Written by DebbieDee_1961

Aug. 4, 2012

The heels of my high black boots click along the empty corridor towards his office. I am self conscious of the sound they make on the tiled floor.

The click, click, click seems to be in sync with the beating of my heart as it thump, thump, thumps inside my chest.

The corridor is warm although not so inviting. The heavy downpour and blustery winds hastened my trek across the huge expanse of parking lot. The 3-inch heels made it somewhat difficult and I am happy to be out of the biting cold and damp.

I am excited and I am very much aware of the exaggerated sway of my hips in these high- heeled boots. I feel sexy and I am excited at the prospect of meeting him for the very first time.

The rain drips from my cream-coloured woolen coat and I can only curse myself for not packing the trench. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I run my fingers through my damp hair as I eye the room numbers over each door I pass. I am getting very close and I feel my heart quicken and I feel my pussy pulse in anticipation. I feel my juices flow and I feel my nipples harden. I run a hand along my cheek and I find if flushed and hot.

My click of heels echoes along the empty corridor.

I find myself in front of his office door and it is ajar. A soft yellow light warms the entrance into the room and I am compelled towards it and to him.

I knock softly on the open door...3 times.

"Hello?" I ask the lone occupant of the room.

"Yes" Security?" The deep voice asks me.

"No, it is me...Diane..." I tell him.

There is no response from him until I enter the room and I find him behind his desk among piles of paperwork.

God, he is so handsome and so hot as I watch the wicked grin crease his face. His dimples are enticing and his blue eyes are piercing. I am suddenly self-conscious but I am still dripping hot juices from my aching pussy. I wonder if he can smell me...my scent.

"Diane?" he asks me and I can only nod as I have suddenly lost my voice. He jumps from his chair and comes towards me.

He is embracing me and kissing my hot cheek and then my warm lips. There is a flick of tongue and I suddenly feel my legs weaken.

He closes the door behind me and locks it.

There are few words spoken as he kisses me again.

I am lost now as my blood pounds through my cunt.

He tells me I should take my coat off because it is wet from the rain.

I turn around and fumble for the buttons and when I am successful in undoing all of them, I feel his fingers against my shoulders as he slips the coat from me and leaves it in a wet pile at my feet.

I hear his gasp as he takes in the sight of me in black boustierre, black panties and black fishnets that are fastened to a black garter. I feel his hot breath against my neck and I am now frantic for him.

"God, I want you hard and quick..." he whispers to me as I turn around to face him.

His cheeks are flushed and his blue eyes have darkened as he scans me from head to toe. My breasts ache and they spill over the top of my boustierre. My tight nipples are now peeking over the brim of boustierre. I slide my hand into the waistband of my black lace panties and feel my own wetness.

That was a gutsy move but it seemed to come to me so naturally.

I see his erection strain through the fabric of his grey dresspants and I am loving the reaction I am having on him.

He is smiling as I touch myself and then I reach for him. He sucks in his breath when I touch him...there.

"Let me suck it, babe." I tell him, softly. "Let me taste you..."

He lets me.

I kneel in front of him and savour the taste of his cock inside of my mouth. I suck him softly and then hard as he thrusts his hips...making me swallow his length.

"No hands..." he demands..and I oblige.

I bring him nearly there but he knows that I need his cock inside of me...like he promised...hard and quick.

He is in control and I like that - I love that. I am bent over his desk and he has ripped my panties from me. His cock slides against me teasing my swollen clit and I moan in rapture.

"You are so fucking wet..." he tells me and I am unable to respond.

"You need a righteous fucking..." he moans as he slides into my hot, wet cunt.

We know it will not be long and that is just fine. In fact, it is just what I wanted.

It is animal and raw and superb.

I lift my right leg onto the desk and I moan because the angle is now so absolutely delicious. He too and he moans and rides me from behind.

The desk rocks and the once neat piles of files and paper are now littering the floor in randomness.

Nothing matters but this. Nothing matters but fucking and enjoying.

When I see the prisms of light flash through my head and when I feel the scrumptious glow begin from the centre of me, I know there is no going back. I am beyong the point of no return and he as my pussy spasms around his cock. That drives him and he thrusts more quickly as I moan. I am lost in my own euphoria as he rams hard against me.

I feel his hot semen spill inside of me as my own orgasm begins to ebb and flow from me.

He is still thrusting...and making sure that every drop is mine.


The rain is still falling steadily when we exit the building. We know where we are going and I tell him to follow me there in his own car.

The windshield wipers thump, thump, thump to the beat of my own heart. The glow of streetlights reflect on puddles of rain on cement. He is following close behind me and I am anxious to discover more of him.

There is plenty of time for more...