Mar. 23, 2017

After a few days had gone by; Max invited everyone back to his place again for a night of social games and debauchery. Meaning he wanted to have another group encounter. He always hated to not have any control. So ideas were thrown around the room, like strip poker, a little bit more of truth or dare. But I decided that naked twister was a little bit more fun. Plus I put a slight twist to it, blindfolded with a Simon Says Game mixed in.

Everyone thought it would be fun. So Lisa told me that since it was my game that I should be Simon. We laid out the Twister Mat, everyone got naked, put on their blindfolds, applied a bit of baby oil and then I started. After a few minutes I had everyone in certain positions that I could bet no one would get use to.

First I Max lined up over Wanda’s ass, but Greg’s head would be close or even in the line of sight. Lisa was standing wide legged over Jane’s face. Jane was in a crab position, with her pelvis pointed towards Greg’s dick. But Dave was at a position where his face was close to Greg’s ass.

After a few more minutes of manipulation everyone started to fall into place and the twisted orgy began. Max slid his nine inch dick into Wanda’s ass very slowly. He got frustrated with not being able to see so he pulled off his blindfold. I said nothing. Greg hearing Wanda let out a soft moan, pulled off his blindfold. He then lay on his back, crawled under Wanda, started to suck on her massive tits and rub her clit. Jane and Lisa pulled off their blindfolds and before I knew it Lisa was sitting on Jane’s face telling her to eat her pussy. Now Dave and felt a bit left out so I went to the front Wanda and fed her my dick. Dave decided to go down on Jane. The sweat and oil were building up quickly. The moans a groans also increased. Only this time the men of the group seemed to want to extend their stamina as long as possible. Max pulled out of Wanda’s ass and fed his rusty bone to his girlfriend Lisa. Greg and I switched, where I was under Wanda in a 69 and he started to fuck her slowly. Once in a while lick the edge of his dick as her slowly fucked her. When I looked over at the other group, Max had Jane impaled on his dick, Dave was in her ass and Lisa was standing. Grinding her pussy into Jane’s face again, telling her how much she loved that talented tongue.

Within minutes Wanda was gushing, soaking my face. Greg pulled out and stuck his dick in her ass to try to pusher to her second orgasm. I just continued to eat her pussy, while she engulfed my dick to the base. Now Greg had talent. His dick was a little bit bigger in girth then Max’s, but not as long. As he fucked Wanda in the ass, he made slow swirly action that to me seemed to hit every never in Wanda’s body. On her second orgasm she was screaming and convulsing. Bucking like a bronco to be tame, but Greg did not stop until she was spent. Jane was the next person to explode, but not as intensely, but enjoyable to watch. Lisa looked down at me; smile then impaled my dick and rode me as hard as she could. Wanda regained her composure, crawled up to Lisa, while grinding her soaking wet pussy into my face. The girls made out for a bit. Wanda played with Lisa’s clit and then we both came almost at the same time. Dave and Max at this point had spit roasted Jane, intent on Cumming, filling her to the hilt. These two always blew large loads of messy seamen. Greg being the odd man out got between Lisa and Wanda. Fed them his dick until he came. But he was not yet finished. He went behind Lisa stuck his dick in her ass and start to fuck her slowly at first, but increased his tempo. With Lisa goading him on, he pulled her hair, held one arm back. On the moment of Cumming, he pulled out and shot it all over her ass and back. Jane and Wanda then went in on cleanup and were enjoying the playfulness. We fucked like this for hours. When we were all done we too tired to even drive home. So we all stayed at Max’s, taking up three or four in a bed, or splayed out on a couch. When I was woken up the next morning, Wanda was sucking my dick and Greg was fucking her in the ass again.

Let’s just say breakfast was interesting, which lead to brunch. But that is for another story.