Sep. 7, 2016

It was an exciting day, hanging out with my husband Chris and his friend Sean. I finished tidying up after dinner, and headed to the shower. As I was rinsing my hair I felt a hand caress my breasts and squeeze my nipple piercing. Mmmmm I guess Sean left and here we are. I continued to let the hot water pour down my face and felt a body move behind me, bending me over and slipping a finger into my hot juicy pussy. As I try to stand up and wipe my face so I could see, a cock was rammed down my throat and my hair grabbed tight. What is going on? His friend? I opened my eyes as I choked on chris' cock. Sean started finger fucking my pussy so hard it pushed his cock further down my throat.

I stood up and dried off getting out of the shower and going to the bedroom. Within seconds I was pushed to the bed legs spread wide, you could see my juices already soaking my thighs. While Sean buried his face between my legs, Chris started taking his cook in his mouth, while I thought his friend would be surprised he was very excited, seems they've done this before.

Watching my husband take a cock in his throat the same way I take him was enough to push me over the edge and my thighs closed and my body writhed off the bed in spasms, soaking Sean in my cum. Chris came between my legs and they kissed Sharing my pussy juice between them. As Sean got up and moved behind my husband , spreading his legs and eating his ass Chris buried his face between my pussy lips and started flicking my clit with his tongue. This is so hot to watch, my pussy just keeps gushing. I can hardly move. I almost feel paralyzed.

I watch Sean as he stretches his ass getting it ready for his cock, Chris keeps flicking my clit and fucking me with fingers hard as he pushes his ass back hungry for more. I can't take it I start to squirt all over him. And with that Chris moves up and forces his hard cock in my drenched cunt in one hard deep thrust he's in balls deep. He slowly pulls out and slams back in, as I reach down and play with my clit I cum again tightening around his swollen cock squeezing him.

He pulls out and slams back in the same time, Sean inches his way in Chris' ass. I hear the gentle gasp from my husbands mouth. He looks so full, I reach around and feel Sean's cock sliding in and out of Chris. So fucking hot. he starts to pound him harder holding his hips and fucking him hard and balls deep, with each thrust Chris fucks me deeper and harder. Sean pulls out and watches his ass gape and close, he Rams it back in hard, making my husband take him. Pulls out again to watch his tight ass gape, I'm so close to cumming again. As he takes Chris again, feeling his cock inch Into his tight puckered ass Chris fucks me deep, and as he's being pounded hard he cums inside of me as I squirt all over him spasming around his big cock. His ass squeezes Sean's cock and he feels Sean empty inside of him, with one last hard thrust, he feels warm spurts of cum filling his ass.

We collapse, a hot mess of cum and sweat and pussy juice. The smell of sex fills the air, and makes us keep wanting more....