Written by Anonymous

Oct. 1, 2018

So one day you wear a skirt to work with no panties. I come for a visit and you take me into your boss's office for a private conversation and shut the door. Once inside I come up behind you and put my arms around you and take those beautiful tits in my hands. I start to play with your nipples, pulling and pinching them while I grind my hard cock into your ass.

You are moaning softly and getting wet. I move down and bend you over the desk. I lift up your skirt and spread your legs and begin to lick that beautiful ass of yours. It feels so good and you are having trouble keeping the moaning down. I then turn you around on the desk and spread your legs wide open to get at your very wet pussy. I start licking your clit and pulling on your nipples. Your moaning and moving like never before building to a crazy climax. You come like never before squirting for the first time and unable to keep the moaning down.

After a few seconds recovery I move around the desk and give you my hard cock to suck. I fuck your mouth while you play with my ass and balls. I then bend you over the desk again and start to fuck you from behind. Slowly at first but very deep hitting just the right spots. Gradually picking up speed and intensity until I am banging your ass like there's no tomorrow. We both come at the same time and collapse in a heap.

Unfortunately we were so loud everyone heard us but we did get a standing ovation when we left the office.