Mar. 15, 2016

It is not easy to write a book about swinging. Most of the ones I have read are either rudimentary guides to the lifestyle for newbies or soft/hard core porn with the lifestyle as a convenient back drop. Farzana Doctor's new book "All Inclusive" is much more than that. It is a novel who's protagonist, Ameera, happens to be a swinger. This is a book of discovery, hope and daring. Its about the courage to change your life, confront your past and at the same time accept, without shame, who you are. Ameera works at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. A dream job for many but a stifling dead end for a young woman who deep down wants much more out of life. One of her pastimes is to meet and play with couples. She chooses the last night of their stay. She identifies prospective couples on their first day as they come off the plane, becomes friendly with them during the week and on their final night, seduces or is seduced by them. I loved how she describes the emotional roller coaster that many of us experienced in our first few years of swinging; the intense excitement as the "date" approaches, the doubt at the door as she fights the impulse to turn around and go home, the ecstasy of playing with multiple partners and the shame she feels as she runs out the door once its over. There is so much more to this book and it is so finely layered that I won't do it justice by describing what happens. But this is a first rate novel and Farzana Doctor is a serious writer. "All Inclusive" is not only the best book I have ever read about swinging it is one of the best novels of the year.