Written by Michaelmas

Dec. 2, 2017

You have such a delicate figure. Yet each part of you, on its own has a sensual, erotic quality. From the tips of your toes to the curve of your nose! I could watch you all day. You can see me looking at you. Catching glimpses of you from across the room and seeing your body and the shadows cast on the wall of your lithe figure. You are aware of how the light falls across your body and you can see the glint in my eye as I glance your way. Sitting on the sofa in front of a fire, my mood is warmed by the wine I am sipping, from the heat in the room as well. The only light coming from the fireplace gives the room a nice warm feel! You've been wandering around the room sipping on your wine, looking out the window occasionally and I get the impression that you are teasing me a bit. Wearing tight fitting jeans and a white cotton shirt, the clothes you are wearing suit your figure to a "T" and you do notice the effect you are having on me! Very casually you stand before me, unbutton your jeans and slip them down the length of your legs. There you stand. White cotton dress shirt, black nylon clad legs and nothing else! You know the look that pleases me! Taking your wine glass from the table next to me you walk back across the room sitting in a chair where the fire light catches your body! Not the least bit timid you would just like to please me. Not a word is spoken as you lay back in the chair and offer yourself to me! Your legs spread, you dip the tip of your finger into your glass of wine and bring it to your lips! Your soft tongue reaches out and licks the red nectar from the tip of your finger! Having tasted the wine you reach for your glass again, this time dipping two fingers over the rim wetting them, then slowly bringing them down between your legs! Very softly you press your wine soaked fingers against your sex and accetuate your little show with a soft moan! Your inhibitions lowered by the effects of the wine and the relaxed atmosphere of the room you continue to arouse me!

The wine and your sublime tease has had an effect on me. My state of arousal has me thinking it is time to see how far you want to take your seduction. Getting up from the sofa, still fully clothed, I walk over to you taking both your hands in mine pulling you up from your chair so we are now standing face to face. I look deeply into your eyes. While doing so I drop one hand down, passed your clothed belly and press my hand against your sex! I grip your pussy firmly and quickly press a finger between its lips sliding a finger inside you. Your sex wetted by the wine and your own juices gives my finger easy access. I pull you towards me with my other arm then engage you with a hard heavy kiss. I stand there holding you firmly, my hand qrasping your buttocks holding you against me! I have you sandwiched between me hands. One hand holding your bottom, one hand pressing onto your sex. Two fingers now buried in your pussy...

I hear you moan softly while my fingers move in and out of your sex. I can feel the muscles inside you press against my moist fingers each time I ease into you. I also feel your pussy moistening, getting wetter each time I plunge my fingers into you. Noticing too that your legs are starting to weaken under my touch! It takes some effort to hold you in place as your hips rotate against me as you try to ride my hand. My head now resting on your shoulder my lips engaged in heavy kissing! Hearing your breathing harder now, my kisses trace a path along your slender shoulder! I take the time to press my teeth into your soft skin along the way. Biting you softly, each time I do, your breath pauses and you press your pussy harder against my hand. My mouth now pressing against the nape of your neck I give you one last long kiss as I relax my hold on you and step back. Once again standing on your own in front of me. You don't know quite what to do! You were so wrapped up by the attention you were getting, then it stopped. Looking a little vunurable in your elegant white shirt and black nylons, your pussy glistening with the juice of your sex. I see beads of moisture on your mound lit by the fire light, your cheeks look flushed as well.

Telling you to sit, you step back into the chair. You lay back, slouching across the chair, your legs spread open with your nylon clad feet resting on the floor. Reaching to the side table you pick up your glass of wine, sip it slowly trying to catch your breath. Your naked thighs reflecting the orange glow of the flames. Your sex open slightly I can see how wet you are. The soft pink flesh looking warm and wet. You are wondering what is going to happen next.

Standing with me, my fingers exciting your sex, you were turned on by my attention and then it stopped. Aroused enough to want my cock inside you. I could sense that. My thoughts are else where. Me, I am still fully clothed as I walk across the room and pick up a small parcel on a table by the door! Stepping back towards you I open the box and pull out a large, clear glass dildo! I see your eyes light up as I pass the toy to you. Thinking a moment ago that you were going to get fucked by me. Knowing you and knowing that our short session of foreplay would have you begging for my cock, I have another plan for our encounter by the fire. Moving back to the sofa I sit relaxed sipping on my wine again, yet you can see the lust in my eyes from across the room knowing now what you have to do.

Your looking very elegant splayed across the chair! The glass dildo lit by the fire light looks elegant in your hand. Your long slender fingers wrapped around its girth as you look at it, studying it! You realize now that you have to put on a show for me! Succumbing to my desire you oblige. Without hesitation you bring the glass shaft towards your sex and guide it slowly between the pink lips of your pussy. It slides in easily. You gasp softly, pleased with your effort. Very classy, you have managed to bury the length of the phallus deep inside you. You enjoy the moment. You are also enjoying the fact that you are on exhibit for me...

Pleasuring yourself as only you know how you play with your new toy. Expert as you are at pleasing yourself you slowly pull the glass cock out of your sex then press the tip against your clit. Tickling yourself with the tip of glass toy. Delicately touching your bud then slowly sliding the dildo along the length of you pussy, the glass sliding easily between your lips. The juices from your cunt lubricating the shiny glass cock. You press it hard against your sex pushing your hips forward as you start to grind against the toy.

Not only playing with yourself, you are playing with me as well! Your performance has certainly got my attention and I feel my aroused cock pressing against my jeans. I watch you from across the room for a few more minutes! Watching you getting more turned on, watching you increase the tempo of your toy play! Getting up from the sofa I walk back, towards you, walking slowly around the chair. My gaze focused on your hands! watching you deftly playing with yourself. Watching the gleaming glass dick slide between the pink lips of your sex as you thrust the length inside you once again. Holding the phallus inside you, you know slowly start rotating it feeling the smooth glass turning inside you. Moaning softly, I can hear you whimper while standing next to you. Your head thrown back, your eyes closed, I reach down unbuttoning the fly of my jeans pulling my cock out with one hand and press the hardening tip against your cheek. Your eyes open with a bit of a start, looking up at me, you see me standing over you my cock in hand. Your face inches from my crotch I guide my dick over your cheek and press it against your mouth. Your thin soft lips part slightly as I run the length of shaft between your warm lips. You kiss the underside of my cock. The shaft resting on your mouth. This is not so much a distraction for you as it only heightens your excitement. You think now of pleasing me, worshipping my cock as you keep toying with yourself! I slide the length of my cock back and forth along your moist lips stopping for a moment with the head of my cock resting on your mouth your tongue reaches out to lick the tip! You remove a drop of pre cum with your soft tongue and part your lips so the head of my cock gets sucked into your mouth! You turn your head towards me slowly taking my cock down your throat. You moan with with pleasure now that you have my cock and a glass phallus deep inside you...

You are looking very chic with your white shirt, black nylons and a gleaming glass dildo partially protruding from your pussy! The gleam of lust in your eyes suits you too, as you look up at me with my cock still resting on your lips. I have let you play with yourself long enough. My cock now aching for release. Watching you slide the glass rod in and out of your cunt for the last few minutes has been very arousing. Having your lips and tongue attending to my cock for the last little while is even more of a turn on! I bend over, as I do so, my dick slips away from your lips and I reach down, slowly easing the dildo from sex. Placing the glass phallus on the table I take hold of your hands pulling you out of the chair. Standing before me, still partially clad, I turn you around so you are facing away from me.

Taking one hand and then the other I bring your arms around behind you! Binding your wrists and delicate hands together with a soft length of satin ribbon behind your back, I spin you around so you are facing me again! Standing before me with your hands bound behind your back I give you a soft kiss on the mouth, tasting the residue of my cock left over on your lips. Holding on to your shoulders I guide you to the floor so you are kneeling in front of me. My cock is a little hard from the attention you gave it moments ago, but starting to relax, is now inches from your face! Taking my cock in my hand I present it to your mouth! Stepping forward just enough so the head of my cock presses against your moist lips. You look up at me, so vulnerable without the use of your hands, I bring my hips forward as you open your mouth to accept the length of my cock. One very slow thrust forward and the length of my cock disappears between your lips, down your throat.

Your blonde hair glows in the fire light as I look down at you. Your eyes aglow with the lustful satisfaction that you have taken my cock. I pull back slowly inching my erection out between your lips. I give you a moment to catch your breath, the head of my cock between your puckered lips. Holding your head in my hands I pull you towards me guiding my cock into you again. This time, buried up to the hilt, I hold your head against me, your face pressing against my jeans. Your warm mouth holds on to the base of my cock. Pushing your head away from me, my moist dick slides back between your lips and almost out of your mouth. As I feel the the tip is just about to pop out between your lips I pull your head towards me thrusting my cock into you again...

You like the feel of a man's dick in your mouth! You like the way the smooth hard helmut feels as it slides between your lips. You like the taste and feel of pre-cum on the tip of your tongue as you lubricate the head! Swirling your soft tongue around the smooth, shiny head and you can't wait for the feel of an erect cock sliding down your throat.

Now that my cock is deep inside your mouth I hold it there while you struggle to catch your breath and swallow. You start to choke and I ease back pulling my cock out while your wet tongue coats it with saliva. My cock is well lubricated now! Free of your mouth I grab my own cock in my fist holding it tigtly while the tip starts to swell and harden to my touch. I press my cock against your lips again and you reach out with you tongue trying to get another taste. I pull back! I know you want me to fuck your mouth. Your eyes are pleading with me. I would like to have your delicate hands wrapped around my cock, but you can't do that either! Both of them are immobile tied behind your back.

Teasing you a bit, I start jerking on my cock, masturbating in front of you and that drives you wild! You plead for my cock and I'm not going to give it to you. Not yet. I want you to remain on your knees looking up at me. Playing with my cock for a moment longer making sure it is as erect as possible I bring it down towards your mouth, rubbing it around your lips and then sliding it in your mouth. You are very accepting sucking its length down your throat. Without hesitation this time I fuck your mouth pumping my cock back and forth, at the same time grabbing your head, holding you in place! Quick short thrusts in and out of your mouth! You don't flinch at all! You just keep looking up at me, looking lustfully into my eyes as my dick pumps into your mouth! Your warm tongue tickling the underside of my cock each time I pull back. I can feel you suck it back into your mouth! I can feel that I am nearing a climax and my body tenses as I begin to cum! Quickly I pull my cock back so only your lips are wrapped around the head! I let out a moan as I ejaculate between your lips. I shoot a load of cum into your mouth. You can feel my cock pulsing in your mouth. I watch as the white cum trickles out between your soft pink lips. You roll your tongue around the head of my cock as it continues to twitch under your touch. You look well pleased...