Written by Bryce

Sep. 5, 2017

My friend wanted me to come to Easter service at her church. It had been years since I had been to any church but she wanted me to come so I broke down and said yes. It was a beautiful day after a week of rain the sun was shining and it was beautiful and warm already in the day. It seemed to surprise the church this change of weather because the air conditioning was not working. As we walked into to the church you could feel the heat coming from the building. Aidil was a regular at the church and she was grreted by so many parishinors. She led us to a seat xlose to the front. There was going to be a bit of time brfore the sercice started so I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I had to go to the back of the church there was one bathroom and it was occupied. There was a coat room next to the washroom me being curious I opened the door to look inside. When I opened the door, I saw something I never expected. The bare back of a woman. When did not see me, she was changing he clothes or something but she was naked facing the other direction. She heard me and turned around and calmly said come in and close the door. I followed her instructions and here I was facing this beautiful naked woman I could not help but stare at her. As my stare moved up her body our eyes locked and she got this naughty smile and said do you like what you see? I stammered out a yes. She said I need you to help me with something. I have something I want a second opinion of can I look. She said can you lean down and look at this area and tell me if it looks red? She opened her legs a bit and pointed to her inner thigh. I bent down and tried to see what she wanted me to look at and she said I must get on my knees to have a proper look. At this point I was so close to her vagina I could almost smell her juices. I got close and she grabbed my head and stuck my face into her pussy. Then she said lick me make me cum.

Shocked and excited I followed her instructions and started at the base of he pussy and slowly like I was liking an ice cream licked up wards. It tasted so nice she let out moan of pleasure and that just made me more excited. I was surprised because only a couple longer licks and she was shaking and she had her orgasm. But she would not let me stop. She held my head and kept me licking till she had two more.

When she felt like she was done she said I think I heard the bathroom is free now. Thank you for your help. She then opened the door and invited me to leave. I was still in shock and so I went to the bathroom raging hard on trying to pee and shoot it straight. When I was done I tried so hard to hide my hard on from Aidil. Here she was introducing me to her church and I just experienced such an amazing thing. I could never tell her this story. We had the service I was constantly scouring the congregation to see if I could see this beautiful woman again. I never could find her. We were walking out of the church and Aidil said oh I want to introduce you to the minister. As she was introducing me to him this woman turned around and there she was. The minister said oh and this is my sister visiting from out of town. She took my hand and said “I know you I met you waiting for the bathroom. Did you enjoy the service?” I answered I did then I asked her did she enjoy the service? She said she had heard her brother give that one before but she really did enjoy getting ready for the service. She squeezed my hand and said I am glad I bumped into you.