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An Old Flame

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Published 4 years ago
I was surprised to hear my name called out. I was in the Retirement Home on a sing-out gig with a couple of dozen friends and acquaintances. Between two Christmas carols, this woman who was vaguely familiar approached and asked how I was. It was one of these “long-time-no-see” moments. I hadn’t seen Suzanne for 15 years and I had had one date with her when we were both in our early 20’s. I certainly had no idea she was a nurse at this retirement home. We couldn’t talk long. More floors to visit, more carols to sing, more cheer to share. So we agreed to meet a couple of days later for coffee. She was on time and nicely dressed – blouse and scarf, skirt and stockings. I had forgotten how good she looked all those years ago. She was older now, early 50’s, but she still looked mighty fine. We drank coffee and talked till the staff reminded us they wanted to close shop. I offered to walk her home. “Would you like to come in?” she asked after opening her door. We were half way into our second nightcap and into full flirting when I got up and placed myself next to her on the sofa. I got as close as I dared. She took my move in stride and leaned in just slightly. “Remember our date all those years ago?” I asked. “Standing under the porch light at your parents’ place, I was terrified your Dad would send me packing, so I never did get my goodnight kiss. May I?” She smiled, put her hand on my knee and leaned in. The modest, almost chaste, kiss soon got more passionate. Her mouth opened and she accepted my tongue. Her arms closed around me, her torso pressed against mine and her tongue indicated that she was ready for more. But how much more? My hand found her knee, then her thigh – no panty hose but stockings and soft, cool skin at their tops. “Mmm”, she moaned and kissed me harder. I wondered where this might lead. One hand found a way under her blouse and up her bare back, the other cupped her breast through her clothes. No resistance, just non-verbal encouragement and her hand heading up my leg. I broke away from her mouth and kissed her ears, neck, collar bones and down to the cleavage at the top of her bra. Somehow – and it wasn’t my doing – the top two buttons of her blouse were open. I thought I’d be helpful and unbuttoned her top completely. I slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and, as my mouth followed the curves downward, slowly pulled down the cups of the bra. One hard nipple popped out, then a second. My mouth was first on one, then the other, licking, kissing, sucking - a free hand cupping and caressing the other tit. The moaning continued. I reached behind her and undid the clasps. She wiggled her way out of her blouse and bra. Nice firm tits, probably a C cup with a bit of a sag given her age and hard nipples standing erect almost a centimeter. I took one in each hand. Her eyes closed and she moaned again. “Fair’s fair,” she smiled, as she undid my shirt and then my pants. “Wanna come out and play?” She pulled my pants and briefs off and grabbed my semi-erect cock. “Mmm”, I heard before my cock filled her mouth and there was only quiet slurping. She pulled the foreskin back and flicked the glands and frenulum with her tongue. Then the entire length disappeared down her throat. When my cock reappeared, wet and sticky with her saliva, she jerked it off slowly and swirled her tongue around the head, one hand gently caressing my balls. I pulled her toward me then. Kissing her tits, my hands firmly on her ass. As she stood in front of me, I undid her skirt, dropped it to the floor and inserted my fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties. They quickly slid over her knees and to the floor exposing a well-trimmed pussy, its deep slit disappearing between the tops of her legs. She stepped out of her clothes and stood there naked in front of me. “Where’s the bedroom?” I asked tentatively. She laughed and led me by the hand to her bed. I dropped my shirt to the floor. She had me lie down on my back and then she mounted me, sliding her labia up and down my erection. With her hands on my chest, she rocked back and forth. Then, my cock slipped inside her. Did she mean to do that? Another moan and she rode my cock, rocking her hips, maintaining control of my cock inside her. She giggled and then tried for the same effect by bouncing her ass up and down. I had no complaints, my cock, stiff and well lubricated with her juices, enjoying the stimulation. On one backward motion, I pushed her hips farther down. My cock slipped out of her, wet with her juices. I took her by the shoulders and lay her on her back on the bed. She looked up at me with an unspoken question on her face. I motioned for her to lie still. She complied. I leaned over her, kissed her mouth hungrily, gently kneaded her tits and worked my way down her naked body. When my lips touched that neatly trimmed bush, I got on my knees to contemplate her marvelous pussy. I spread her legs. She hesitated, closed her eyes and gave in to the impulse. Her labia were spread, partially retaining the width of my cock which had just filled her cunt. A tag of longish, wrinkled outer lips hung down between her thighs, framing the shiny, blood-engorged inner lips, a smallish but erect clit ensconced at the upper tip of her labia where they came together in a V. I leaned down to lick her clit and labia. She moaned audibly. I spent several minutes there, full-on DATY, licking her, sucking her, tasting her, inserting fingers and tongue into her wet cunt. She stiffened slightly, then raised her hips off the bed, moaning and calling out, her hands pushing my head away from her vagina. A moment later, she shuddered and came in an amazing orgasm. “O God! Fuck! Go easy! My God, I’m coming again!” she exclaimed. And indeed, she came strongly a second time. I backed away some, but kept a finger running lightly over her clit. Her hips were raised off the bed so I moved in. I switched my cock for my finger on her clit and labia. Her orgasm had subsided but there was a hint of a third. I chose that moment to enter her, driving my cock as far into her cunt as it would go. One stroke, two, three or four, probably more. She was squeezing her nipples, bucking her hips which rose well off the bed to meet my thrusts. “Stop! For fuck’s sake, stop. Ahhh! You’re killing me!” she called out but I couldn’t stop. A moment later, I came inside her, leaving my cum deep inside her. I flopped down on the bed beside her, pulled her toward me and my mouth found hers, exchanging saliva, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Finally, we just lay there, hanging on to each other. We caressed each other's body, paying special attention to the genitals, her tits and pussy and my still-erect cock. “Ouff!” she finally said. “It’s been a long time! Thanks!” I pushed her onto her back and gently ran my hands over her nakedness - lips, cheeks, neck, tits and nipples, rib cage, hips and ended up at her pussy. I couldn’t help but notice my cum and her juices trickling down her pussy toward her ass. I scooped some up with two fingers. “Taste?” I enquired. And she licked my fingers clean. After a few moments of cuddling and spooning, kissing and touching, she took me to the shower. Later, I fell asleep. The next morning there was coffee and breakfast and finally a wet kiss goodbye and a gentle hand on my privates. I never saw Suzanne again. I should return to the city and look her up.

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