Written by William

Sep. 4, 2017

She laid back against her pillow and quietly reminisced about the activity she had enjoyed just a few hours ago. As she struggled to open her eyes fully for the first time this morning, she recalled all the sights, sounds and smells of that activity. And then she decided to take a few more moments to rest. Dreams came to her; vivid dreams of exciting activity and wondrous feelings. When next she stirred, she knew she had slept for some time; The sunlight was very bright in her room, and it was warm.

But wait! Part of that warmth was because she felt a hand on her shoulder and a bulge nestling between her ass checks. She wasn't sure if this was real, or she was still dreaming. She knew her friend from last night had left a while ago, when it was still dark. Could he have returned?

It was unlikely that he did; this friend was a bit of an enigma to her. He tended to float in and out of her life at seemingly random times, never predictable. Sometimes she questioned herself about why she kept this man in her life, but then she smiled to herself and knew exactly why. It was because of the wonderful things he did for her in bed. Such an amazing lover; so considerate; so caring; so many experiences and so much pleasure. That's why!

Could this be him, snuggled up right to her again? Quietly snuck back into her room and slipped between the covers to press himself against her naked body? Or was she dreaming?

She lost that thought when she felt or imagined that the hand on her shoulder began to move - slowly around and around; tentatively and subtly moving down across her collarbone and approaching her breasts.

She rolled slightly onto her back and felt - or imagined? - draping her leg across his, as the hand continued to massage her chest and descend ever closer to her breasts.

She felt the fingers gently pass along the line where her bra would have been and then briefly make a sensuous pass down the valley of her cleavage. She moaned softly and closed her eyes again, not caring if this was real or if she was still in her dream world.

The hand continued to move back and forth across the upper reaches of her breasts, occasionally dipping down the cleavage and finally settling into a cup which squeezed and kneaded her right breast. Three, four, five times, this pattern was repeated and it felt wonderful. On the next pass, she felt her nipple being squeezed between two fingers and gently twisted. Oh! She arched her back slightly and squirmed, uttering a low moan.

If this was a dream, it was very realistic! And very pleasurable.

She felt her nipple harden as it responded to the rolling and squeezing. When the nipple was pulled straight out and released, she felt a deeper level of pleasure. So good!

The hand continued on this pattern for several moments, alternately squeezing and cupping the whole breast, circling and teasing the nipple, pinching and rolling it and then finally the tug, stretch and release.

She moaned and squirmed each time and felt her juices begin to flow. She was getting quite wet and was anticipating more to come.

Now the hand began to move downwards toward her most sensitive areas. The fingers traced a line down her side and then across her tummy and then back just a bit lower before heading back up to provide another round of breast attention. Each circuit like this entailed a gradual lowering of the locus of touch, until finallly, the fingers traced the line where the top of her panties would have been if she was wearing panties.

And then, the fingers wandered down. Slowly down one of her lips and back up the other one. Several times, this movement was repeated and several times she moaned and squirmed. She knew that she would have an orgasm soon, if this kept up.

And keep up it did! Even accelerate!

Whoever it was that was running his hand over her, knew exactly what to do to elicit a maximum response. She knew that only three or four of her lovers could bring her this much pleasure just by touching her and she was a bit afraid to look to see which one it was. Or was this a dream?

She lost that thought almost immediately. It didn't matter whose hand it was. She was enjoying immensely the feelings.

Don't stop, was her only thought at that moment.

And he did not stop. He switched up the routine by moving his full hand down her lips, pressing a bit harder with each stroke. Her lips were swollen and ready to be spread apart, which is what he did ever so slowly. Up and down her lips he pressed his hand; gradually moving the placement slightly so that one finger was on each lip and the middle finger was slowly moving into the opening between them.

She was getting wetter each time he stroked her and when finally his finger brushed her clit, she gasped and thrust her hips upwards. He continued to move ever so slowly; up and down; one finger on the left lip, one of the right, gradually spreading her open so that the middle finger not only brushed her throbbing clit, but moved closer and closer to her vagina.

She moaned and squirmed and put her hand beside her to grasp the penis that was now pressing into her leg.

At the moment when he finally put his finger into her vagina, she grasped the shaft of the penis and squeezed. As he allowed a second finger to join the first inside her, he moved them back and forth in that curling motion that he knew would reach her g-spot. She squeezed the shaft and began to run her hand up and down. She could feel the heat and the thickness as he grew harder. She was pleased to find his lubrication had begun to flow as well. On several of the strokes, she made sure to run her hand up over the top of the penis and down the side again, taking some of the moisture with it.

Now he began to thrust his fingers in and out of her faster. In and out; curling up to poke her g-spot; and in the meantime, she continued to stroke his penis and enjoy how thick it was becoming.

They continued in this path for what seemed like several minutes; each building toward their own orgasm.

Now he sat up and changed the angle at which he was penetrating her. From this angle, he was able to move his hand in and out much faster and harder. He was also able to use his other hand to stimulate her breasts.

In and out he pounded his hand into her. Poking and prodding; seeking her g-spot; slapping her lips on each inward movement. Squeezing her breasts and pinching, twisting and pulling her nipples.... over and over.

Then it happened!

A spray!

Glorious and wonderful! Spray splashing out of her, reflecting off his hand and up onto her tummy.

More pounding! More spray! She could hear his hand slapping against her with that delicious and unique sound. It made her come again!

One more! It's right there!


The power of the release! She felt her own spray on her face!


She had opened her eyes and this point just to confirm that she was actually awake.

She was awake, but the man sitting beside her generating all those wonderful feelings was not at all who she had expected. This took her totally by surprise and for a moment, she was startled. But then another spray formed and splashed out. Any startle she may have felt was gone; this felt oh so good!

And now he was mounting her.

Oh! That huge bulge she had been stroking was now about to enter her. And enter her it did!

Slowly on the first stroke, but very fast after that. In and out he drove into her. Pounding her. Going as deep as she could take it.




And he paused for a moment. He grasped her legs and pulled them up to his shoulders, still maintaining his position with his penis deep inside her.

And then he did something she had never felt before. He scrambled up into a crouching position and then began to bang into her again.

So deep! She felt as if his penis was going to split her in two! But, oh how good that felt!

Over and over, he plunged his penis into her; pounding her lips flat against her torso; driving right to the end of her canal.

She lost count of the number of times she came. It felt to her like one giant orgasmic episode. So much spray! So many nerve ends titilated!

So good!

And when he finally came, she felt the hotness of his cum explode inside her and the quivering of his penis as he drained himself into her.

She squeezed her muscles as tight as she could and felt him arch backwards as he drove one final time into her as the cum continued to spurt and spurt.

Finally it was done. She felt him start to collapse downward, but catch himself and rest on his arms.

After what seemed like several minutes, she felt him shrinking and slowly withdrawing. By now, he had put her legs down and he nestled down on top of her.

This after-snuggle was one of her favourite parts of sex. Certainly the pounding and the insertion and the spray were magnificent, but this holding and snuggling was terrific.

As she laid there, she opened her eyes fully, relished the closeness of his body as he lay on top of her, realized this was not a dream after all.

And then she looked into his eyes and asked: "Who are you?"