Jan. 13, 2017

I usually drove the long way home, as far as possible from the local stroll. This night I had been at the office quite late, had grabbed a burger just down the street from my work, had hit the gym for an hour, showered and headed home. At the major intersection that would have re-routed me around the stroll, I thought “Fuck it! Why add 10 minutes to the trip.” As I headed down 6th Ave I pulled into the convenience store to buy some milk for breakfast. I finished my errand and was buckling up when someone knocked on the window.

She was young, fairly good looking, pretty face, with a light-brown page-boy haircut, minimal make-up. A low-cut shirt, tatty jeans and an oversized backback completed the picture.

“Excuse me, Sir,” she began. "Sir?" That was an usual greeting in this part of town. Where was the usual “Hey, Baby!” or “50 bucks for a blow job!”?

“What can I do for you?” I replied.

“I need to get to my new job, but I’m short of cash,” she replied.

“How much?”

“At least $60!”

“And I should just give it to you?” I responded. She smiled then.

“If you’ve got a place, I’m sure we could figure something out,” she suggested. She hooked her large backpack over one shoulder and hopped into the passenger seat.

And so, she ended up at my place. I insisted she shower. I opened the TV while she busied herself in the bathroom. Her purse was there on the couch. I found her wallet. $15, a driver’s license and the usual paraphernalia. Her name was Abby, barely 19. About 10 minutes later she called out, “Ya got a hair dryer?”

I opened the door to hand her the appliance and was stunned by the beauty standing in front of the mirror. An absolutely perfect body: long white legs, a firm rounded ass, a slight waist, just a tuft of dark pubic hair, a flat belly and the most gorgeous pair of natural tits I had ever seen. Nothing fake there. Probably DD’S with only a slight nod to gravity. She instinctively covered herself with the towel. “Take your time,” I said.

And finally she appeared – showered, primmed and fully dressed.

“Come,” I said and patted the sofa cushion next to me. “What about that arrangement?” And I put one hand on her thigh and turned her face toward me with the other. She hesitated. I pulled her toward me and kissed her full on the mouth. Several seconds later, we were exchanging tongues and saliva. I dropped my hand from her cheek to her breast and felt the fullness of it. It certainly was the real thing.

As we continued to kiss, I found the buttons on her shirt. One button, two, three… Quickly, the shirt was open and her breasts topped the upper edge of her bra. I left her mouth and my lips and tongue found her cleavage. Her nipples were hard and stuck defiantly through the silky material of her bra. I ran my hands down her body, one along her back, the other over her belly. My right hand found the belt buckle, then the snap, finally the zipper. Soft silky panties! Things were looking up.

I took her by the hand then and suggested we find a more comfortable place to cement our arrangement. As we walked into the bedroom, I took out two $50’s and placed them on the bedside table.

“Transportation and spending money,” I suggested. “Now, let’s get a closer look at that beautiful body!”

I pulled the shirt off and slipped down her jeans, losing her socks and shoes in the process. I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her to stand in front of me. There was only a very brief hesitation – she looked at the two fifty-dollar bills on the table. Then she moved up and stood in front of me between my legs.

I reached behind her, found the bra stays, opened them and slowly pulled the bra off of her chest. And there they were – two perfect tits, the nipples already – perhaps still – hard. I pulled her toward me, grabbed one tit and put the nipple in my mouth. I sucked and kneaded first one tit, then the other. I nibbled on the nipples. She moaned. While one nipple was still in my mouth, I reached down to her panties and slide them down letting my hands fondle her smooth, white ass. While my mouth and tongue continued to explore her tits, one hand crept up to the other breast and my other hand reached down to her pussy. And there was the second pleasant surprise. Meaty, elongated pussy lips and a clit the size of a skinny raspberry that stuck out almost a centimeter, perky and ensconced in its little fleshy pink hood. I thought my cock was going to push right through the material of my pants.

“Undress me! Find my cock!” I ordered and she knelt down and hesitantly undid my belt, clasp and zipper and tugged down my pants and briefs. “Suck my cock!” I commanded. She took my rod in her hand and moved her mouth to my erection.

“Pull back the foreskin! Suck the head! Jerk it off at the same time!” For several minutes I enjoyed her wet mouth and tongue gliding over my cock, her fingers on my balls. If I didn’t stop her now, I would cum all over her face.

I reached down and lifted her up. I flopped back onto the bed, pulling her with me. She ended up on top of me, her firm young tits pressed hard against my chest, my cock lodged between her legs, pressing against those meaty pussy lips. My mouth found hers again and my hands roamed hungrily over her tits, tummy. ass and pussy.

“And now, my dear, you earn your money.” I spread her legs, lifted them up and rested her ankles on my shoulders. My cock hovered directly above her pussy, the head almost touching those lips. I moved forward, pulled up her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her. She was soft, wet and tight. My hands cupped her tits, my fingers pinched her nipples and my cock withdrew to her lips then plunged in again till the tip met her cervix. As we fucked, I watched her. When she wasn’t caressing herself, her tits flopped back and forth and she began to meet my thrusts with her hips. I watched my cock enter and exit her pussy with each thrust.

“Ever taste your own cum?” I asked. When she shook her head “no”, I pulled out and moved up the bed. “So open your mouth!” In went my cock. “Suck it! Lick the cum off!” God, I could feel my orgasm coming. I pulled out and snuggled down to her pussy. Ah, DATY! Young, fresh pussy for the tasting!” I dove and tasted her, sucked her long pussy lips into my mouth, swirled my tongue around that gigantic clit and ran my tongue from one orifice to the other. Then I stuck first one, then two, then three fingers deep into her pussy looking for that G-spot. She began to moan and writhe around on the bed. God, could I make her cum by sucking her off? I knew I had when she began to shake uncontrollably.

By this time, my cock had settled down. Something different… I got her onto her knees, moved behind her and planted my rod into her cunt. Man, was she wet. In – out, in – out for several minutes. Her pussy was dripping, my cock soaked with her juices. And there it was – a perfect little asshole. Why bother asking. I rounded up as much pussy juice and saliva as I could and made sure the new target for my cock was sufficiently lubricated. She felt me approaching and pulled forward.

“Uh, uh! Relax and push back.” First the head, then slowly my entire 7 inches disappeared into that pink ass. I moved slowly cause her butt hole was even tighter than her pussy. Then, another idea. Since she seemed to be going along and even enjoying it, I decided to switch it up again. My cock went from her ass to her pussy with two fingers in her ass then another switch. Fingers back in her pussy while my cock explored her ass. Each time I withdrew, both holes gaped there in front me. What a sight!

I needed to have release, so I asked, “I’m going to cum. Where do you want my junk? Mouth, tits, ass, pussy?”

“It’s OK!” It's OK? What the fuck did that mean? I couldn’t resist. I laid her on her side, lay down behind her, grabbed one large tit in each hand and, approaching her from the rear, stuck my cock back into that wonderful wet cunt. Five or six pushes later, the head of my cock at the tip of her cervix, I released what seemed to be the biggest load I’d ever produced. Two or three more pushes and I was done. I flopped onto my back, thrilled and exhausted.

She turned over immediately, took my cock in her hand and going down on me once again sucked the last of my cum till I begged her to stop.

We rested for awhile and I played with her breasts and pussy some more. Then a quick shower. As I dropped her off at the bus station, I asked her where she was headed. She mentioned the city about 2 hours up the road and added, “I have a job waiting for me there at the Blue Bay Massage as an attendant.” And she was gone.