Written by MarieAntoinette

Jan. 21, 2016

I’m in the warm, cozy bubble of my dreams resisting the consciousness gradually pulling me awake. I don’t want to abandon the pleasurable sensations of your hard cock inside me in my dream world but as my senses sharpen, I can still feel you stretching me, sliding in and out - and now your hot breath, lips and tongue on my neck, your hand on my breast gently pinching my nipple. I moan softly rocking my hips with your movements. You can’t tell if I am awake or still in dreamland, but you do know that I am enjoying it. Keeping my eyes closed I remain suspended on that sleepy cloud allowing the passion to take over my senses. You feel so good moving slowly, deeply, tentatively in the beginning. You are so aroused by your ability to make my body respond to you through the veils of slumber. I feel the tension mounting and the urgency of your strokes becoming harder - pulling my hips back against you and rolling me so that I am half on my belly so that you can fuck me deeper. The suddenness of my orgasm when I feel you go deep and hit the right spot has me gasping and moaning, arching up and writhing against you. You give a final deep thrust then pull out and cum all over my ass watching it drip down...