Written by Kathy w

Oct. 22, 2016

we have secretly planned a get away.. Just me and you a tent, and the stars, a blanket, fire, etc

you and I have told our other halves that you have a business meeting and I said it was a course I was taking that my work required.

I arrive before you at the quiet lake.. beautiful sand beach.. its a very lovely warm day..

I am getting very excited to see you again,, my body can sense that you are getting closer to me

I empty out my car, and set up the tent.. with air mattress for comfort, and slide the blankets in the tent..

Ohh boy I am soo hot.. I know this is a very secluded area, and that no one is around.. I am soo horny, and hot.. I think a cool swim will help cool me off.

I slip into my light robe, with nothing else on..

I walk slowly down to the water, and drop my robe,, and gently walk into the water.. mm the water feels soo good on my naked body..

As i go in deeper my nipples get hard.. mm how i wish you were here now with me.

I slide further into the water.. mmm its soo nice,being in deep thought standing starring out at the lake when I feel someone behind me,all of a sudden i feel someone

you grab me from behind, and hold me close.. caressing my firm nipples.. it makes me soo hot..

I then feel my self go limp.. I can feel and smell that its you.. ohh I turn around and give you the biggest kiss, and hug that you have ever had..

ohh you say.. you started without me.. I see.

I blush.. I smile up at you.. we kiss even more passionately.. Ohh I couldn't wait to have you all to my self.

you run your hands up to my awaiting breasts.. and cup them in your hands. ohh yes,, it feels soo good to have you touching me.. you gently pinch my nipples,, then lower your head and kiss each one,, then you starting sucking my breasts.. ohh boy,, my body is aching to be touched to be made love to by you.. We have been waiting. plotting soo long to finally get away and now its here.For real.

I am soo turned on.. I reach down and grab ahold of your enormous cock, your soo hard..I can see and feel how hard you are threw your swim shorts.. your shirt is off. I run my hands up and down your sweet body.. ohh man,, I can hardly keep my hands off of u.. or jump you.. i want you soo bad..

you keep kissing my breasts.. i moan out,, please take me,, I want you soo bad..

you take my hand and we walk back to the blanket that you had set out and you gently lie me down on the blanket..

you inch your way up beside me,, and we kiss, and kiss, feeling each others bodies.. heat up by our touch.. wanting, needing to be felt, to have intimacy.. to feel loved.

you slide your hand down my inner thigh.. i shiver.. with excitement.. my pussy responds, ohh i can feel my wetness..

I reach over and help you slide out of your swim shorts.. ohh yes,, how I want your cock soo bad..

i run my hand up and down your hardness.. ohh yes.., you moan how i want you.. how i want to fuck you.. I want my cock inside you..

ohh yes.. you slide your finger up and down my sweet pussy.. ohh i moan..and wiggle my hips,, that feels soo good.. please, i want it all..

you spread my legs, and crawl up between them.. and press your very hard cock, against my extremely hot wet pussy.. you spread my juices around my pussy with your cock.. this drives me wild..

I try to shove your cock in alittle but you pull back.. your such a tease.. ohh make love to me.. i beg

You slide your cock again to my opening and slide your cock in,, a little at a time.. ohh yes soo good.

when its almost all the way in.. you stop,, you look down at me,, I smile.. I love you making love to me..

you move very slowly at first,, making me beyond horny and wet. with passion.. I can hardly stand it..

I reach to your ass and grab it as you thrust you cock into my pussy with more force with each in and out motion.. ohh yes..

i help you shove your hard cock into my pussy.. ohh yes.. in and out,, ohh how i have dreaming of this for a long time..you making love to me..

ohh yes, you stop.. and flip me over.. i am on all fours.. you grab my waist and slowly enter your cock into my pussy from behind..

ohh yes.. that feels soo good. my tits area swinging. from the force of you fucking me from behind.. ohh yes.. i reach back and starting to rub my pussy as you fuck me,, ohhh yes.. in and out..

ohh yes

you keep pumping me,, in and out, in and out,, with such motion with you driving my pussy into your cock. i can feel your balls on my pussy.. ohh yes,, making me soo horny.. rubbing as you fuck me..

in and out.. I reach further back and grab ur balls as you fuck me,, ohh yes.. you moan out,, ohh yes,, thats it..

oh yes.. you grab me hard and pump in and out several more times.. I can feel your orgasm starting to building,, I am about to cum.. ohh yes.. yes fuck me hard.. you thrust more and more,, ohh yes

you moan.. out... I am going to cum.. Ohh yes..I start to cum.. I start to cum all over your cock. which makes you cum even harder feeling my pussy pulsing all over your cock.. mmm you shoot your load into my awaiting pussy.. ohh yes.. yes.. ohh soo good.. fuck me,, ohh yes..

we have the best orgasms we have ever had.. ohh yes. i am still shaking from the orgasm you and I have had together,, breathing heavily.. breathing in each other.. smells. smiling over at each other

we both smile, and think of how many more times and were we are going to have the best sex ever.. over the weekend camping, just the two of us..