flesh into a relaxed state, every so often kissing your back and neck. Once I finished your back I moved to your arms then your legs, my hands moving just high enough that you can feel the hair on the back of my hands on your crotch. Your breath quickens with each movement in your groin area. Once you are completely relaxed, I roll you over on your back and begin licking your now pouting pussy. The heat of the sun coupled with the heat of our bodies keeps us warm as I explore you all over with my hands and tongue. You are so relaxed you are almost in a state of sleep. My cock hard again, I slide inside no smacking or pinching just a deep, passionate embrace with deliberate and slow rhythm until we both cum again. We walk back down to our clothes dress and head back home. Again the music plays softly this time no words are spoken at all. We kiss in the driveway as I drop you off. And I ask, “what are you doing in the spring?"