Written by PixieAngel

Feb. 6, 2016

I go to push the up button for the elevator at the same time as the person standing next to me. I look up to apologise but lose my voice as I am transfixed by those baby blues looking at me. I slowly look him up and down. Fuck he looks hot in what he’s wearing. Instantly I try to picture him naked. I feel a tingling in my pussy. I instantly apologise to you. You smile at me kindly without uttering a word.

As the elevator arrives we step inside. I make my way to the back. I want to check out his behind and it looks pretty good from this distance. Fuck I want to be clutching that ass as he is fucking me. Jesus where did that come from. I barely know the guy… breathe.

We both get off on the same floor and head in the same direction. You turn to look at me and smile; I am sure by now you think I am stalking you. Coincidentally you are staying in the room next to mine. We smile at each other as we enter our hotel rooms.

Once inside I let out a long slow breath. Shit… he’s fucking hot. I wouldn’t mind riding him all night long. That’s when I notice this is an adjoining hotel room with access to his next door. I sneakily walk over trying not to make any noise to check to see if the door is unlocked. Which… surprisingly it is. I open it slowly to see the adjoining door. I turn the knob and damn it… I find it is locked. Oh well, I close my door.

I shower and get ready for bed but curiosity has gotten to me. I wonder what the sexy stranger is doing next door. Don’t be ridiculous he’s probably already asleep - but what if he isn’t. I open my door again and try to see if I can hear any movement coming from the other side of his door.

I can hear the TV is on. Is that? Surely not the distinct noise of fucking is coming from his room. The dirty bastard is watching porn. Mmmmm I wonder what it is? Vanilla sex or something kinkier? My hand starts it’s decent down my front and I run my fingers along my pussy. Fuck I am so wet I could certainly do with a long fuck session. Pity! I should have made my move in the lift… given him some indication I wanted to feel his cock inside of me, fucking me deep and hard all night long.

I slip into bed under the sheet. Put on my blind fold and get settled in for the night but I can’t sleep I am way too horny. I think to myself you are either going to have to go next door and grasp this guy by the cock and under no uncertain terms tell him what you want or chicken out and just masturbate to help you sleep.

All of a sudden I hear the door knob turn on the adjoining door. I stiffen in bed surely he is not going to enter my hotel room without an invitation. This guy’s got balls. I make out I am asleep and can’t hear him approaching my bed. I try to steady my breathing and slow it down to not give myself away that I am wide awake.

My mind goes to the vision I have I my head – his blue eyes, his gorgeous smile and that firm hard body. I want to touch him, lick him, taste him and most importantly fuck him. What to do? Perhaps I will wait and see what he does first.

I listen closely and I hear the distinct noise of a guy stroking his cock. Fuck he’s naked in my hotel room, primed ready to go. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter the longer he is standing there. I want him to touch me, to take me and do what he wants with my body. Make me scream as I cum.

I feel him hovering near my head. I take in a deep breath, and smell the aroma of a cock next to me. This woman loves to pleasure a guy for hours sucking, licking and devouring a cock. I feel him lean down over me, he grabs the sheet and pulls it down exposing my breasts. My nipples are rock hard from my aroused state. He hasn’t even touched me yet and I feel I may explode at his first touch.

If I can tell his cock is rock hard surely he can smell my own arousal. I know I can but I know what my pussy smells like when aroused. I shift in bed. I am not going to make this easy for him to turn around and sneak back out without wanting to touch me. The sheet slips off the bed and exposes my nakedness. I innocently open up my legs shifting in bed to make myself more comfortable in sleep. Yeah right I want to expose my pussy to him, make him want to devour my pussy with his tongue, lick my clit, insert his fingers inside my wet pussy opening that by now is very wet.

I wish I could see you looking at me. Taking in the view of my exposed pussy and breasts and I want to see your hard cock. Jesus please… just take me and do what you desire. I won’t fight you; I want you to fuck me hard with no mercy.

I hear him walking away, fuck no please don’t go. I suck in a breath as I feel something touch my clit which by now would be protruding all swollen. My pussy is throbbing I am so fucking aroused. What is it his finger or his tongue I can’t work it out, but I don’t care it feels so good. Be careful at your response to his touch otherwise you are going to give yourself away that you are wide awake. My body gives me away and convulses and twitches at his touch. I open my legs more to give him easier access.

All of a sudden he reaches between my legs and grabs my soaking wet pussy; just as well he has a hand over my mouth to muffle my screams. All of a sudden he is kissing me I can’t help myself but kiss him back. I want him now; I want him to straddle my body and fuck me hard. His tongue probes deep into my mouth but that is not where I want his tongue I want to feel him licking my clit.

Fuck this! I need to look at him. I reach for my blindfold but he pulls my arm away and pins both of my hands over my head with his strong hand whilst his other hand is still between my legs pulling them open. I am now breathing quite heavily. He tells me I want to fuck your tight little cunt and how I’m going to like it. He bites my nipples hard. I arch my back pushing my tit into his mouth. Fuck… I love that. I try to wriggle free of his grasp. I want to touch him but I cannot unpin my hands.

He positions his cock near my mouth and tells me to open it. I am smiling inwardly he has no idea how much I love to suck cock, he is about to find out. His cock enters my hot mouth, gently at first. He asks me if love the feel of a hot throbbing cock in my mouth. I begin to lick and suck him. I do not need sight to pleasure a guy’s cock this girl is an expert at giving head. I so desperately want to look him in the eyes as I suck his cock, those gorgeous blue eyes and I want to run my hands all over his body.

He repositions me and pulls my head over the edge of the bed. He starts to fuck my mouth with his cock, going deeper and deeper causing you me to gag a little. The stinging sensation when he slaps my pussy is arousing but he’ll pay for that. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I feel him get onto the bed and position himself between my legs. He pushes my legs further apart with his thighs. I feel his cock head positioned at my pussy’s wet opening. Fuck, this is going to feel divine when his cock pushes inside. I could judge the size of his hard on when he was fucking my mouth; he is going to make me scream out in ecstasy when he pushes his cock inside of me.

He plunges his cock in nice and deep with one powerful thrust. I scream out as he enters me. I beg him to take my blind fold off I want to look at him as he fucks me. I want to watch his cock plunging in and out of my tight pussy. He leans forward and removes my blind fold. He kisses me hard as he fucks me deeply. I desperately need to touch him, to hold onto his ass as he fucks me. I wriggle my wrists free from his tight grasp. I run my hands down his back and grasp his tight hard round ass and hold onto him as he fucks me. I start to rock my hips in unison with his thrusting to meet each plunge. I can feel my clit smashing against his body. Fuck…. if he keeps up this pace I am going to cum in no time. All of a sudden he pulls out and buries his head between my legs. He starts to tongue my pussy furiously licking my clit. I grab a hold of his head and push my pussy against his tongue fuck his tongue feels so good buried in my pussy. As I am about to cum he stops, flips me over and pulls me up onto my knees and plunges his cock in hard and starts to fuck me doggy style. Unbeknownst to him this is my favourite position to be fucked.

I start to push back against him at each thrust. I want to feel every inch of his huge cock inside of me. I can feel his balls slapping up against my clit. My orgasm is building again… but this time I won’t allow him to stop me from cumming. I thrust back harder and faster determined to get my release. He grabs my hair and pulls me back tight up against him. He whispers in my ear “cum for me baby, cum hard all over my cock”. After a couple more hard thrusts I do exactly that screaming out as I cum. He slows down to feel each contraction of my pussy around his cock. He starts to groan. He is close to cumming himself. He starts to fuck me hard and furiously again. This time he will not stop until he has cum deep inside of me. He grabs my hips and pulls me back in to him with each thrust. His groans of pleasure are getting louder. Fuck I love to hear a guy enjoying himself and letting me know he is close to cumming. After a few more thrusts he groans loud as he empties his hot cum inside of me.

When I know he is finished I fall forward and he lies atop of me catching his breath. He kisses the back of my neck and fondles my breasts as he recovers. Mmmmm…. fuck that was so good I say to him. I look back at him and he has a huge grin on his face like a Cheshire cat. Well he has claimed this pussy. He sits back onto his knees, slaps me on the ass gets up and returns to his room with not another word spoken between us.