Written by PatientlyWaiting

Feb. 6, 2016

I sit nervously in the chair by the window, patiently waiting and anticipating. I hear the elevator ding, the doors sliding open, and footsteps in the hall. Wondering if the next sound I hear will be a knock on my door. And for the third time in the last ten minutes, the footsteps continue down the hallway. The waiting is causing my mind to race, my thoughts to swirl, and my heart to pound. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this sense of want and need. Always present in my mind, the reality of it happening excites me while making me nervous but in a very good way. Once again I hear the elevator, the sliding doors, the footsteps. They get closer and closer. Will they continue down the hallwa…a soft knocking on my hotel room door. My heart feels as though it has skipped three beats. Butterflies fill my stomach. My skin feels like it’s alive. My heart races. I move to the door, unlatching it and opening it. I catch my breath…you’re a vision standing there before me. Your smile always melts me. Your eyes drink me up. Your long hair caresses your beautiful face. Is this really happening? Am I simply daydreaming yet again? Standing aside I invite you in, closing the door behind you. Taking your coat and hanging it up, I join you on the other side of the hotel room. Staring out the window with you. It feels like we stand there for an eternity but it is mere seconds. As you turn toward me, my hands instinctively find your waist and I draw you closer to me. Our bodies move closer together. I feel my breathing already being impacted by your presence. But I don’t invest any time thinking about it. This moment has been replayed in my mind again and again. But this time it’s not just a thought…it’s more than just a desire. You’re here with me and I intend to make every second count for both of us.

Pulling you close, my lips find yours. Feeling your soft, silky lips on my own incites a soft, low moan. My hands slide over your body, holding you tight against me, feeling your full, firm breasts pressing into me. Our kiss lingers...our tongues teasing each other…kissing and tasting one another. Kissing along your cheek and jawline, my lips making their way to the nape of your neck. Kissing and softly sucking your smooth skin. The scent of your hair drives me pleasantly insane. My mouth traces the curves of your neck, kissing my way to your earlobe. Softly sucking and nibbling, moaning ever so lightly as my hands move over your body. Sliding lower to your sexy ass…playfully squeezing as I pull you even tighter to me…feeling myself throbbing against you. Your soft, sexy moans make me that much harder. My mouth on your neck and jawline make you tilt your head, giving me even more access to those sweet, sensitive spots. My hands slide up between us…cupping and caressing your covered breasts. My God the feel incredible in my hands. Rubbing and teasing…stroking my thumbs against your nipples…feeling them respond and begin to stiffen. My fingers slowly start to unbutton your blouse. My mouth finding yours again…this time our kiss deep and passionate. Our tongues wrestling as your blouse opens and my hands begin to caress your lacey bra covered breasts. Pinching and teasing your nipples, making them stiffen even more for me. Kissing down your neck…lower…to the top of your chest…my eyes glancing down finally…taking in your lacey, sexy bra and the cleavage that it produces. Moaning…almost growling as my lips find the silky smooth skin of your exposed cleavage. My hands cupping them…squeezing them gently…kissing lower. My lips slide across your bra…across the tip of one firm nipple…sucking at it through the material separating my warm, wet lips from your aching nipple. I feel your hands moving…sliding behind you…fumbling with and unclasping your bra…pulling it away and exposing your gorgeous breasts to me. My mouth responds instantly, taking each hard nipple between my lips…sucking ever so softly. My tongue flicking across the tip of each one. Your moans driving me wild with desire as your hands find my hair and guide my mouth. My hand slides lower…between us…sliding between your thighs to rub your warmth through your pants. My fingertips press hard against your warm pussy lips, sliding them slowly up and down…still sucking and teasing your nipples and breasts. Both hands move to your button and zipper…allowing my hand to slide inside the front of your pants. My fingers work against the silky material of your panties…feeling your legs part for me to give me more access. Slowly rubbing and teasing your warm lips through your panties…my mouth finding yours again. My fingers eagerly slide inside your panties…slipping lower…my breathing heavier as I anticipate…feeling the smooth silkiness of your warm, wet lips…sliding lower….moaning against your kiss as I feel how wet your pussy is for me. My finger tip slips between your already swollen lips…teasing you gently…sucking once again on your hard nipple. My finger slowly slips inside you…feeling your warmth…your tightness opening up to allow me to slip inside. I feel your legs almost buckle as my thumb gently slides across your clit. I slide both hands to the waist band of your pants and slide them down to the floor. We move towards the bed together, mouths locked in a passionate kiss. I turn you away from me and pull you back against me…feeling my hard, throbbing cock pressed against your sexy ass. Kissing your shoulder and neck…my hands cupping your breasts once again…pinching and teasing your nipples. Sliding one hand back down to rub your wet pussy lips harder and a bit faster. Pushing your panties down and letting them fall to the floor. I step back and remove my shirt, unbuckle my belt and slide my jeans and boxer briefs down over my hips. My cock is rock hard for you…throbbing for you. I move closer again and let you feel the heat in my throbbing cock…feeling it pressed against your bare ass…hands sliding back to your pussy…rubbing it harder and faster…teasing your clit…slipping a finger inside you…slowly working it in and out as my other hand massages your nipple.

I step back and bend you over the end of the king sized bed…dropping to my knees behind you. My tongue slowly sliding up and down your wet, pink pussy lips. Teasing them…tasting you…moaning against you. My warm breath against your skin…licking and teasing…slipping the tip of my tongue between your lips…feeling and tasting how wet you are. Feeling you part your legs, urging me to lick you deeper. Slipping my tongue slowly inside you…feeling how warm and tight your pussy feels on my hungry tongue. Licking and teasing you faster and deeper. Occasionally flicking the tip of my tongue across your clit…feeling you react each time. Finally letting my lips close over it…sucking it into my mouth…working my tongue back and forth across it…teasing and licking…tasting you…loving how wet you have gotten for me. My hand on my own hard cock…slowly stroking it as my tongue slides into you and my mouth caresses and sucks your swollen clit. Sliding a finger deep into your wet pussy…working it in and out…your hips moving against my hand…moaning for me.

I stand and slide in closer behind you, pushing you down onto the bed. Still stroking my rock hard cock, I slide the swollen, cut head against your wet pussy lips…teasing you with my hard cock. Rubbing it up and down…against your clit…brushing it against your wet, tight opening. Looking down and seeing your wet, pink pussy…hearing your moans…feeling your ass wiggling against me...I can’t stand it any longer and I slip my throbbing cock into your tight, wet pussy. Slowly sliding it into you from behind…inch by inch…pushing my hips forward…feeling you stretching around me…taking me deep…holding myself deep inside you for a moment. Slowly beginning to move my hips…sliding my hard cock out and then back in…long, slow, deep strokes. Filling your wet pussy with my hard cock. In and out…deeper and deeper. My hands sliding around to caress and tease your nipples. Pinching and gently pulling on them…my cock sliding deeper and deeper into you…fucking you harder and faster. Feeling you pushing back against me…working your hips against me….taking me deeper. Seeing you look back over your shoulder at me drives me completely wild and I begin slamming my hips against you…driving my cock deeper and harder into you…fucking you like I’ve imagined so many times. My hands on your ass…on your hips…pulling you back harder against me. My cock feels like it’s going to explode but I keep going. My balls smacking against you with each thrust. Feeling your fingertips brushing against my hard shaft as you begin working your clit. Moaning louder…breathing heavier…fucking you deep and hard and fast. Pounding my cock into you. I reach up and grab a handful of your hair, tugging back on it…not hard enough to be painful but you seem to enjoy it and respond to it. Slamming deeper and harder into you…my cock feeling like it’s floating in warm oil…hearing your moans getting louder…hearing your voice sends me over the edge…”Oh God I’m gonna cum!”…and as I feel your pussy tense and pull me in…and your body spasm start…my cock explodes deep inside you…cumming with you…feeling you cumming on my hard cock. As our bodies ride the wave of pleasure, I collapse on top of you…still buried deep…feeling the tremors slowly subsiding.