Written by Kat Wright

Sep. 29, 2015

our chance meeting,,

I am looking for some paint colours, at the local hardware store..

I am deep thought,, and all of a sudden I bump into someone,, mm

I look up,, I smile,, I see a very handsome man,, standing in front of me

I blush.. I say excuse me.. sorry for bumping into you.

You smile and say thats no problem young lady.. you reach over and touch my arm,, "are you ok" you look like ur in deep thought..

I say mm feeling the warmth of ur hand on my arm send warmth down my body.. MM this man excites me,

I breath in deep.. trying to compose myself.. I can smell your aftershave.. your manly smell, mm you smell soo good..

I blush some more.. and turn my head away..pretending to look at the paint colours.

You take ur hand and brush down along my back as you move away.. slightly. oh wow,, u make me feel very aroused,,

you turn and take my hand.. and ask if you can help me in anyway..

I say why yes.. "but I dont think you can help me with what i really need"

you smile back "ohh I think we want and need the same thing.. "

I smile back.. my body is on fire.. I am so attracted to u, i glance down, at u cock.. mm i see ur hardness.. threw ur pants.. mm

I can feel my pussy throbbing.. wet,, against my panties..

you take my hand,, and we walk to the back of the store.. to a private office, ,you guide me into the in and lock the door behind us..

you push me up against the wall and we kiss. and kiss, running our hands over each others bodies.. mm i slide my hand up and under ur shirt.. mm i lift up your shirt,, and kiss ur chest.. suck on ur nipple.. bit it,, you moan out..

I slide my hand down.. to ur hardness and grab it threw ur pants.. mm ur so hard, so big..

you slide my skirt up above my hips, and slide my panties to the floor,, you take ur hands and run them over my breasts,, my nipples are so hard wanting you to suck on my nipples..

you lift my shirt up and over my head.. mm my nipples are so hard. you remove my bra.. and lean in and kiss, my breasts, suck, on my nipples ,, i moan out,, my pussy responding as you kiss my tits,, biting my nipples. making me moan out..

I unzip ur pants and undo ur button,, and wiggle ur pants off ur hips,, exposing ur hardness..

ohh i want u bad,, i run my hands up and down u hardness,

i beg u to fuck me, and fuck me hard..

we hear someone, outside the door,, we go quiet, kissing caressing..

they walk away..

mm i run my hand up and down ur cock

i look into ur eyes

I see the passion in ur face,

you take me and push me harder against the desk, you help me sit on the edge of the desk.. you take my legs and spread them out,, exposing my pussy, so wet and shinny, swollen.. you take ur finger and rub,, my clit,, you look up at me,, ohh yes I smile,, you then take and rub ur cock along my wetness, my pussy,, you slide ur hard cock inside, just alittle at a time.. you pull out,, me watching u,, u watching me as u tease my pussy..

ohh i moan out.. mm soo good,

u put ur finger on my lips, reminding me to quiet,, ohh gosh i want to moan out loud as u slide ur cock in further,, and further

i lift my self up onto ur waist and hook my legs around u.. and u push me back further onto the desk. as You drive ur hard cock in and out,, in and out,,

mm u take ur hands and rub my breasts in between ur hands.. pinching my nipples as u fuck me,

my tits are bouncing, moving around as you fuck me,,

i reach over to ur ass and hold on,, helping u shove ur cock in deeper with every thrust..

driving it in deeper, and deeper..

you lean over to my ear and whisper,, please cum all over my cock.. ohh yes,, i say back quietly.. i will ohh yes

cum i want u to cum all over my pussy..

u drive ur cock in deep.. deeper, I feel ur balls on my shaved pussy, as u fuck me hard,



needing, wanting to cum, feeling my pussy throbbing, my orgasm building deep inside, as u fuck me hard,

mm yes

yes yes,,

you drive ur cock in and out deep, i grab ur ass. and shove u in deep,, i start to cum.. my body shaking as i cum all over ur cock.. oh yes, i moan.. as My orgasm is flowing ur cock stiffens, and u drive it in deep

and u grab my tits, and shoot in one more time,,


cumming all over my pussy,

driving it in deep

ohh yes,

making me cum harder,, feeling ur hot cum shooting inside my pussy, ohh yes, u pump in and out slowly,, releasing all of ur cum inside my pussy,, feeling my pulsing pussy all over ur cock. milking all of ur cum from ur cock.

oh yes, soo good

we hear someone again close by.. we quiet out breathing,, as u lie on my chest with cock still inside me,..

oh yes i whisper in ur ear.. that was amazing,,, we must do this again ,, you slide ur cock out of me,, and help me from the desk.. we dress smiling at one another..

wow wow

you give me ur business card.. your a handy man,, who works at the hardware store.. mm I must go back again soon for more paint samples..

I call u the next week, for some handyman help...

our story continues...