Aug. 29, 2018

Beth was uncomfortable. If only she hadn’t promised Mark ‘anything’ for his birthday. Really, was forty such a milestone? Was he having some kind of mid-life crisis? What were they doing here?

The club was one to which she’d never been. Never imagined, for that matter. It wasn’t the music. It was the people. Swingers, Mark had said. Whatever that meant. Beth had always been a very straight person, sexually. Sex was pleasant, but not all that important. Not that Mark wasn’t good. It just didn’t seem to matter as much to her as it did to him. But she had promised, and now, here they were. She had to admit she didn’t mind having a chance to dress in some of her fancier lingerie. A leather bustier, low backed, a leather mini-skirt, just barely covering the curve of her ass, and fishnet thigh-highs to top off the look. She felt sexy. Well, when in Rome …

She looked for her husband. Ah, there he was. Mark was at the bar, talking to another woman. She too had shoulder length, curly, dark hair. Pretty face. Beth noted with a little twinge that the woman had somewhat larger breasts than she did herself, but then she knew Mark didn’t judge a woman by breast size, so she wasn’t really jealous. Mark glanced at his wife, then said something quietly to the other woman. Beth noticed a smile at whatever was said. Hmmm. She wasn’t sure she liked where this was going. Then Mark and the woman came to her.

‘Well, love,’ said her husband, ‘time for my birthday present.’ His grin was positively lecherous. ‘Trust me. You’ll enjoy yourself. Have another glass of champagne.’

Beth accepted the glass, taking a somewhat deeper sip than she normally would. Her mouth felt a little dry for some reason.

‘This is Sara.’ Mark continued. ‘We’ve known each other for years. She’s graciously offered to help me with our little adventure tonight.’

Beth saw Sara’s smile widen. ‘Pleasure to meet you, Beth.’ Instead of a casual quick shake of her hand, however, Sara surprised her by lifting her hand to her mouth, then turning it over, her lips pressing into Beth’s palm. Something reacted inside Beth at that moment. For some reason, she felt a tingle in her groin at the touch of Sara’s lips. Without releasing her hand, Sara started pulling Beth toward a set of stairs near the back of the club. Mark, placing a hand around his wife’s waist, pushed lightly, urging her to follow. Beth took another swallow of champagne. She didn’t know what was going on, exactly, but she always kept her word.

They reached the top of the stairs, which led to a darkened hallway. Sara seemed to know where she was going, and led them to the third door. Beth found herself in a large room, tastefully decorated, and her breath caught in her throat as she realized the room was dominated by a king sized bed. Mark closed the door quietly, Beth could hear the snick of the lock being thrown.

‘Now,’ said Sara, pulling Beth towards the bed, ‘why don’t we relax a bit.’ Beth didn’t know what to say. She could hear her pulse pounding in her ears, other sounds seemed muffled somehow. She looked to her husband, but Mark had settled himself in a large chair in the corner opposite the door. He was sipping his drink, smiling like a cat.

‘Don’t worry, love. Happy birthday to me, remember?' His voice was low, teasing.

Then she felt fingers at her back, and her bustier was loosening. Hot breath on her neck, then lips, tender, soft, planting gentle kisses down her shoulder. Her bustier fell away, and Sara’s hands were touching her, fingers walking their way around her hips, sliding up her belly, and then they were cupping her breasts. Beth moaned deep in her throat, as her body reacted to the touch of this beautiful stranger, and she was suddenly aware of a slickness between her legs, a wetness she hadn’t expected to feel.

‘But I’ve never kissed a woman before!’ she whispered. Her mind told her she didn’t want this. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t moral. But then Sara’s lips were on her neck, moving, kissing, nuzzling her ear lobes, while her fingertips teased Beth’s nipples into erection. Her mind was saying no, but her body wasn’t listening. And Mark was smiling even more, if possible. He certainly wasn’t coming to her rescue.

Sara’s hands left her for a moment, and for that moment Beth thought perhaps it was merely a tease, Mark playing with her to make her nervous, but then the hands returned, and this time Beth could feel Sara’s breasts pressing into her back, could feel Sara’s nipples against her shoulder blades. The kisses continued, the hands moving, teasing, one, then the other sliding down to caress her thighs, moving with a sure certainty, suddenly dipping under her skirt, lifting, delving, and then one hand was between her legs, a finger expertly sliding down into Beth in one deft move, and Beth’s knees nearly buckled as passion overwhelmed her defenses.

Finding it almost impossible to stand, she grasped the bed, bending at the waist as she did, and Sara wasted no time. Beth felt her skirt fall, then her thong followed, and Sara’s hands slid between her legs from behind, spreading her legs, and now Sara caught first sight of her target. The lips of Beth’s cleft were already gaping slightly, beckoning her tongue. Beth’s breath caught in her lungs as she realized the position she had put herself in, but all thought stopped as Sara’s tongue touched her for the first time, tasting her, licking deep. She could feel Sara’s hands on her back, her ass, holding her immobile, feel the coolness of the sheets against her breasts, and she grasped them in delicious agony, raising her head to see Mark, now half-undressed himself, his arousal obvious. He still sat, watching them, but now his face was flushed, and part of Beth’s mind registered that he was as excited as she. Then Sara started sweeping her tongue up and down Beth’s slit, hitting her clit on the downstroke, and Mark was forgotten.

Now Sara pushed Beth further onto the bed, still face down, but now she was on her knees, barely holding the position as her legs shook. Finally, Sara relented for a moment, and Beth found herself rolling onto her back, guided by her new lover’s expert touch. Sara took a moment to look at the woman now helpless before her. Beth lay with her legs spread wide, her thatch of dark hair now damp with her own juices, knees bent and raised slightly, the lips of her pussy now wide and fully engorged. Her nipples were hard, tight, and small, her breasts speckled with gooseflesh, her eyes slightly glassy, mouth open as she gasped for breath, face and chest flushed in excitement. Sara decided she’d like a taste of that mouth. She slid sensually between Beth’s legs, pressing her hips up until she felt her own dampness pressing into the woman’s beneath her, their breasts just touching, then she moved her face closer, locking her eyes into Beth’s, and now Beth’s were focusing on her own, and there was no fear. She felt Beth’s hands, now, moving in acceptance for the first time, sliding down Sara’s sides, tracing the curve of her breast, then, as she slowly moved her lips closer to Beth’s, brushed them, small teasing kisses, and the hands were on her ass now, pulling her in closer, and Beth opened her mouth to her tongue. Beth’s tongue touched hers, almost tentatively, and Sara started to feel her own passion rising, really igniting for the first time. She liked it when control was tenuous, and now, as she felt Beth start to grind her hips, felt their slicknesses begin to mesh, their clits nearly but not quite meeting, Sara started to lose herself, just ever so slightly. She fought to keep control. She knew what she wanted to do tonight… she wanted to utterly dominate this woman, as Mark had asked. She loved taking a woman for her first time.

Beth’s mind was in turmoil. She’d always though of sex with another woman as disgusting, something she would never do. But here, now, this beautiful woman was actually naked with her, between her legs, pressing up against her in a way that only Mark had ever done before. She couldn’t deny her arousal. She could feel her own wetness, feel her nipples tingling as Sara’s breasts pressed against hers, and her kisses… ooooh, her kisses were like fire. She’s always hated French kissing, but with the alcohol in her system, her boundaries were loosening. She couldn’t help her hands now as she dug her nails into Sara’s smooth skin, trying to pull her clit into closer contact with that small thatch of hair that teased her so. She needed release. And she was so close now.

Sara’s lips were locked with Beth’s, their tongues dancing, twisting. It seemed that Sara had unlocked something deep within this normally demure woman. Beth was now holding her ass tightly, pressing their hips even closer together, grinding into Sara with a passion, her legs raised high and wide, heels in the back of Sara’s calves, trying to pull her closer still. ‘I’ve unlocked an animal’, thought Sara, and at that moment she was surprised, as Beth began moaning louder, thrashing beneath her, biting her neck lightly, and then she could feel Beth’s pussy vibrating, opening, closing, spasming as her first orgasm hit her. Mark had told her that Beth could come easily, but she hadn’t expected it this fast. Sara rode the orgasm until Beth stopped gasping, stilled for a moment, and then slid down between Beth’s legs. She wanted to see this up close.

She started to tease Beth’s lips apart with her fingers, sliding one, then two fingers inside the still trembling woman. She twisted them around, mapping Beth’s innermost space. She decided to avoid Beth’s clit for a moment, licking her lips instead, teasing them apart with gently tugs, sucking, licking, while she gently pumped into Beth’s pussy. Moaning again, Beth’s hands roamed, one tangling in Sara’s hair, gently pressing her head deeper toward her center. Her other hand touched the one Sara was moving inside her.

‘Harder,’ she husked, ‘put more in me… please…’

Surprised, Sara grinned, and slid a third finger inside to join the others, moving her fingers together to form more of a wedge shape. With her other hand, she started to tease her pinkie around Beth’s ass, so gently, so slowly, that the woman didn’t appear to notice. Beth’s legs were spread wide, now, and she was starting to lift her own hips off the bed, thrusting and pushing into Sara’s teasing tongue. ‘Now’, though Sara, and she lapped her tongue upwards to Beth’s clit, finding it easily with the tip of her tongue, and started a rapid circling of it, flicking and teasing it with her lips. Beth bucked beneath her, strong, electric, hands tightening in Sara’s hair, and her body shook as her second orgasm struck. As it did, Sara slipped her moistened pinkie into Beth’s ass in one smooth, gently push. Beth screamed, coming hard and fast. Sara could feel Beth’s pussy clenching, squeezing her fingers, the walls of her sucking air in and pushing it out in rapid succession. The second orgasm rolled into a third, and a fourth, as Sara continued to lap at Beth’s clit. Finally, Beth’s hands were lifting her head. ‘Stop, oh, please… stop… it’s too much…’

Sara eased up, letting her fingers retreat, resting her head on Beth’s hip while both women caught their breath. Then she felt hands between her own thighs, pushing them apart. A finger slid into her own wetness. ‘Mmmmmm…’ she thought, ‘Almost forgot about Mark…’

‘Hey, darlin’,’ his voice in her ear, ‘Beth looks a little out of it. How about I take over for a while?’

Sara grinned, eyes closed, and let her legs splay open a little wider. It was going to be a memorable evening.