Sep. 7, 2016

I had Chris bent over on the bed, hands tied, ass in the Air and legs spread wide. I reached through his legs and played with his balls, massaging them gently as I licked his tight ass, spreading it with my tongue. He started wiggling around and felt the all too familiar sting to his ass! My handprint clearly visible on his right cheek.

My tongue was darting in and out of his puckered hole so fast, fuck he is so hot. I spit on his tight hole and worked 2 fingers inside. Slowly stretching him, pressing on his p spot and making him go crazy. I grabbed his cock and started playing with it, rubbing up and down his shaft as fast as my fingers were going in and out of his tight ass. When I hear the door open.

"Hey Sean, I'm just getting him ready for you" I hear a little moan escape his lips and see his cock rise in his pants. Sean walked over to the bed and left a nice print on his other cheek. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock down my throat in one strong thrust, Making me gag. My fingers still fucking his ass and me sucking this cock so deep, mmmmm. As he lets go of my hair and smacks my face calling me a good dirty cum whore, he buried his face between Chris' cheeks and started darting his tongue in and out of his gaping hole.

I took Sean's cock in my mouth again and as he got to his knees I guided it to Chris' ass, watching him slowly stretch my husband, taking him. He's so tight, he gets the head in and has to gently come out as he stretched him wide, mmmm I start licking his ass and Sean's cock as it entered him from behind, spitting on them both. He's inched his way in, and now Chris is moving his ass back on his cock begging for more.

As Sean grabs his hips and pulls him back pounding into him as hard as he can I wiggle my head down and take Chris' cock deep in my throat. It didn't take him long to cum, I felt his hot cock spasming and spurting his delicious creamy load In my mouth.

I got up and kissed Sean hard and deep sharing his cum as he felt Chris' ass spasming around his fat cock, that was enough to push Sean over the edge and empty his load in his ass, while Sean gently pulled out we watched his gaping ass spasm and his cum leak out. Sean and I shared the load, cleaning up every drop. That was just the beginning of fun that night as we had Sean stay the weekend.