Written by Michaelmas

Apr. 1, 2016

I can see that you have complied with my wishes as you enter the living room! Dressed in nothing but hip and thigh hugging worn jeans! The shape of your legs and ass clearly outlined underneath the tight denim! The skin of your thighs shows through where the denim is worn and torn!

Nothing on your feet and not wearing a shirt or bra as I asked, you stand before me looking demure and unsure! I get up from the chair and walk towards you! Standing before you I reach down and run my hand between your legs, up one thigh and down the other! I can feel the soft flesh of your firm legs through your jeans. I press my hand against your crotch! I am looking you straight in the eye as I massage the mound of your pussy through your jeans. Your hips move in unison with the motion of my hand! My fingers exploring the tight space between your thighs I notice there is a small hole in your jeans. Reaching up with my other hand I part your legs giving me enough space to grab the rough fabric of your pants and make that small hole just a little bigger by tearing at the seam of the denim! The crotch of your jeans is now open! Open enough for me to run my finger inside your warm pussy! You have done as you've been told and are not wearing any panties! Entrance to your sex is unencumbered! I probe and tickle you for a moment! The middle finger of my hand sliding right inside you! My free arm wrapped your shoulders to offer support I cup your crotch with enough strength to almost lift you off the floor!

With your help you, as you bring your hand down to mine, you guide me to your clit! I can feel the bud between your lips and I rub it ever so slowly. Then Stop! You are not only getting more aroused, but very wet as well! I ask you to sit down in the chair opposite mine, which you do. I want to watch you please your self! I sit across from you as you sit back, spreading your legs only as far as your tight jeans will allow! I can see your soft pussy pressing against your now crotchless jeans. A hint of pink just showing through! I ask you to start fingering yourself which you do with pleasure! I see your hand rubbing yourself through the denim and I watch as your own finger starts to probe the inside of your sex! Your legs stretched out before you! You leaning well back in the chair your show for me is only just beginning! I have planned for this and you notice your favourite vibrator on the table next to you! I see the glint in your eye as you reach over picking the vibrator up, turning it on and bringing down on your clit! Your performance is exactly what I asked for!

There you are rubbing the vibrator, best you can through the opening of your jeans and bringing your hips up just a bit, you push the dildo inside you! You and I have eye contact across the room and we can read the lust in one another's eyes! I watch you perform and you enjoy performing for me! Your hand guides the vibrator in and out of your cunt and I can see your excitement build! I am not going to let you make yourself cum and sitting in my chair I ask you to stop! You do, sitting there with your favourite vibrator still probing your sex! I come over to you and give the toy a liitle twist and push it inside you holding it there just for a moment or two before sliding it back between your slippery lips!

Taking your hands in mine I pull you up out of the chair and walk you into the diningroom! The table cleared I ask you to sit on top and lay back! I pick your legs up by the ankles and push you along the table until you are laying down on its full length! Your jeans still on I spread your legs and drape them over my shoulders and bending down over you I bring my face down to kiss your beautiful pussy! I can feel the rough fabric of your blue jeans rubbing on my face as I bury tongue inside you and start kissing your hot wet sex! You squeeze your thighs against the side of my head as I start to devour you! The tear in your jeans not quite wide enough to give me easy access I reach over and tear at the opening of the crotch enabling me to press my mouth hard against you! I savour your juices tickling your clit with my tongue as you press your legs against me! I push my tongue as far inside you as I can!

You have been good! Giving me the show that I asked for and as I come up to catch my breath I tell you that! Standing at the end of the table I look down at you, looking at the part in your jeans, looking at your denim clad legs, looking at your exposed breasts, I unbutton the fly of my jeans and pull out my hard cock. I myself am still clothed and my cock as been straining for relief as it pokes out from my pants! I grab your legs pulling you towards me, you slide along the table and wrap you legs around my waist! Your pussy now pressing against my cock you reach down and guide it inside you! You can't wait to be fucked...