Written by yourextraguy

Sep. 19, 2016

I straighten up my tie and look at myself in the mirror, smoothing down the lapels of my deep blue suit jacket. If I leave now I'm probably going to be just about on time for my first meeting of the day. It's imperative that I get there and close the deal I've been working on for months. There's a lot at stake. It's the difference between the company expanding or going to the wall. I can't mess it up. But I have just one stop to make before I go to the office. I give myself one last look in the mirror, running the palps of my fingers over my jaw to make sure it's perfectly smooth, then run down stairs and into my car.

I glide through the morning traffic, making every green light. The car seems to know exactly where we're going. It's like it's driving itself. It comes to a halt in front of an unassuming suburban house. I notice a figure in the downstairs window that starts to move as I get out of the car. Before I get to the front step, the door is opened for me and a woman in yoga pants and a t-shirt smiles and wordlessly gestures for me to follow her into the living room. She knows why I'm here. Her eyes are bright with excitement as she takes a seat on the sofa. I kneel on the carpet and she opens her legs.

She throws her head and sighs as I start kissing up her thighs towards the mound of her pussy that is already straining under grey lycra. I slowly work my way towards the sweet target feeling the heat grow as my cheek brushes against it. I lift my head for a minute and admire the way the fabric is hugging her lips, the slight bulge at either side of the central seam. I lower my head so she can feel the heat of my breath against her delicious mound and curl my arms under and over her thighs, letting my hand rest on her waistband. I plant a series of quick kisses all over her pussy before licking the fabric seam from as far down as I can reach all the way up and over her clit.

Her breathing is quickening now and the sighs are starting to become moans. I keep licking the seam with long, deliberate strokes. Up and over her lips. Up and over her clit. Up and over. Up and over. Over and over. When I lift my head to look, there is now a dark stripe stripe where my tongue has been and her lips are now obviously more swollen than they were just a few minutes ago. I push my tongue firmly against her and press through the fabric, feeling her shape, searching out the firm nub of her clit. Her thighs clench together as my tongue finds her most sensitive spot and a sigh-cum-groan from her sends a shiver down my spine. I work her clit with slow circles of my tongue and she pushes her hips forward into my face. I keep circling, increasing the pressure gently each time. She keeps moaning and thrusting her hips, sometimes pulling back when the feeling gets to intense.

Her cilt is hardening now, becoming clearly visible through the growing dark patch on her grey pants. I start to suck the moisture and can clearly taste her sweet juices mixed with my saliva. Holding my mouth over her pussy I suck deeply, drawing cool air through the soaking fabric, pushing my tongue against her. I moan as I breathe out, mouth still fastened in place, tongue still eagerly working and everything vibrating with the sound I'm making. I keep up the breathing, moaning, licking and sucking until neither of us can stand it anymore.

Standing up, I pull her sodden yoga pants down, leaving them around her left ankle. Her pussy is beautiful. The soft lips are glistening in the morning sunshine. I kneel back down and lick it all over, teasing the hole and clit with small circles of my tongue. Finally, I settle my mouth over her clit, teasing it with my tongue, kissing it and gently sucking it between my lips as it hardens and swells. Slipping a finger inside her brings her to a noisy, shuddering orgasm, her body shaking as the waves gradually subside.

I shift my focus now and use my tongue to clean up all the juices as they flow out of her. She is delicious. Greedily, I push my tongue inside, searching her for sticky, creamy juices, lapping at her hot pussy. She squeezes my tongue as it moves inside her, gasping and moaning with pleasure, then tensing and shuddering through another orgasm that seems to go on for ever. When she finally recovers some composure I lift my head and smile, steadily holding her gaze. She knows I'm not finished and dutifully lifts her knees towards her chest, exposing her gorgeous ass.

Easing apart her ass cheeks, I notice they are slightly stuck together with juice that I missed. I lick it up, keen to taste every last drop. Then I run my tongue up to her puckered hole and tease it. It twitches and pulses every time it is touched and slowly begins to open as I push firmly against it. I reach a hand up and begin running my thumb over and around her clit while teasing her ass with the tip of my tongue. She moans constantly and writhes against me, squeezing more and more of me into her ass. After she has another powerful orgasm I get to my feet, dust my hands over my knees and walk out of the living room and into the entrance, leaving her breathless on the sofa.

I straighten up my tie and look at myself in the mirror, smoothing down the lapels of my deep blue suit jacket.