Oct. 24, 2016

On a warm day during the summer a friend of mine told me that her husband had cheated on her and she did not know what to think. The first thing that I explained to her is that usually these things happen because there is something missing from the relationship. As animals we are built on procreation and lust. She had to think about what I said for a bit and ask me why I said this. My answer was so that you don’t do anything stupid and hook up or step out with the wrong person. Her trust with her husband was hurt and her feelings were all over the place. I told her that there are certain rules you should follow if you are planning to step outside your marriage. 1. No friends or people from work, it creates too much drama. 2. No photos; use your mind and lustful feeling, keep it a memory. 3. Strangers only, but someone you would desire. She went home a little while later after a long talk and thought about everything I said.

A few weeks later she calls me up and asked me to take her to a strip club, because she had never been to one before and she want to check it off her bucket list. I was surprised but I said yes and that I would pick her up at 8 pm and we would go from there. Just let me state that this woman, which I will call Alice is a 35 year old smoking hot Asian beauty. I picked her and we went to the club where I use to work. All the doormen still know me, so I had no problem getting in since it was a ladies night. I went up to the bar with Alice, got us a few drinks and headed to a table close to the stage. I kind of forgot how I use to feel like a piece of meat when I walk in, especially with all eyes on a single male. As we sat down Alice notice two women staring in our direction, so I beckoned them over to try and make her feel a bit more relaxed around other women. They came over, we introduced ourselves and we started hitting it off right away. One was named Lori and the other was Jen. They both asked gay, or husband. Said neither, escort to the other side for a good friend. Both looked at me and Alice with a big devilish smile.

Well the entertainment started and I can see that Alice is enjoying most of it until a dancer comes up to her and starts grinding. She is nervous and a bit embarrassed, but Lori says touch him, he won’t mind. So she does, and the dancer plays a bit more attention to her and then drops his towel in front of her to reveal a nine inch dick. Her jaw dropped and her hand reached out to touch it. I didn’t know if she would faint or not. Then Jen tells her give it a lick if you want. Alice looks at me and I told her remember the three rules and you are your own woman. Well I got the biggest surprise of my life, I watched her lick that dick like there was no tomorrow. She started to deep throat him as much as she could, enjoying every inch of it. But as she is going to town on that dick Lori and Jen start rubbing Alice through her dress, then one of them unbuttons a few top buttons to expose her little B cup tits. Which are nice and firm. Jen and Lori then take turns on Alice’s boobs while Alice keeps sucking the dancers cock. What happens next I did not expect, the two women then slide their hands up the dress and start fingering Alice. She does not object, in fact she is getting right into this unexpected night and taking it for what it is. A new experience for her and, she is loving it. I can see that the dancer is getting ready to cum, but Alice is also getting ready. The dancer pulls back and shoots his whole load all over Alice’s tits, where Jen and Lori go on clean up duty, and Alice starts Cumming due to the finger pounding she is getting from the ladies. And then the cheering and whistles start. Alice looks at me with a big sly grin and says I want more. God I think I have released the monster in her. The two ladies look at me and say we know where we can go to get more cock for her to swallow, and off we go.

We go around the block to a night club where a lot of jocks and university kids hang out, plus a few of what call real working men drink. Here I am in tow with three beautiful women, two cougars on the prowl and one in training. Alice looks at me and all I say is enjoy yourself, I am here to make sure you do not get in trouble, but to also let you loose, If you want to fuck a stranger tonight, so be it. But remember it one night, not a life time, but you have to be sure yourself. With that the three of them went dancing, got the attention of a lot of boys and a few of the men. One man in particular stood out to them. Let’s call him Darren. 6’1”, 200 lbs, and ripped. Darren came up to Alice said hi, he was nice enough I think, but I could see the lust in his eyes that he wanted to fuck Alice for that he was worth. As the night went on, Jen said let’s take this party back to my place. So we did. It wasn’t a long walk, plus the night air was refreshing. And I wanted to see how this night was going to end.

We get to Jen’s place which is a loft apartment, drinks are poured and music turned on, dancing and the next thing I see is Alice grabbed Darren, undo his pants and drop to her knees. She pulled out his cock, which was a nice length, but really thick. She started sucking his dick as if she were deprived of it all her life. Jen and Lori then started to strip Alice of her clothes, then theirs and then mine. Darren picked Alice up and put her on the bed and began to down on Alice. I started playing with Lori and Jen was kissing Alice. Next a box of condoms is thrown on to the bed, Jen says, no glove no love, my rule in this house hold. Darren proceeds to put on a condom and slide his dick up and down Alice’s wet pussy. Lori then begins to suck on my dick and Jen sits on my face. I tell these women that I enjoy the attention but tonight is all about Alice. So Jen gets up goes to a draw and pulls out a strap on, and various other toys. Darren sees this and drives his dick all the way into Alice where she lets out an explosive moan. At first he is slow and gentle, but he builds up his tempo, and proceeds to slam his cock into Alice until she has her first orgasm. He then changes position and puts Alice on top, for her to ride him. When she does this Lori takes some lube and a butt plug in hand. She gently massages Alice’s asshole and inserts the plug. She knows it is a very different feeling and goes with it. Jen then sits on Darren’s face and begins to kiss Alice. Lori takes a small vibrator to Alice’s clit and starts moving the butt plug in and out of her ass while she grinds into Darren. I decided to put on a condom and start to fuck Lori nice and slow. With moaning and groaning I don’t think there was a legible word being spoken while. Then I see Darren getting ready to cum, Alice notices hops off pulls the condom off and swallows his dick in one fell swoop. Swallowing every drop of cum he had. He is still hard Alice says. I want him in my ass. He beds her over the edge of the bed, takes some of the lube, applies it to his cock, pull out the butt plug, and slow inserts his dick in her ass. Jen says I am jealous; I need some attention too, so she crawls under Alice, and begins eating. Alice is in heaven. Lori then takes the strap on and uses it on Jen. To see the four of them in this position, it is a really horny site to see. So I decide to come in from behind Lori and stick my dick in her ass. She loved it. I got into motion with her thrusts, massage her boobs and nibble on her neck and shoulders. Now the moaning is really loud and one after the other we all start Cumming. We went at each other throughout the night. Darren left first, he had to work in the morning, then it was Alice and myself, the girls exchanged numbers, and I took Alice home. She asked why I did not fuck her during the night, and I told her it would make things awkward, plus I want you to tell your husband what you did. Why you did it and see if there is a way to recover your marriage through the art of swinging. I said there was something missing in your marriage, that monogamy is a choice we make. I choose not to be monogamous, but I don’t fuck friends or neighbors.

That day she told her husband what she had done, but not with whom, that a lot of mixed emotions came out. But the healing process had started. But I also told her that you cannot do this every day, even though you would like to. Use it as a reward or planned event, always use condoms and if her and her husband wanted more experiences, join a swingers club and talk to other people in the life style. Because that’s what this is a life style. Well her husband spoke to me without knowing everything, but that leads to another story.