Written by Easton

Jun. 6, 2018

It was a hot, sunny afternoon. I have the day off so what’s the plan. Hmmm. I’ve got nothing to do, so why don’t I take a drive to the club. I had never been there before so I had no expectations.

I park my car and take a deep breath..”just do it”. I open the door to the club and my hands are shaking. I’m greeted by a pretty, young lady. Right away the tone of her voice and her smile sets me at ease. As she tells me about the benefits of the club, he walks in. I’m no longer hearing what she’s saying..he takes my breath away. He’s tall and handsome. He’s wearing a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes. I’m a sucker for a sharp dressed man. In my head, l say, “there’s no way a guy this hot would be into me”. He walks into the club and I’m not far behind him.

As I walk in the room, I see men wearing nothing but a towel. Is it this easy? He sits at the end of the bar and orders a drink. I sit a couple seats down. A couple of men approach me and are vying for my attention. All I can think about is how I can get him to chat with me. I start to make eye contact and include him in the conversation. He moves to the seat next to me. We start talking and all I can think about is having his cock slide into my mouth. Should I be so bold as to tell him that I wanna take him to the back. What the hell, this is a swingers club and you only live once. “Would you be interested in going in the back with me?” He immediately says yes.

We undress and he says, “omg, you are fucking gorgous”. Those words get me so hot and I can feel my pussy starting to swell. His cock is already hard. We opt for a private room but leave the door open. He lays me down on the bed. His kisses are so passionate that I immediately get wet. This is gonna happen. This sexy, hot man actually wants ME. His hand moves over my tits. I felt my nipple get hard in his hand. His hand continues to move down and is now rubbing my pussy. “Omg! You’re already wet”, he says.

His lips move over my neck, down to my tits. He lightly flicks his tongue over my left nipple, then over to the right. I want this man inside me so bad. My pussy is so ready. His cock is sliding against my pussy. In my head I’m thinking, “please put it in”. His lips move down my body and stops at my clit. He kisses my left inner thigh, then my right. His tongue starts flicking my clit and quickly turns into sucking. I want his fingers inside me. As if he read my mind, I feel two fingers slide into my pussy. He’s hungrily sucking my clit while his fingers are in rhythm; getting deeper and pumping me hard. I’m so close to cumming. I’m so comfortable with this man. Every slide is getting me closer and closer to orgasm. My body tenses up and I feel a wave of heat pass over me as I cum all over his fingers. He slowly pulls his fingers out and I feel a gush of liquid run down my ass. His tongue moves to my ass and slowly up. This is so hot..his licking up my cum.