Dec. 24, 2016

She was just finishing the third of her three-song set. She was young. She was gorgeous. But I couldn’t help noticing that she was barely interested in her craft. As the music ground to a halt, she disappeared into a back room, just off stage. A few minutes later she emerged and made a beeline for the bar.

For almost a quarter of an hour, she sipped her drink, alone on the bar stool, while the other girls solicited lap dances from the other men in the bar. Finally, a burly looking, middle-aged man saddled up behind her and spoke into her ear. She shook her head. He grabbed her arm, spun her around on the stool and pointed directly at me – at least, it looked that way.

She got up and, sure enough, headed my way. Did I want some company? Of course I did. We talked for awhile and finally I invited her back to the “Champagne Room”, a dark and dingy place completely devoid of champagne or anyone remotely interested in champagne. She sat on my knee for awhile. I fondled her tits and butt. She accepted. I commented that she didn’t seem to get along with the man at the bar. Turned out that she was new and he continued to hassle her, for more money and for “special favours” to make her shifts “easier”. After two songs, I was getting a little horny, so I went out on a limb.

“Do you ever do private sessions?” I asked.

“Most of the girls do, but we do it on the sly,” she answered.

“I have a hotel room just across the street. Would you like to join me? The mini-bar’s full.”

We agreed on midnight, the end of her shift. About 75 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. When I answered, there she was – ordinary street clothes, jeans and a blouse, most of the makeup gone. She hesitated, looked around, seemed reassured and walked toward the bed. I poured us each a drink.

“Shower?” I suggested. “To get the grime of the club off.” She smiled. Relief? Gratefulness? Anticipation?

She disappeared into the bathroom and, immediately, I heard the water running. I waited a minute or two and walked in.

“Scrub your back?” I offered. She laughed and when she turned I saw her again in better light. 5’3” or 4”. Maybe 120 lbs. Shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, soft white skin, no tan lines, a B-cup with perky brown nipples, a sleek torso with just a suggestion of rib cage, a lovely pussy with just a hint of V-shaped, trimmed black down. Her back was spotless, her ass nicely rounded sitting atop two long legs. I soaked and soaped the washcloth and began scrubbing. I put my arm around her just below the rib cage and pulled her back to me. Only a minute later, my hand had once again found those beautiful tits.

“So, are you coming in, or not?” she teased. Of course I was coming in. My clothes were gone in a second and I entered the enclosure, a throbbing erection leading the way. I turned her around and began soaping down the front of her – neck, arms, tits, belly, thighs and pussy. It was in that most secret place that I hit gold, my favorite kind of pussy – well defined lips that hung like some ripe, wrinkled fruit. One finger, two. In and out. A larger than usual clit. Her hand grabbed my cock. She began soaping me down, paying special attention to my cock. I leaned in a kissed her. Her mouth opened and her small, wet tongue sought mine.

We had never discussed money. Maybe that was the trick. Get the guy so horny, any amount could be asked. There was no turning back for me. I grabbed the shower head and rinsed us off. We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. I took her hand and led her to the bed.

I sat; she stood in front of me. She was gorgeous. I turned her around several times, never letting my hands leave the soft skin.

“Another lap dance, Monsieur?” Why not! As she danced, I ran my hands over her body, spending extra time on tits and cunny. As the song ended, she sat on my lap. I could feel her cunt lips on my cock. And she began to move her hips back and forth, her pussy lips rubbing up and down my cock, each forward movement bringing me her mouth or her tits. A few moments later, she reached down and guided my cock into her cunt. Ahhh! Wet and tight! Back and forth, up and down. My cock exploring her cunt. Then she slipped off my lap to her knees and grabbed my cock. Into her mouth, first the tip, her lips rolling down my foreskin, then the entire shaft. Her head bounced up and down, tongue and mouth flying up and down my length while her right hand stroked my hard on. Several minutes flew by.

“Thanks, Babe! Your turn!” I pulled her up onto the bed onto her back, spread her legs and opened her cunny lips with my fingers. Hmmm – moisture, pink flesh, flappy lips, button-hard clit the size of a large pea, a cunt already full of her juices. One finger sought out the ribbed, rubbery wall of her vagina. She moaned. The G-spot! Two fingers, then three. In and out, thumb back and forth across the clit. Girl cum trickled down her ass. Time for some tongue. God, she was sweet, and wet, and slippery. My fingers worked her hard, my lips sucked her cunt lips, my tongue flicked her clit.

I climbed onto the bed with her. She jumped up and promptly got on her knees, pointing her ass and pussy right at my cock. Okay then. I didn’t mind doggy. Bareback too! She spread her cheeks to expose her pink, wet cunt. First just the head, a bit of a jiggle up and down her lips and across her clit. Then a little further. She met my thrust and I was buried in her up to my balls. My cock thrust in and out, each time the tip just clearing her cunny lips, then spreading the lips again and ramming back in as far as I could go.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, we switched to cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, her hips riding back and forth or up and down my fingers on her swollen clit, then missionary with her legs high in the air and her hips barely on the bed and me plowing in and out, in and out. Spooning? Sure, the entrance to her pussy from the back just as easy, just as wet and the penetration almost as deep.

It was nearing an hour when I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. She was on her side, my cock deep inside her.

“Where do you want me to come?” She was adamant. “In my pussy! Fill me up!” Why not. I emptied into her and then dropped down beside her. We lay there awhile, kissing, caressing each other. She used her talented mouth to try to get me hard again. She turned me over and sat back astride my hips. She took my cock in her hand and stuck it back inside her. She lay down on top of me, her mouth on my neck, her breasts against my chest, her pussy full of my cock.

I awoke several hours later. It was first light. She was asleep. I slipped off the bed and heard her moan.

“Bring that cock back. I think I need some more.” Once more I mounted her. My cock hard again, her pussy soft, smooth and juicy. No loitering this time. Wham! Bam! Her hips were well off the bed. I could see my cock entering and exiting her pussy. And I could feel the climax coming.

“And this time?”

“Let me taste you.”

I sat astride her chest, my cock aimed at her open mouth. A moment later, the cum erupted. The first dash of jism hit her cheek, then she took my cock in her mouth. She sucked - hard. I came some more. She continued to suck and lick my cock and balls and stroke my shaft. Cum dribbled out the side of her mouth. “Mmm!” she said. “That’s sweet!”

Ten minutes and a shower later she was gone. No money exchanged. Just another peck on the cheek. Was Julie her real name? Was she really 20? I never went back to that club or to that city. I only know my cock ached for two days afterwards. I close my eyes even today and I can see that white skin, the perky breasts and rock hard nipples, but especially, the full, hanging lips, the pink, wet cunt. Heaven.