Written by hopalong48

Jun. 9, 2018


I could barely conceal my excitement as I drove to Kingston. Over the last few weeks Paul and Bill had several discussions about my next adventure. They had not filled me in on any of the details except that it had been agreed I would go to Kingston on my own, meeting Paul for lunch on the Saturday. If I had known how I would be used this weekend I might have turned around. Of course after the weekend, me being me, I would be very glad I hadn’t. Bill had bought me a new red shelf bra and thong set and a very short red dress with a deeply scooped neckline for the trip. With the addition of my mesh stay ups and high, high heels I knew the outfit would draw looks whatever plans Paul had for me. It was all neatly packed away in my bag in the back seat. I squirmed in my mini skirt and button blouse as my destination approached. Bill had forbidden underwear making my nipples clearly visible through the material of the blouse. My pussy was swollen and wet as my thoughts contemplated Paul’s plan for the evening.

I began trembling as I pulled into Paul’s driveway. Excitedly I grabbed my two small bags from the car and walked quickly towards the door. Before I could knock, the door swung open and there stood Paul in a silk robe with a huge smile on his face and a noticeable bulge at the front of the robe. I had no sooner put the bags on the floor than Paul had my head in his hands and was kissing me deeply. “Welcome Cheryl. Can you tell I am happy to see you finally arrive?”. My smile broadened at his words as I nodded and gave him my own passionate kiss.

Paul took my hand and we hurried towards his bedroom. It was a blur of flying hands and throaty groans while the two of us showed how much we had missed each other. In seconds we were both standing naked beside his king size bed and panting as we continued our very deep and open mouthed kisses. With a growl, Paul gently lay me back on the bed and had his mouth instantly on my nipples. My hands went to the back of his head as his tongue and teeth sent sparks from my nipples straight to my clit. I whimpered when I felt him gently bite first one nipple then the other. My hips were bouncing, lost in the lust of the moment. Paul kissed his way down my belly then he moved between my legs, putting them over his shoulder as he gazed at my glistening pussy. With another growl Paul’s mouth and tongue began their work on my clit and pussy. I was immediately crying out as his magic was making me so hot and causing my first orgasm to begin building. I pulled his mouth tighter to my pussy as I squirted. Paul moaned and noisily lapped up my juices as quickly as he could. Having had his fill I felt his body begin sliding up mine to kiss me with a very wet kiss that tasted of us both. As we kissed Paul nudged his hips and his very hard cock began separating my pussy lips as he slowly entered me. I cried out again and squirted as another orgasm rolled through me. I kissed hard back as my hips began moving against Paul, trying to take him deeper each time. “Oh God Paul, please fuck me, fuck me hard I need your cock so much ” I screamed as I began moving in earnest. Paul needed no further encouragement and began slamming his body hard against mine. The two of us were grunting and growling as our need for sex took over. The creaking of the bed and our sounds of pleasure filled the room as the raw sex scene exploded in passion. Soon we were both covered in sweat as we thrust against each other. I could hear Paul’s moans increase in intensity and his cock begin to swell inside me. I knew he was close and was glad because I was about to cum big time. Paul shouted out his release and slammed once more hard into me as his cock began to spurt hot jets of cum deep inside me. My own orgasm rocked through me and I screamed, “Oh yessssss, that’s it, fill me with your cum ”. My legs wrapped around his hips and I pulled him close to take every drop. The writhing on the bed continued for a few minutes and then Paul rolled of me, both of us panting from the exertion. I rolled over kissing him then putting my head on his chest. “Oh my God Paul you are amazing I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself but I needed that so badly.”.Paul chuckled and patted my head, “Me too Cheryl, me too ”.

We lay like that for several minutes before Paul said, “Come on lets have a shower then get some lunch.”. With that he took my hand and soon we were having a sensual shower as we lovingly cleaned each other. I couldn’t resist and gave his cock a quick lick and suck then gave Paul a big kiss. “Thank you Paul, that was incredible ” After gently drying each other Paul gave me another silk robe and the two of us headed to the kitchen for lunch.

Paul prepared a lovely lunch and we sat at a sunny table catching up. I couldn’t help myself and began pestering Paul about his plans for the night. He was coy, simply saying that we were going to meet some new friends and an old friend. Paul felt I would be the centre of attention and was sure things would meet with my approval. His comments only increased my curiousity and I sought more information. Paul chuckled and finally said, “OK Patrick has agreed to host us tonight. I understand Bill purchased a new outfit for the occasion. I can’t wait to see it ”. I giggled as a visual of my new clothes came to my mind. Paul saw me fade into fantasy and said, “Come on, I got some new movies that I think you may enjoy. I have your favourite wine and we can enjoy a fun afternoon. We have a couple of hours before we need to get dressed.”.

Paul took my hand, then we walked, arms around each other into the family room to watch the movies. The dvd came alive as the first movie came to life on the screen. Two gorgeous blondes in skimpy school girl outfits walking along when a van stopped and directions were asked. Before they knew it they had been abducted by men in balaclavas and soon were in a house surrounded by black men. The movie moved from one scene to another of the girls being taken from every direction by some of the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my life. By the time the movie had ended the girls had come to love the situation and called their parents to say they were staying at each others houses. The movie dissolved with the girls laughing and looking forward to spending the night being taken by these insatiable men. I had been squirming on the couch throughout and looked up to Paul for a kiss as the movie ended. “Wow, those men had huge cocks and they sure did know how to use them ”. Paul chuckled, “You liked that did you?”, then hugged me and kissed me back. “Let’s see what this next one does to you”. In the next one a prim looking brunette met a handsome black man at a christian retreat where they connected in their talk about spiritual things. The man was very attentive and soon had her laughing comfortably. She was more than happy to accept his offer to get together to talk more the next day. Of course, when she arrived at his home, it wasn’t long before he had fed her cookies and tea infused with hashish and she was floating and losing control. They were soon making out heavily and into his bed. Mid-way through their lovemaking, the obligatory arrival of his friends turned the session into a non-stop gangbang. It was all recorded for posterity on various cell phones and the life of a new bbc whore had begun. I couldn’t help myself as I pulled closer to Paul as my eyes remained glued to the screen. As the movie ended I virtually attacked Paul and kissed him very deeply. My breath was ragged as I looked into his eyes. Paul returned the kiss but then using his hands on my arms said, “Whoa Cheryl. We are going to have to get ready to go to Patrick’s place. This will have to wait for later.”. A whimper and moan escaped my mouth as he spoke. “But Paul, just a quicky?”. Paul chuckled and shook his head, “My aren’t you the horny one No, lets get dressed and we can do something about this later.”. Paul took my hand and we walked to his bedroom to dress.

As we walked, I was lost in the action from the movies. I didn’t see Paul’s self-satisfied smile and couldn’t read his mind. If I had I might have thought twice about going to Patrick’s. What I didn’t know was that Bill and Paul had chosen those movies for good reason. Paul’s smile was an indication of how pleased he was that the movies appeared to have more than done their job in preparing me for the activities to come.

With care, I set about applying my makeup in a way that would make my horniness obvious. I realized, as I finished and a shiver ran through me that, with my face transformed, I could easily pass for a hooker on a street corner I stood, excited to show Paul my new outfit. Before pulling my dress on I pirouetted in front of Paul in my new shelf bra, thong, stockings and heels. “Well Paul, does this meet with your approval?”. A low whistle and broad smile accompanied his, “Oh my Cheryl, yes that is beautiful. I have no doubt that outfit will be well received ”. Paul’s compliments made me feel so proud and I giggled as I pulled the red mini dress over my head. Paul’s whistle showed his approval. I stood in front of the mirror and shivers went through me when I saw my body very much on display. My breasts were almost falling out of the low cut top and the hem just came to the top of my stay-ups. I knew I looked every bit a slut and felt myself getting so excited, once again knowing that I loved the feeling.

Paul smiled broadly as he took me in his arms and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Cheryl, you never cease to amaze me You would give a blind man a hard on I know you will be well received tonight Are you ready?”. With a smile I looked deep into Paul’s eyes, “Oh yes I am You know I will do anything for you. I am yours to pleasure in any way you want ”. With a filthy laugh Paul said, “Be careful what you say there my slut. This is going to be a special night. I hope you feel the same way when it is over ”. With that Paul took my hand and we walked to his car.

We drove through an upscale neighbourhood along a street with many cars parked under the trees lining it. My stomach flipped as we pulled into the sheltered drive of a beautiful Victorian home. The home was quite imposing with massive iron gates and warnings of security cameras and guard dogs making it seem like a fortress. Ever the gentleman, Paul offered his hand as he opened the door. His dirty chuckle made it obvious he had a clear view of my breasts as I leaned and of my thong as my legs opened. My hands were shaking as he brought me to my feet. “Don’t worry baby, this will be a wonderful evening. There is nothing going to happen that won’t excite you ”. His words made my stomach flip as he walked me to the door.

After Paul rang the doorbell, it was opened by a massive black man wearing a tailored blue silk suit and open necked shirt that displayed large gold chains against his chest. Beside him was Patrick equally well dressed and sporting a massive smile. “Good evening, you must be Paul and Cheryl. I am James, your host for tonight and of course you know Patrick.”. Showing impeccable manners, James reached his hand to take mine, then Paul’s. James immensity and stunning looks had me trembling as we walked in the door. Patrick gave me a hug and peck on the cheek. “Cheryl, it is wonderful to see again You look amazing as usual I am so glad you were able to come tonight. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.”. My trembling continued as I saw his eyes take in my outfit and body with a lust I recognized only too well. James moved behind me, dwarfing me with his size and put his huge hand on my ass as he said, “Well Cheryl, let’s go to the games room and get you a drink. There are some people there who are dying to meet you ”. I looked over my shoulder at Paul for reassurance. Seeing his broad smile and nod I blushed and moved, however shakily, in the direction James hand was guiding me.

I could hear the clinking of glasses, the rumble of conversation and lots of laughter as we neared the games room. As we passed through the door the room fell into silence and James, with a booming voice said, “Gentlemen, our guest of honour has arrived Please welcome the lovely Cheryl ”. At that there applause, compliments and whistles filled the room. I could feel my face go hot as I looked around at what had to be at least another eight black men, all dressed very well and all tall and broad-shouldered. My stomach was doing non-stop flips as I quickly discovered what treat Paul had planned for my evening. With a look to Paul that said, “What have you got me into here? ” I stood shaking like a leaf but also felt my pussy getting so wet and my nipples harden. Paul came to me, gave me a hug and, with a chuckle, whispered in my ear, “I told you that you wouldn’t be disappointed Patrick asked if he could give you a night of pleasure. He is definitely proud of you Now relax, be yourself and you will have a night like none other ”. I smiled back at him and couldn’t help myself as “Thank you Paul ” left my mouth.

At that, James began guiding me around the room and introducing me to men whose names I promptly forgot. They were all gentlemen, albeit ones that had looks of lust burning from their eyes A glass of wine was pressed into my hands and snacks of unusual, almost smoky tasting cheese and crackers were offered. In my nervous state I drank more quickly and devoured many more snacks than I normally would but I was so caught up in the tension in the room I needed something to do besides looking at some of the most muscular and attractive black men I had ever seen. The men soon had me at ease and I found myself giggling and giving thanks to their increasingly suggestive and directly sexual compliments and comments. My head was a whirl as they saw to it that my wine glass was never empty and that I had all the snacks I wanted. I was lost in the moment, not realizing that the alcohol and the hashish laced cheese and crackers were having the desired effects on me. With every caress of my arm or comment about my breasts I was becoming ever more excited for whatever lay ahead. I found myself leaning into James. His arm went around me to begin caressing my breast while the men watched. Crude comments about my enjoyment of the moment made it clear the men were ready to move events along. James looked down at me, “Well Cheryl, Patrick told me you are an amazing slut so let us see how hard you can get us.”. As he spoke a curtain at the end of the games room was moved aside revealing a small round stage in front of a massive double king bed. Bright lights came on illuminating the stage and bed. James gave me a quick kiss then said, “OK Cheryl, time to dance for us. We all want to see that body move and we want to see you naked. Time for your best striptease ”. James comments brought loud shouts and crude comments from the men. I looked at Paul with a combination of nervousness and pride as James helped me unsteadily to the stage. Music began blasting through the room and I found myself responding to the driving rhythm . I looked directly into James eyes and smiled broadly and licked my lips. James laughed loudly and shouted over the music, “That’s it Cheryl, show these men what I have promised them You are theirs for tonight, let’s see what Patrick says is so special ”. I was determined to make Paul and Patrick proud of me and began moving in openly sexual ways. The veneer of civility disappeared as I heard, “Come on slut, let us see that body.”, “Let me see that white pussy.”, “Dance that white ass off.”, and “Show me the white cunt I am going to fill baby ” were among the torrent of comments. The rain of filthy comments coming from the men now surrounding the stage only spurred me on.

Little did I know that all of my movements since our arrival had been followed by a myriad of hidden cameras and microphones. It seems Patrick and James were recording the evening for posterity and leverage for a longer term plan that would see me become their personal toy and someone to share in any way they pleased.

My head was spinning as a combination of the music, the filthy language, the wine and snacks took over. Without embarrassment, my inner slut burst through and I began dancing in a style that would have made a veteran stripper blush. I looked at the men with a lust that matched theirs. I did all I could to invite their continued comments by bending over front and back, moving my hips and then reaching to draw my dress up over my head. With a wicked smile I swung the dress over my head as my body twirled and twisted showing off my shelf bra, thong and stockings. This only increased the onslaught of comments and at the same time raised my excitement level. I flung the dress to the crowd and reached behind to unsnap my bra. Teasingly I held it in place then dropped it, slowly exposing my breasts to the men. I reveled in the shouts from the men and slipped my fingers into the sides of my thong, all the while looking hard at the men as they shouted. My focus was on those in front of the stage so was unaware of the four men who had removed their clothes and now stood on the super large bed watching me on the stage beside the footboard. I again teased by easing the thong down slowly exposing my shaved pussy. I turned and bent fully over to lower the thong down my thighs to the floor. As I did, my eyes went wide when I saw the four naked and very hard men standing on the bed with predatory looks on their faces. A full bodied shiver sent my body into spasms bringing laughter and filthy comments from the other men as my exposed pussy clenched and I moaned.

Without waiting for me to stand the four men moved to take me in their hands and move me to the bed. I was well beyond resisting and, truth be told, my needs took over and I willingly allowed them to bring me to the bed. Immediately I had two mouths on my breasts, one on my pussy and a massive, shiny black cock forcing its way into my mouth. Within seconds an orgasm ripped through my body and I cried out around the cock as my body bucked on the bed.. My orgasmic response was evident to all and the crude comments only increased as they watched me give way to my needs. Before my orgasm had subsided the men had me on all fours straddling a huge cock and sliding enthusiastically on it while sucking hard on another shiny monster in my mouth. Sparks were flying from my nipples to my clit as the other two sucked and bit them. Another man quickly disrobed and moved behind me. A muffled scream left my mouth as he pressed his cock against my ass and popped in. In short order that pain had changed to a strangely thrilling pleasure pain and my hips were moving hungrily against the two cocks and I sloppily sucked at the cock stretching my mouth. Totally engulfed in the moment I did not see the rest of the men stripping off their clothes to await their turns. The next three hours were filled by a steady stream of seemingly insatiable cocks filling my body in every way possible. I seemed to go into overdrive and found myself begging for cock non-stop. The night finished with Patrick and James using double penetration to send me into a last incredible orgasms that left me virtually unconscious on the bed.

As I lay there panting and whimpering in pure pleasure, I vaguely heard talk around me. “Jesus James, she is incredible ”, “Wow Patrick, this one is going to be a lot of fun ”, “James, do think it is time for to bring Bruno and Zeus in?’, “This little white piece of ass is going to be worth her weight in gold ”.